Thursday, 3 January 2008

Should Arsene sign another centre half?

Should Arsene sign another centre half? That is a tough question to answer. It has become an issue all of the sudden with Kolo and Song both going to the African Nations tournament. There are reasons to buy and reasons not to buy. What outweighs the other?

I feel that Arsene WONT sign anyone. He wont want to upset the harmony and balance of this squad that he has created. I think he feels the squad is strong enough to cope without Kolo and Song. That's why we wont be signing anyone in January. Signing a big name may please the fans, but we know Wenger doesn't work this way. He wont want to upset the squad and he has too deal with "apparently" unhappy players already such as Diarra and Lehmann. Well, we all know Lehmann's unhappy!!

But, what if Gallas or Senderos get injured? Assuming these will be the pairing Wenger will use, what would happen? Sure we have Djourou, who I think is better than Senderos and going to be a fine player, but have we got enough QUALITY cover to compensate? We can use Gilberto here, but we know he isn't happy to play there and we can use Sagna or Hoyte there. But is that enough? I'm not too sure.

In the time Kolo is away, the fixture list isn't too harsh on us and u never know, the Ivory Coast may get knocked out early! (Please!) Kolo is a great influence in this Arsenal team. He is currently the longest serving Arsenal player, and viewed by many, including myself as a future Arsenal captain. So of course we will miss a player of this stature. That does not mean we should panic buy and I believe Wenger will keep the faith in the squad for the next month.

Although,I do feel we should strengthen this position in the summer. In my view, and I hate to say this, we should sell Senderos and sign another defender. I don't think the Premiership suits his game. In my view, it's too pacy for him and he might be better playing in a country where the pace is slow, like Italy. He does have good quality's and many say he is the best header er of the ball at the club but I'm not convinced he is good enough for Arsenal. I think Djourou has the potential to do well at Arsenal. His qualities suit the English Premiership. And he seems more comfortable on the ball than Senderos. Sorry Phil!!!

So my opinion is keep the squad we have until the summer and then strengthen at the back. Have Kolo, Gallas and Djourou, plus another.

Keep it goonerish.


Anonymous said...

Senderos is shit, dunno why Wenger keeps him at the club. The player is a liability, we should sell him to Spuds. They would get relegated then!!! HA HA

Anonymous said...

I think Senderos is over-rated and I don't think he's good enough to be in the Arsenal squad. He's too much of a liability, we should sell him and buy a player that the team can actually rely on!

Anonymous said...

I agree we should sell Senderos. Its a shame but the player is clearly not good enough for Arsenal and i'd even look to replace him now! We should be alright without Toure for a month and the fixture list has been kind to us. I think the next captain will be Cesc to keep him out of Barca and R Madrids clutches.

Wrighty7 said...

I agree Cesc is a possible future Arsenal captain but it must be for the right reasons for Arsenal. Not for the player himself.

Anonymous said...

I think that Senderos is the most natural defender we have.

Goonernut said...

I think the last comment has lost the plot! Senderos lacks quality and will suit being at a club with lower ambitions and where his lack of abilities wont be scruntinised with every mistake that he makes. Sign Micah Richards his replacement and Arsenal will dominate European football for the next decade. C'mon Gooners!!!