Thursday, 24 January 2008

Lets get happy-Whats your favourite moment against Tottenham?

Now this article could work either way. Either I will get a number of Spud's on here gloating about their victory the other night or a load of Gooners telling us their favourite Arsenal game or victory against Spuds! I really hope for the love of God that Gooners post on here and not a load of Spuds!!!!!

There are many games that come to mind involving this fixture for me. But I've rounded it down to two to choose from! The two most favourite Arsenal V Spuds games in my memory (I'm 25!) are the 5-4 victory in 2004 or the 2-2 draw to clinch the league title in 2004!

The first game I remember very very well, because I was sat amongst the Spuds!!! My old governor at work was a Spud season ticket holder and he bought me and my work mate tickets for the game. The only drawback being that I had to sit with the Scum! This didn't throw me because I wanted to see the game so bad, and I didn't care where I sat. We went to the game by car and my Governor decided that we should have a pint! I thought to myself I must be mad as I was searched by the bouncers walking into the bar. I was hoping that they wouldn't undo my jacket as I had on my Arsenal shirt underneath it!

Anyway after that hairy moment we went to the game and I have never in my whole entire life wanted to scream out so much! The game was incredible and every time I thought that we had wrapped up the game, the Spud's pulled something back. I even shouted "Yessssssssss" when Arsenal scored the 4th! But I styled it out. The Spuds must have realised something when I was the only one not standing when they sung "Stand up if you hate Arsenal" every time they got to Arsenal, I would mutter Tottenham under my breath!

Anyway, I got out alive and proud that I had infiltrated the Spud ranks! That game was incredible, and I will never forget it in my life!

The other holds special memories, the reason being it won us the Title. And to win the title at Shite Fart Pain is an incredible feeling. The Spuds must have felt humiliated to have a Title won in their own backyard. And especially by us, the Club that they sooooooo want to be like. The build up to that game was tense and as I stepped into the pub to watch the game, I knew we was on the verge of something special. The pub was separated by Gooners and Spuds, each having their own side and the atmosphere was building up rapidly. When Vieria stretched out his long leg to slot home the pub went ballistic and I only wish that I was there with the Gooners in Shite Fart Pain! I would love to have felt that raw Gooner emotion, especially when that final whistle went.

To be there and witness it in front of my very own eyes would have been a dream come true and I envy the Gooners that was there. It was one of the proudest moments I've ever had as an Arsenal fan, and believe me there have been plenty!

I could bang on all day about how proud I am to be a Gooner. And even though the other night was terrible, I have to many great Arsenal-Spud memories to let it taint them.

I think my favourite Arsenal-Spud's game is when we won the Title there. The Spud's will never have an opportunity to do that to us in our own backyard. And that will live in memory till my dying day.

So what are your favourite Arsenal-Spud moments? Trust me, it feels great to right them down!!!!!!!

Keep it Goonerish.


Anonymous said...

,,By the way I meant WRITE them down! Not RIGHT them down! Doh!

Wrighty7 said...

By the way I meant WRITE them down! Not RIGHT them down! Doh!

Anonymous said...

My fave mem is when wheneva wrighty scored against the scum. To see his big beaming smile after putting the ball in the net.......magic!

Smoke said...

I'm only 15 but i would agree with Wrighty7 that winning the league at White Hart Lane is my best moment as a Gunner.

Anonymous said...

5.1 5.1 5.1 5.1 5.1



Anonymous said...

if in need of help, goons can ring 0845 515151 hahahaha tossers

Anonymous said...

mine is 5-1

Chanelle said...

I enjoyed it when Gazza got that freekick in the FA Cup.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed it when gary charles snapped his knee in the final

Anonymous said...

i enjoyed it when the spurs took the north bank in half a minute