Sunday, 6 April 2008

Where do Arsenal need to strengthen the squad?

It's obvious that the lack of numbers in the squad have affected Arsenal lasting the pace of the Premiership marathon title race.

For me Arsenal's strongest matchday squad matches Manchester United and Chelsea's. It may even be better than those mentioned.

The big problem lies when we suffer injuries and suspensions to those player's. The squad then become's thin and although it is full of quality it becomes hard to compete as we can't rotate to keep players fresh like United and Chelsea can.

We have a good core in this squad, keep it together and add a few more player's and we will be a major force.

The question is where do we add to the squad? What position's need to be strengthed to make Arsenal last the pace?

I think we need to strengthen in the following areas:


Almunia has done well this season but even now I would still prefer Lehmann to be number one. With no disrepect to Almunia, Manchester United and Chelsea's goalkeeping number two's maybe better than him.

With Lehmann certain to leave we need more cover or a new number one.


We could do with signing a wide-midfield player on the right who hugs the line and can score goals. With Vela coming back in the summer I think we are covered for the left hand side.

Eboue has been handed the job of playing on the right recently and has shown that he isn't really up to the job there. For me he is good back-up for Sagna at right back.


Earlier in the season we looked top heavy with centre midfield players.

The truth is that after selling Diarra we have been forced to rely on just two in Cesc and Flamini. They have been run into the ground and need a rest.

Gilberto's powers have waned despite a good game yesterday. His future looks uncertain and in any case I think he needs to be replaced.


Without doubt a position that needs to be added too. With a long term injury to Eduardo and the injury-prone Van Persie, Arsenal have looked thread-bare upfront.

Adebayor has his doubters but without him where would Arsenal be this season?

He needs help with the goal's and I dont doubt had Eduardo not suffered that horrific injury and Van Persie wasn't made of glass then Arsenal would be faring better.

So thats my assessment on where Arsenal need to strengthen. We all think we're manager's and think we know what needs to be done!

You may or may not agree with me on this. But I'd love to hear where you think we need to strengthen.

Keep it Goonerish.....


Anonymous said...

No disrespect to Almunia but look at the other top 3's 3rd goalkeepers:

Pool - Carson
Manure - Foster
Chelski - Hilario

Their 3rd keepers are better than our first for f*cks sakes!!

Almunia the one shot goal conceding machine.

We need replacements for Diaby, Eboue and backups for RVP and Rosicky.

Only sell Eboue and maybe Diaby because they both get too many chances in the team with NO merit.

Sherwin said...

striker and a wide winger
with eduardo gone esp. we need another clinical striker just to convert those chances.

however, if for some miraculous reason bojan or dos santos decides to join the kids at arsenal...

Anonymous said...

We need a new manager

Anonymous said...

Just seen Theo with the Olympic torch!

Mustaz Aizul said...

i think we really need someone like rosicky or eduardo..someone would be in the box when the wingers or full backs supply the ball..someone who can find a spot to tap the ball in..

Anonymous said...

Eboue is garbage as a right winger and even Wenger doesnt raten him as a RB either otherwise he'd have been playing there when Sagna got injured. He needs selling asafp.

A new Keeper, even though Almunia has done a lot better than I ever thought he would.

Adefender who can play CB and full back.

A winger or 2.

I am not sure we need a centre forward as I can see Theo playing there from next season. So with him, Ade, RvP (I know!) and Bendtner, plus Eduardo coming back that should be enough.

Micah Richards

Yep, that means we will sign 2 17 year olds then.

TopGUN said...

Off topic I know but we were denied TWO fucking penaltys against the Scousers. Could cost us dear. I think new keeper, centre back, wide player and striker.

Wrighty7 said...

TopGUN, I don't think it would have mattered if we got the penalties. Bendtner would have saved them anyway mate!!

Anonymous said...

I think we are being a little unfair on Almunia. He has hardly had a solid defence infront of him, and this has made him a little dodgy in recent weeks. Up until our bad run Almunia looked very safe and i think its unfair to point out his performances when Toure and clichy have been just as bad.

Anonymous said...

Defense defense defense!!! This season we have played 12 games in the Premiership where we have only managed to score 1 goal. You want to take a guess at how many of these games we actually won?? FU*KIN 3, THREEEE !!! I'm not saying that we should go back to the days when we used to score a goal and shut up shop, but to win the Prem these days you need a better defense than that. I don't think Kolo and Willi have formed a partnership like everyone thought they would and something needs to be done about this. Also to state the obvious, with our current situation of strikers we need a proven striker...please Mr Wenger..spend some money for once. We also need another attacking midfielder (but I wouldn't be saying this id Rosicky wasn't too bloody injury prone).

Anonymous said...

eboue is fucking shit and needs to go now. he's a right prick. despite all arsenal fans saying we need to buy big we don't. we need players in the region of roscikys and eduardos price range who hav quality like diego or modric. gallas shouldn't be captain, should be toure or flamini.
and by the way in 4 of the last 6 games we have been mugged off by shitty decisions by officials. a lot of people would say we shouldn't make excuses but if its 4games then thats ridiculous. since eduardo has been injured we've had 2 good results against milan and bolton and the rest have been poor.
almunia isnt as bad as people are saying. he hasnt cost us any games so how can you say hilarios better than him when that chelski cunt don't even play.
dont worry gooners we will win the champs league

Gunnerx said...

Almunia has not performed that badly although I think it is fair to say he has not made any match winning saves, on many occassions he has let in the only attempt on goal, hence I would like to see the accquisition a top goal keeper. We also need to strengthen our defence, Kolo has looked out of sorts of late, and Gallas's mental strenght as the skipper must be questioned. The midfield needs adding to, even if the Flamster stays, he cannot play every game on all fronts, it was a mistake letting diarra go, he would have been ideal. Up front we also need a top quality striker, personally I like Huntelaar of Ajax, as Eduardo may not fully recover from his injury and as we are all aware RVP, has not managed a full season for the last 2 years. Ade is not yet the finished article but might improve. Both RvP and Rosicky could useful back ups but due to their fragility are woefuly inadequate as first choice team members. As for the players we should let go, Eboue, Hoyte,gilberto and lehman should be sold on.

Royston said...

1) Centre defence...Jullian Lescott
2) Goalkeeper...Anyone else but Almunia. Gomes from PSV is good. I like Brad Friedel, he is up for contract.
3)Midfield... I like Jefferson Farfan or Ibrahim Afellay both from PSV or Jonathan de Guzman from Feyenoord.


Eboue Bendtner
Diaby Gilberto

Anonymous said...

I think Wenger has been bumming Eboue, why else would he choose such a low quality player.

Anonymous said...

In order of priority:

1. Wingers. We need 2, not one.

2. Striker. I love Robin but he is simply too injury-prone to be counted on all season. Ade is exhausted.

3. Keeper. Manuel is good, not great.

4. Centre Half. Some big and mobile.

Anonymous said...

We need a tall ad pacy central defender and a striker. Both shd preferably be abt fifteen yrs old. Then they can start playing in 2015
when Rooney and Ronaldo will be over the hill.

Johannes said...


Anonymous said...

Well i think u guyz are wrong about Almunia... This season he has done very hard work and obtained the permanant number 1.... So no need of a world class keeper... A good but not great keeper would be ok... As for Rest ov the team...!
Or even y not buy Henry back..!
AND ONE OR TWO MORE ESTABLISHED PLAYERS... Like Eto, and A good Center midfielder...!!
Then Arsenal would find back its glorious days like The 2004 season...!!

Anonymous said...

Whoever thinks Almunia is good even should have their eyes tested. I have been saying all season how poor he is. In all my years supporting the Gunners I have never seen such a poxy keeper. We could have pissed the Prem this year if we had an average keeper. He doesnt make match winning saves because he is always poorly positioned. He has let in more free kicks this season than Jens and Seaman have put together. Yes he has played with different defenders but he has never took responsibility over the defence. How many times have you seen defenders shielding the ball to him and finding he isn't there. Clichy got slaughtered at Brum but has anyone thought that our Goalie could have been responsible too. Goals against the Mancs at home and the Chavs away say it all really. He is total garbage. Jens must be wondering what the fuck is going on and he has every right to complain. If it was a better keeper then Jens would say nothing I reckon but this is a fucking joke. AW you must be kidding.

infoanda said...

we need a replacement for eboue, rosicky and RvP are great but too often to injured. Big senderos also must have a replacement.
And finally, we need a strong and firmed captain. someone like terry or ferdinand. Gallas is too creepy.

1979gooner said...

"No disrespect to Almunia but look at the other top 3's 3rd goalkeepers:

Pool - Carson
Manure - Foster
Chelski - Hilario

Their 3rd keepers are better than our first for f*cks sakes!!"

Utter rubbish.

Let's look at their first choice keepers shall we.

reina p- numerous dodgy errors and cannot claim a cross.

vandersaar - decent season to be fair

cech - several shocking blunders this year and not great from crosses

I'd say Almunia has been in the top three premiership keepers this year.

He's been consistent, made very few errors and has swept up danger well.

All his knockers, if you think he's so bad can you name all those mistakes he's made?