Monday, 28 January 2008

Manchester United? I nearly choked on my bacon and egg sandwich!!!

I was sitting in my van eating a bacon and egg sandwich when the mobile began to ring. It was the old man......
"Hello son, guess who we got in the Cup?"
"Dunno, probably ManUsa at a guess.."
"Yep, away as well"
The conservation went quiet.....Then we both started to piss ourselves laughing. It had to be them. Away as well. It seems every season we get a hard draw, but if you want to win the Cup then you have to play the big teams at some point. It doesn't really bother me that we have got ManUsa, I'm looking forward to a great game of football. Hopefully by then we will hitting the form of early season, but I feel we have enough to go to Old Trafford and get a famous victory.

I love the clashes with United, it gets the blood pumping and fires you up something big time. Over the years I can remember great Cup matches against them. Especially the Semi-Final games in April 1999. I know we ended up beaten but those games are what football is all about. I was in Lanzarote, 16 and pissed up. I remember Anelka putting the ball in the net and me going mad, screaming at the drunk Mancunians, only to look up and see the linesman with his flag up!! To get told to sit down was an understatement! Great memories.

But that's what games like this throw up, passion and excitement. I personally can't wait for that weekend 0f February 16/17th. Typically, Chelski and the Calm downs get a nice home draw each against lower league sides, but never mind. And the only concern I have for the ManUsa game is that we have Milan the same week. Wenger will have to prioritise the Cups then for sure.

There is huge talk of Arsenal putting in an 11th hour bid for Woodgate. Apparently just to piss off the Spuds!! It's obvious that he is a great centre half. And we have been crying out for cover in that position all season. But he is very injury prone and would he accept coming to Arsenal and being third choice centre back? Kolo and Gallas are the obvious pairing and could Woodgate dislodge either? I don't think so.

He seems at the wrong age for Wenger to take a risk on, at 28 he is no spring chicken in the age of a footballer. If he was five years younger then maybe Wenger would risk the chance. But if that was the case then surely Wenger would have made an offer before? However, the clubs bidding for him are Spurs, Newcastle and an unnamed club. This has me thinking it could be Arsenal because of the hush hush way we sign players!! That and surely Tottenham would have announced his signature by now???!!!! I'm getting confused!!

Anyway, its been a busy day news wise for the Gunners and I'm getting hungry so goodbye for now and see ya all tomorrow!

Keep it Goonerish.........


Anonymous said...

...shame you didnt

Anonymous said...

Well he didn't so do one.

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