Friday, 4 January 2008

Who will be next Arsenal Captain?

This article may be a bit premature as Wenger only just appointed Captain Bill Gallas at the beginning of the season.

Wenger appointed William Gallas as the new Arsenal skipper, in a move that surprised alot of Gooners. Even myself. Most people believed Gilberto would be next in line after the departure of Legendary Thierry Henry, I did too.

Alas for Gilberto, it wasn't to be and Gallas was picked as the next in line. Everyone thought poor Gilberto, and he has rarely featured in the Arsenal team since. Due to the superb form of the Flamster who has taken his chance and been one of the best players for Arsenal this season.

It has proved to be a great move by Wenger, Gallas for me, is a natural born winner and seems to get every thing out of his teammates and has inspired a new "Win at all costs" mentality at the Gunners. Although things haven't been so rosy lately!

So the next skipper has to follow this and in my view, only two players can. Kolo Toure and Cesc Fabregas.

Both of these players can fall into the winners mentality which will inspire the players if EITHER were Captain of the club.

Kolo has been at the club since February 2002, which makes him the longest serving player currently at Arsenal.

He is seen by many as a future Arsenal skipper. He was the junior vice Arsenal captain last year and he first Captained Arsenal against Liverpool in the 6-3 Carling cup win in January 2007.

Cesc has been at the club since September 2003, signing as a 16 year old prodigy from Barcalona. He was the youngest player to ever start for Arsenal and the youngest to ever score for Arsenal.

People have suggested we appoint Cesc to keep him out of Real Madrid and Barca clutchies, I understand this. But it should be in the best interests of Arsenal, the club is always bigger than the player.

Although Cesc will be older and wiser when the time comes, I'd have Kolo as captain and Cesc as vice Captain when the time arises. Kolo will have earned it with the amount of time he has spent at the club and by playing and learning beside his current leader William Gallas.

Gallas's experience will rub off on Kolo and make him into a total defender. And I believe its better for a captain to be a defender, who can see the whole pitch.

Cesc WILL be a future captain for Arsenal, but must bide his time and will be next in line, after Kolo in my eyes.

Keep it Goonerish.........


Anonymous said...

I think Kolo next captain of Arsenal and Cesc vice captain. It's good we have captains lined up already at the club!!

Gunner said...

In my view, Kolo Toure will be a great captain for Arsenal in the future. I should imagine Gallas will go in 2 years and Toure will be at the perfect age of 29 and ready to take on the job. Fabregas will captain Arsenal one day and be the GREATEST when he is mature enough to do the job.

1970's Gooner said...

Good post wrighty7

I would also go for Kolo. He is a natural leader

Anonymous said...

I think Cesc should be the next Captain for Arsenal. He is a born leader.

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