Friday, 25 April 2008

Seriously, why would Hleb want to go?

The rumours about Hleb leaving the Gunners are getting stronger, but why would he want to leave?

Even worse is that the rumours are saying he could go for as little as £3 million!!!! He is worth at least £15 million.

Is it that the ice cream is better in Italy? If so, can't we just ship him over his favourite flavour?

Is it more money? Well thats probably the main reason of course!

Does his girlfriend and wife-to-be Nastya the Belarius posh spice fancy the Milan fashion?

Well, one things for certain in my eyes. Wenger should be firm with Hleb, stand his ground and tell him that he is not moving anywhere.

Unless Wenger is willing to let Hleb leave of course?!!

Hleb can have it all at Arsenal. He has stated in the past how happy he is at the club and how much he enjoys life in London. He is part of a team, that if kept together, CAN dominate the Premiership. (With a couple of add-ons, of course!)

The English Premiership is the place to be. Domestic football in Italy has had it's day. The league over there is so poor and dull, a talent like Hleb would be wasted. He should continue his development at Arsenal, where it seems he has finally settled.

His best footballing years are ahead of him. Spend them at a club going places. A place where he has played some brilliant stuff and can only get better. Spend them in the most exciting league in the world. Then when past his hay-day, go to Italy and enjoy the ice-cream.

If Wenger let's him go I feel that both him and Hleb will rue the day the Belarius international left the Emirates.

And I for one would hope that his last contribution to Arsenal was not a slap to the face of Murty.

Keep it Goonerish......


timi said...

love the article..nice write up...

AmanM said...

I appreciate the sentiment but it's obviously all to do with the money. Arsenal have a strict wage structure (which I completely agree with) and he's being offered more to go to an inferior club in an inferior league. Let's be honest, loyalty works both ways - if Hleb had a career-ending injury, Arsenal wouldn't be there to support him. We're only loyal because he's useful to us.

Personally, I love Hleb's technique and always have. I think he's an amazing technician that's unbeatable in world football, quite frankly, at keeping the ball in tight situations. But he provides a very poor return in terms of goals for a man that aspires to play in 'the hole' behind a striker. Basically, if he bobby pires-esque scored 20+ goals a season I'd be really upset about him leaving. But he doesn't. So farewell Hleb (if you leave), if it's been really good, but it's not been great.

But thanks for the memories and good luck (and practice your goddamn shooting!) :)

Anonymous said...

Great article wrighty7.

glad your back seems a while since your last post.

keep it up.

Anonymous said...

to be honest with u, I think he only wants to leave cos he gets kicked around so much.
hes probably the most targetted player in our side cos teams know hes the main source of creativity without rvp and rosicky.
to be fair to him he has just "got on with it" in the old good british way, lol, although i wish people would complain more about these things.
He only hit out against reading once our season was effectively over, until then u have to say hes been extremely professional, and I will be sad to see him leave. True he should score more tho

Anonymous said...

2 reasons why he wants to leave - firstly because he gets a kicking in the premiership and would get more protection elsewhere, and secondly because then he can experience another top league before he gets too old

northbank said...

Its not up to wenger wrighty, he can buy him self out of his contract for about 2 million!

And I agree with amanm his lack of goals is a real problem. also lately he has had no end product, still if he wants to go it will be a loss to an already thin squad.

Anonymous said...

will people please stop going on about our WAGE STRUCTURE what!!! henry got £5 million in wages last season thats 100k a week and he got £5 million signing on fee and did not bother his arse all season and let me tell you sol 100k and viera 90k along with gallas are not in the so called wage structure.the bottom line is as long as wenger can get the club in the top 4 the board are happy now its been released that the spuds have spent £21 million on modric were the fuck are they getting the money when we make twice as much from match day revenue thats £40 million a season and 30 million from champions league too yet we keep being out spent by 40 million a summer by them arsenal as a club stinks to hell and im a season ticket holder who is getting sold propoganda every year im sick of it,and dont give me the stadium debt shit we have a mortage on that for 20 years and the repayments are 14m a season yet we make 30m more in emirates per season thats 16m along with transfer profit and tv money and champions league money the reported 75m is the least we should have

BimitarDerbatov said...

15 million!! ha!! tell us another one Wrighty...

Wrighty7 said...

£16.5 million on Darren Bent.

Nuff said.......

1979gooner said...

frankly I ignore all this gossip,

if he goes then he goes, we can replace Hleb, he is very talented but his end product has been minimal all season,

Flamini is more important for me, I really hope he signs on, but if he leaves then we'll cope,

Arsene has a knack of filling these gaps, and players who leave never do very well at other clubs, sort of implying that it's a lot to do with Arsene's coaching and training

BimitarDerbatov said...

yes but we all know he's shit wrighty..