Monday, 14 January 2008

A cheeky look at the current Arsenal squad in ten years!!

Here's a tongue in cheek look at where or what the current Arsenal squad could be doing in ten years time!! Enjoy!

1.Lehmann- After retiring from football two years ago, Jens has teamed up with David Hasslehoff to create dream band "Da Twinz" The pair have gone multi-platinum in the German charts with their new sound, De Moan. They have four number 1's!!

2.Diaby- Keeps getting told off at the dinner table for not passing the salt. Still doesn't pass then!!

3.Sagna- Has an endorsement with Tesco Value Spaghetti called Tesco Value Sagna.

4.Cesc- Just played his 1023th game as Arsenal Skipper. Also retained the World player of the year award, for the 5th time!

5.Toure- Newly appointed Ivory Coast Prime minister.

6.Senderos- Starting his loan spell at Millwall from Swindon after move to Leyton Orient breaks down. Named in League 2 team of the year!

7.Rosicky- 'Little Mozart' Just like his nickname namesake is now a classical music genius. Just released his 6th classical album. A legend in the Czech Republic.

8.Diarra- Now at his 19th club after moaning that he couldn't get in the side. Plying his trade in the French Alps Premier Division.

9.Dudu- Just scored his 112th goal for Croatia in just 98 games.

10.Gallas- Starring in French film, 'Last of the Mohican's'

11.Van Persie- Has just scored his 312th goal for Arsenal. Making him the 2nd top scorer in the Arsenal history charts.

13.Hleb- Voted Belarus playboy of the year for 7th year in a row.

15.Denilson- Named Brazilian Captain for 2018 World Cup in England.

16.Flamini- Has just completed a 150 mile run for charity. Didn't even stop for a drink. He hopes to run across the whole of Europe next week!

17. Song- Cameroon Captain and player/coach. Assistant to uncle Rigobert.

19.Gilberto- Now Brazil manager, hopes for victory in the World Cup.

20.Djourou- Just started a new job making Swiss rolls in Switzerland. Hopes to be promoted soon!

21.Fabianski- Poland and Arsenal number one. Has keep a record 29 clean sheets in a row!

22.Clichy- Still the best left back in the world! 'Stole' Cheryl Cole off cAshley Cole, just for a laugh!

24.Almunia- Has a new career as an Eminem lookalike. Recently appeared on BBC show The one and only, singing 'Will the real Slim Shady please stand up'!!

25.Adebayor- One half of new-look remade band Milly Vanilly.

26.Bendtner- Banging in goals for fun. Just recorded a TV advert with Casper Schmeichal for Danish bacon!!

27.Eboue- The other half of new-look remade band Milly Vanilly!! Has created a new dance craze called "Get touched, go down and hold your face" It's everywhere on the dance floors all over the world!!

30.Traore- 2nd best leftback in the world. Alternating with Clichy week in week out at Arsenal.

31.Hoyte- Mr Dependable. Still at Arsenal despite not being a regular in the side. Does general duties at the club. The new Pat Rice!!!!

32.Walcott- England Captain has scored 387 Arsenal goals, 314 of them skillfully chested in like the goal he scored against the Spuds!! Get in!!!

Arsene Wenger- AKA Legend. Now Chairman AND manager at the club. Has won a record 10 Premiership League and Champions League trophies in a row. The FA Cup and Carling Cup have been won by the Arsenal 2nd side for the last 8 years!!!

So there you have it. The Arsenal squad in 10 years!! I wonder if it will happen!! Would love to hear your ideas!!

Keep it Goonerish.


Chanelle said...

Lehmann is my fav.

Number 32 is pure fantasy, he'll be at Swindon or the O's with Senderos.

Posh's No.1 Fan x

Top Gun said...

Ha Ha love this post!!! Especially the Almunia one!!! Will the real Slim Shady please stand up, I'm pissing myself!!!

Anonymous said...

That's a great start to my monday morning!!! I think Almunia and Eminem should release an album in Spanish called EL Slim Shady el looky likey!!!

Anonymous said...

haha this is banter i hope clichy does steal cheryl cole and goose her up rotten!!

Anonymous said...

Senderos at Millwall? He'll still be too good for them even though he's shit!!! He'll end up at Dundee Utd or Tottenham!!!

Anonymous said...

Fuck Ashley Cole, and I hope Clichy fucks his wife!!!


My favourite has to be Lehmann, that is funny!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully him and Hassleholf start a new Baywatch series as well.

Pete said...

Is Rosicky playing the piano or the violin in his new cliassical career?

Big Boy said...

Do you think Ade and Eboue know its true? Oooooooo oooo oooooo we love u?

Anonymous said...

Great post!!!

Bumba said...

That is some funny Shit!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha Could u imagine Lehmann belting out German numbers with Hasslehoff?! It'll be the funniest thing i've ever seen!

Gunnerboy said...

Like this post, i'm going to look out for this site. Good laugh.

Anonymous said...

Just placed an order for Jens future album.

Goons_with_Guns said...

Ripping good laugh. Creative, mostly.

Anonymous said...

Really nice post. Thanks for all the laughs :)

Love the Eboue dance step. Actually noticed that Henry and Eto'o were dancing their way in Spain on the weekend after another Henry lay-off led to an Eto'o goal. Maybe the two might also form a rival band to Eboue and Ade?

Anonymous said...

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