Wednesday, 9 April 2008

So close, yet so far away

It seem's criminal that our season will come to nothing.

For all the great football we've played and leading the Premiership for so long for it to end with no silverware is heart-breaking.

There are has been much to admire about this Arsenal side.

We have been up against it all season and it has proven to be just a little too much for us at the final hurdle.

It's devestating that our season seems to ending in this fashion. Our "collapse" in recent weeks has been hard to watch.

A season that promised so much is now over unless we pull off a miracle and win the Premiership.

I know Jesus performs miracle's but even he would have his work cut out providing us with this one!

It will be very tough for Arsenal to go to Old Trafford on sunday. The players will be destroyed by last night, even if they only feel half of what us Gooner's do for the badge on that shirt.

Last night I felt two very contrasting emotions in the space of 120 seconds. One moment as high as the tallest mountain, the next so low I swear I saw the devil. (may have been the champions league one who Benitez has a pact with)

This result will no doubt give fans like the Spuds ammunition about our trophy drought. I know this is small consolation but I wouldn't be surprised to see the drought ended next year. I know we want trophies now but this team has surpassed many expectations this year and will get better.

Hopefully Wenger will concede we are a few short to last the distance and add to the squad. I don't want us to stop playing the way we play football though.

Next season will be the biggest yet for Wenger. Our palates have been whetted by levels we have shown this season. We are contenders again and next season is REALLY REALLY big. We need a trophy and we want one soon.

I also feel next season is GUNNER be big for Theo. Lately he has been showing us he can do and I'm gutted for him that his run last night won't be remembered. 2008/2009 will be the year Theo fulfil's his promise.

It doesn't seem fair we end this season with nothing again, but I'm hoping it will be the last for a long time.

Keep it Goonerish.....


Anonymous said...

That's one of the best blogs I have read in a long time. From a true Gooner like myself, we have to look at the promise of what we have achieved. To feel the highs, we have had to experience the lows, and like this blog says, watch next season. Arsenal are here, and are gunner stay!

Anonymous said...

* Walcotts run wont be remembered *

i wish we would have won and given all the credit to him, the geezer looks class.

good blog.

up the North London Gunners.

Anonymous said...

respect wrighty7 enjoy your read, the line about seeing the devil "classic" not to put a dampener on your optimisim, this young team I feel is in danger of being permanently paralysed by expectation to win something! That's why wenger needs to add desperately to the squad in the summer, because I think the window is fast closing in on what this present team can produce.

Anonymous said...

Great to read a blog with a positive view. I'm so proud of what our young team have achieved this season. At times the football they have played has been out of this world. Considering the widely held view that we would struggle this season without Titi, our young guns have stepped up and raised the bar of expectation. They will all be more devastated than us at the moment (hard to imagine, I know, but true). It seems so unfair, so many decisions have gone against us and injuries have happended at the worst times.
If we expect the team to raise themselves and fight on, we must do the same....that means making a lot more noise throughout every match, especially at the Emirates.
The future is bright, I can't wait.
Proud to be a gooner.

Anonymous said...

Aw has got to realize sooner that the name of the name of the game is winning.Endless passing around will lead to a stone wall.
Get real. i bet that at the end of the season nobody will remember that Arsenal led the table Sep to Feb. They would only know the winners.
if you want to play attacking /pattern weaving soccer make sure your defence is super strong. Shoot on sight in place of endless passing. have more options in attack instead of football to feet. Torres goal is a good example.
why can't Arsenal play like that?No it aint beautiful enuf for Aw. he wants a build up to excite the fans who I believe would exchange all this pretty stuff for winning games.that sums it all up.I hope the good prof has been reading messages posted by fans.

Joe, Huyton Red said...

First of all, Arsenal have gone up ten fold in my estimation after the other night. What a fantastic game and your Players showed a lot of passion and determination. That was a real treat to watch and I cant begin to understand how you are feeling at the moment because you were so close but we snatched it at the end.

Regarding the Babel Pen, yes it was a pen but I can understand your frustration because it was a carbon copy of Kuyt's 'Challenge'.

Your lads looked absolutely exusted in the second half while we looked relatively fresh and I'm going to put that down to Rafa's early Season tinkering.

One gripe I have is Wenger constantly using the 'Young team' line. The average age of your starting line up over this year is only a year younger than ours.

As I said earlier though, this was a great game between the CL two highest scoring teams (us 26, Arsenal 19) and I'm just looking forward to the obvious thriller against Chelsea... 0-0 bith legs me thinks hahaha.

All the best with the rest of the Season.

P.S. Those Spurs fans are a joke. We have the exact same problem with Everton. Coming on here gloating about you not winning a cup this season just shows how small time they really are.

Wrighty7 said...

Nice one, Joe Huyton Red. You Scouser's have gone up in my estimation ten-fold. Proper fans (like Gooners) with humility. Hope u win CL.

Syncbad said...

Hi there Wighty...

Interesting write u put on here especially on Gunners improving next year. But i must add, on top of that Wenger MUST buy!

I'm rooting for u guys that elusive miracle will happen & end of the season you'll win the league. But, as u mentioned yeself, it's close to impossible, given MU & Csea rest of the league fixtures.

Honestly, during Houllier regime @ Pool, i wish we had Wenger. His eyes for young talents is astonishing. Yes we had so call 'the next Zidane' *rolled eyes* in Cheyrou... but it all just hyped. In Wenger, it's different. His only short-coming is buying experienced, finished-articled & a role model typed of player(s).

While we all wish we had radiant young talents like u have... but we are proud to have 'senior' Hyppia & Finnan. Even though there are not local like Carra & Stevie, but these type of players are good role model for the young talents. Most of the time we never see them as foreign with the way they played for the badge.

We see this type of player everywhere. Gaucho for Barca, Giggs for MU, Zidane when he with Juve, etc. So it's very important for Wenger to buy in this type of player.

So best of luck @ OT this weekend. Looking forward for London REDS to hammer them :)

Anonymous said...

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