Thursday, 3 April 2008

Are Rosicky and Van Persie becoming liabilities for Arsenal?

I love Rosicky and Van Persie. I think that they are undoubted world-class player's and on their day would walk into most teams.

They both ooze talent, and try to play football the right way. They fit into Arsenal's system very well and are Arsene Wenger type players.

Both are skillful, score goals and provide the unexpected, however, this is when fit!

They are injured so much it has become a strain on a small squad. I know it's not their fault that the squad is small in number's but the amount of injuries they both get doesn't help matters!

I can't understand how they get injured so much. Maybe they are just unlucky. In Rosicky's case a Czech doctor has said he has a muscle imbalance! Rosicky hasn't got any muscles, but he has got good balance!

Van Persie has the most lethal left foot in England. But he hardly ever gets the opportunity to use it.

We have missed them both this season when they have been injured. Very much in fact. We have missed Van Persie's goals, that would have taken the burden off Adebayor's shouldiers and Rosicky's creativity.

In fact, I feel we have missed Rosicky more. He is key to our passing and movement game and without him we seem to lack that creative spark. Hleb and Cesc can't do it all on their own and Rosicky is as important as those mentioned.

I hate to say it, but are they becoming liabilities for Arsenal? They miss more than they play and are becoming the new Darren Anderton's of football!

Keep it Goonerish......


Anonymous said...

Very good question, indeed.. I've asked myself that several times..

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a doctor or a physio, and know shit about these things, but is it a coincidence that Arsenal always seem to have most injuries? Even when not rushing back players from these typical injuries, as calf, hamstring, as we always get, they seem to get injured straight away, anyway..Could it be the methods used in treating them, or the training?
Am I paranoid??

Anonymous said...

Agree with article and previous comment completely

Anonymous said...

Great post

Anonymous said...

Great Article.
you have said what many people think but are too scared to say.
i said the same thing at highbury and is station and was told i must know F all about the game.well while these two are in the stand they are only as useful as Eboue on the pitch and we've seen how much good that is

Anonymous said...

Good article, I agree that we have missed Rosicky's creativity, and they are injured an awful lot.. they are so good, it would be sad if they never achieved the success they are capable of, but maybe they are too injury prone.. We can only see what happens.. i'm not sure if we do get the most injuries though..Everyone gets injuries, we do get a bit more than our fair share i guess..

Anonymous said...

the problem is not with rosicky nor van persie, the problem is with the squad depth and those that are there to fill in, Eboue and Bendtner have not been good enough, simple as that, but next season we will get Vela, Merida and possibly others like Pedro, and also wenger could add to the squad, so things look bright, i hope for the guys they can get a good run in the side, coz their vital players in our team

Anonymous said...

Good article. Well done for having the bollox for posting it.

Anonymous said...

i think the bigger thing to be discussed is arsene as i have a thing with the club in general let me tell you i spend a lot of money on my season ticket as do other supporters and i am a little pissed off with the propoganda that arsenal send out.from the board's side they must be over the moon because coming 3rd or 4th is more or less the same as winning the league in income terms,so they have a manager who gets them into the top 4 every year,makes a proffit on transfers and the stadium is full all the time.
and then we get the arsenal play amazing football etc... as i say the board the manager are all in the comfort zone and he was put under more pressure maybe he would have added strenght to a small squad when we were in a great position in jan. you know maybe the best long term thing for arsenal is to finish fifth as it would ad pressure and maybe take this patronising crap"arsenal are best team to watch" and "wenger does not spend and is great ...." i believe wenger has a "fetish" for bringing in young and cheap players and moulding them into good players but its arsenal football fans that have to be frustrated every week and season. i know this is a rant of sorts its just that we have the means to make squad stronger yet he refused to do so and anyway you can get players on free's also. i will give you one example you know that big top class centre half with english exp.. we need well he plays for pompey no not sol but distan he is in his prime is a top c/h and was on a bosman free so you dont need money to make squad better and did wenger go for him NO NO that is one example there are more.