Tuesday, 29 April 2008

England will struggle even with five foreigner quota FFS!!

I read that Sepp Blatter has stuck his oar in again and is pushing for clubs to have a five "foreign" player restriction on the playing field.

This will give the national side a better chance of winning things and allow home-grown players a chance to progress and not be held back by the foreign players coming to these shores.


I'm fed up with this shit. It is not the foreign players faults that England have continuously failed at the major tournament's we compete in. It go's way back beyond that. If anything, players from abroad can only IMPROVE us.

It's about time that us English pulled our heads from our arse's and realised that we are not as good as we think we are.

The media hype us up and set us up for the fall every single time. We are the Tottenham of the international level.

We are light years behind the likes of France, Germany, Italy, Spain (shall I go on?) It begins at grass-roots levels where we are inferior and it continues further through the age progression.

It's time that we took responsibility for a change instead of blaming our own failings on others. Of course it's easy to do that. Lets blame everyone else for being shit, that's the easy way out.

The day that us English admit our own failings is the day that we can start to improve and get on par with the countries mentioned.

We are stuck in the 1960's. Football has moved on since we won the World Cup. It's been 42 years. How long has it been since the proper foreign "invasion"? Around 5-10 years maybe? How was England doing from 1966 until then? Not very well.

So lets take responsibility ourselves. Change the way we coach our kids. Then we will start to do well.

If an English player is good enough, then he will get in the side. Why should teams be forced to play an average English player over a talented foreigner? It's stupid logic and won't improve our national side.

We need to sort out our method's and get to reality. We are not good enough.

By reducing the amount of foreign players to each team will just make the Premiership a poorer place. At the moment it is arguably the most exciting and elite league in Europe. Foreigner's have helped the Premiership. Lets not reduce the quality of it.

We can get more English players coming through, lets go about it the right way. Starting at grass-roots. Then you're see the best and most natural way for English players to become world beaters. Maybe we can stop using foreigners as scape-goats then!!

Keep it Goonerish.........


Anonymous said...

What an excellent article.

I've never really thought of it like that before, its not foreign players faults.

Its our own poxy coaching.

Anonymous said...

What an excellent article.

I've never really thought of it like that before, its not foreign players faults.

Its our own poxy coaching.

Anonymous said...

What an excellent article.

I have always thought of it like that.

A while back, the BBC produced a paper on the effects of foreign players and they compared us with Italy. Apparently, we had only 37% British players in the Premiership while in Serie A, the teams comprised 75% Italians. Italy won the World Cup, so that's proof. Right?

Wrong! Becuase the statistics also showed that Germany had exactly the same profile as England and they have been hugely more successful than England over decades.

The statistics were also used to claim that we now only have 37% Brits in the Premiership compared with 70+% 15 years ago. So things are getting much worse then??

Wrong again! Go back to 1992 and Taylor's turnips embarrassing us in Sweden and England failing to qualify for the World Cup in the USA in 1994.

You are right, these xenophobes use statistics to condemn forigners but the data does in no way support the claim.




Anonymous said...

u pr0berly n0 jack shit b0ut f00tball s0 st0p being a twat.. arsenal need english players in the squad they need the grit and drive they lack. man u chelse and liverpool all have it and have all d0ne beter then us this seas0n ffs

Wrighty7 said...

Is that the same grit and drive that the English players showed to get us to Euro 2008?

Oop's, we didn't make it did we!

Lets blame everyone else!

St0p being a twat. U pr0berly kn0w jackshit ab0ut f00tball.

Anonymous said...

LOL, classic put down wrighty7!!

MeteorMonster said...

Excellent Article.

No one blames the FA for not having a Youth Academy while every other top nation has a national academy.

No one blames the FA for not grooming English Managers by providing a vehicle for instruction and training. The only top British manager is Ferguson and he is Scottish.

Until the FA gets off their a$$$es and put a national organization in place where players, managers and trainers are exposed to world class football ideology and training the foriegn players and managers will rule.

BimitarDerbatov said...

Wrighty do you post anonymous comments commending yourself on a brilliant article every time?? don't think i can't see through you!!

anyway i agree with you (for once)..

the simple fact is this...if English players were any good then they would be able to make it at the top top level ie - Man U, Pool, Arsenal & Chelsea..

and this comes down to coaching at an early age..

if foreign countries are producing better players, which they are, then it's up to English cluibs to get off their arses and start this coaching at an early age.. that's the only way the English national team will improve..

blaming foreigners for the poor performance of the national team is borderline racism...

Anonymous said...

I think Arsenal does need some British grits in the team to compliment with all their extraordinary flair and skills. Afterall, they play in the English league. Grit alone can't bring success, that's for sure as we found out in the England national team, but without even a tiny bit of it, no team can get very far either.

Wrighty7 said...

Ha Ha! Bimitar, you have caught me out!

In all seriousness though, it is an excellent article!

Anonymous said...

I think that the person that said arsenal need more english players id like to know who he supports? If you want to pay over the odd prices for english players then go 4 it e.g shaun shite phillips to chelsea how was paid 18 mil plus get real chelsea u only wanted him cos there was other clubs interested in him like wiv most of your players! With the money that we paid 4 our world class players (pennys) compared to other clubs who pay over the odds 4 average english players WAKE UP who r the mugs there then?

Meehog said...

The game needs a total overhaul from the grass roots upwards. It's not the foreign players fault we're no good, it's because from a very early age, we teach our kids that winning is everything, which to a degree it is, but not when you're 6 or 7 years old. We've got no youth academy and have got amateurs coaching our kids, drilling into them a "win at all costs" attitude, when they should be learning and developing their technique. As long as you win, it doesn't matter how you play. Fair enough, but the top teams, Brazil, France, Argentina, Italy etc, develop technique from an early age, winning naturally follows.

Anonymous said...

Excellent article as usual,Wrighty7

If Blatter really thinks it will make a difference to the national teams then presumably, all the Scots, Welsh & Irish players will have to be counted as foreigners in the Prem. as they cannot play for England either.

Run Coach David said...

Guys, the FA did try.

It developed the School of Excellence at Lilleshall to answer these questions. It was in operation from 1984 until 1999 and brought through such players as Michael Owen and Joe Cole. But the clubs hated it, because it was seen as anti-club, and most of the big sides built their own academies instead.

Once players graduated from Lilleshall, they went to clubs anyway, so it wasn't much different to a big club picking up a 14 year old directly.

I do blame the clubs. Here is my reasoning to why I disagree with most of you.

I've no real idea of the numbers, but let's suppose Arsenal have 500 13 year English kids playing Soccer Schools and the like. Once they reach 16, the academy is probably only 50 or so kids. It is here that the foreign players come in. We all gush about them, but they are definitely taking the place of English kids graduating out of the soccer school system. I'm sure someone can run the numbers, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Arsenal academy was 25 foreign, 25 English.

And I'll bet that those 25 English kids that do not get into our academy, do not join Leyton Orient or Scunthorpe. They just give up.

So half of the young talent pool is lost, at the expense of the clubs.

Of course, I might just be talking rubbish !

Run Coach David said...

I found a good article about Lilleshall and it's failures....


It talks about kids maturing at different rates, but speaks very highly of Lilleshall against the crap academies at lower league clubs.

paul walsh said...

you cannot restrict the number of players in england cause were in a little thing called the eu one of the articals state that any member of and eu state is entitled to free movement without sanction. so a restriction on the number of non eu could be enforced like it had before
the only non eus are
senderos (thank god)one of his parents is european but we can try fight it
vela (will have spanish passport)
Adebeyour (french pp)
Denilson (3-4 years uk)
toure (belgian)
hleb might be a prob
fear not gooners well b fine

Anonymous said...

ac here
one piont people always overlook as far as england are concerned here is somthing to mull over in all the recent world cups/euro's at vital stages ie quarter finals etc.. england have had players sent off at vital stages for petuelant fouls and the common thing with alot of them is they(at the time) were utd players ie rooney beckham neville etc.. now im not having a go at utd but the things they were sent of for they get away with week in week out in england and there is part of the problem is the refs in england let a lot go and utd get away with murder then these players go to the world cup etc.. and do what they do week in week out and get sent off let me tell you if becham had not been sent off in 98 england would have won the match and same for rooney in last comp.. until the refs in england apply the rules in the right way and not the "let them get stuck in" mantra then england will always strugle you see john terry etc.. he would be sent off 5 times a season in spain or france but hardly gets booked in england

Anonymous said...

All I want to say is arsenal have an excellent crop of young english players in their youth and reserve teams right now. Lansbury and that Wilshire kid in particular stand out as being superb little palyers.

It would be nice to see them given a run out.

Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be Wengers way, he would rather play mugs like Eboue and Song. Oh well, all the better for Blackburn I suppose


Anonymous said...

The point about England having players sent off in major championships for fouls they would get away with in the premier league is spot on. The fact that these players mainly spawn from Man Ure (the golden club for the FA, premier league & media) says it all. It comes down to money and Man Ure make them the most. England do have good enough international players - they just don't control the international referees.

Anonymous said...

This is not going to be implemented and has been thrown out of the water by Euro MP's due to fact it clashes with Employement laws and these can not be changed for a given sport.

In my opinion this tactic is not to improve the England Team but a savage attempt by Sepp Blatter to lower the stantard of the Premier League because of the jealously surrounding our complete dominance in recent Champs Lge. If he was doing this for a good cause why does he not implement the same system in Spain, they are just as useless and over-rated as England are in major competitions.

Anonymous said...

Ahe previous poster said I think it's illegal for this to be put into place on the ground of discrimination due to nationality- although that already happens with players refused work permits if they play for a country ranked outside the top 75 or whatever it is.

Well yeah EU Mps have repeatedly said it's not possible because it's illegal. Blatter is just unbelievably stupid and thinks if he says it enough he can do it. As far as I'm aware it is simply illegal and there's no realistic chance of that changing any time soon, so FIFA don't have any authority on this matter.