Thursday, 24 January 2008

Is Theo going out on loan?

According to some reports Theo Walcott maybe going out on loan. Wenger said last week that Theo isn't where he wants him to be, yet. But he may feel that letting the youngster go out on loan could develop him quicker, and reap the benefits of this for when he came back.

Club's in the Premiership were apparently made aware of the fact that Theo could be available to loan, and one club strongly linked were West Ham. The loan would only be until the end of the season. Wenger doe's feel letting players out on loan can help the player gain vital progress and maybe this is the situation here. But, he only lets them out on loan with the assurance of first team football otherwise he won't let them go.

Theo has got great potential and Wenger splashed out a reported £13 million on the youngster, I think it was £5 million upfront. The player has yet to establish himself and seems short of confidence at times and even out of his depth. I feel he could develop into a good player. It must be hard that the spotlight is on him so early in his career, and maybe a short term move out of it will do his long term future good.

Keep it Goonerish......


Cham Taw Wei David said...

It means Walcott actually needs first team appearance to discover his full potential. I am positive his decision-making will be better after on loan to another club and might score his first English Premier League goal if it's an English club.

BimitarDerbatov said...

really don't think Walcott is good enough you you lot..

can't pass, cross, score, tackle. and then after scoring with his hand against Spurs he has the gall to run away goading the Spurs fans..

that clearly shows no class....... actually maybe he does fit in grand over there...

Cuntchops said...

he needs first team football to develop

Aaron Lennon came on in leaps and bounds at spuds when he got a chance - although everyone has now worked out he's a one trick pony and in fact isn't very good at football

but Theo needs games week in week out, being english he wont get that at arsenal. He has the potential to be amazing

webeatthescum5-1 said...

that will be the same Aaron Lennon who scored the 4th goal against the goons ?? hahahaha

I doubt if walnut would get in a championship side he's so shit. My sunday morning team needs someone to slice the half time oranges maybe? Nah, he'd be a fucking liability with something sharp in his hands.