Saturday, 26 April 2008

Hlebs replacement lined up? And Le Boss may yet surprise us all!!

No-one really knows what go's on in Le bosse's head when it comes to players arriving at Arsenal.

One obvious trend over the years is that Wenger very rarely spends a big amount of money on one player.

Us Gooners have watched the Chelsea's, Manchester United's, Liverpool's and even Tottenham spend big big money while we have had to be content with a side built on a fraction of the price.

I think that we may be surprised this summer with a big name signing. I have a gut feeling that we will sign someone with a big reputation.

Think along the lines of Robinho. I think that he will be the big name player that we sign this summer. We have been linked with him before and it seems that there is admiration from both parts for each other.

A potential target, Modric, has believed to have been signed up by our lovely neighbours Tottenham. Lets hope that he turn's out as good a signing as Darren Bent.

Do you think that Wenger will make a big signing?

I wrote about Hleb yesterday and I think that even if he doe's leave then Wenger will NOT sign a replacement. I reckon that Wenger will "promote" from with-in.

I'm thinking that our little Mexican Carlos Vela will feature quite alot next season. He will be given the number "8" shirt and may begin on the bench to begin with, but will feature more and more as the campaign go's on.

He is a class act but will Gooners be content will another youngster filling the gaps?

For all we know, Hleb may not even leave yet!! I hope he doesn't, but you can never say what's around the corner in football.

Keep it goonerish......


Anonymous said...

Robinho wants to joins Arsenal as well. It may happen.

Wenger may have an ace up his sleeve yet.

Anonymous said...

Robinho earns almost 100K per week.

Do you know anything about Arsenal FC to be throwing a player into the hat that earns way above Arsenal's wage bill?

I mean seriously. What the f*ck are you guys on??

Wrighty7 said...

anon 17:28,

Arsenal have one of the highest wages bill's around.

trust me, they pay good money to players.

Thats what the fuck I'm on.

deepak bhopal said...

vela has been given to no. 29 shirt, i spoke to him yesterday thru some of my mates at arsenal

i can guarantee you this.

Anonymous said...

We need a winger that can cross as well as making runs for Cesc. Robinho is a good option obviously, but I doubt Wenger will break the bank for him.

Paul walsh said...

we should sign villa and ben arfa and bring big tony back 2 sort out da defense

Anonymous said...

Robinho does not earn almost 100k per week. Twat.

Anonymous said...

Robinho would be good, but Ben Arfa would be better.

He is ham and mustard

Anonymous said...

WE SHOULD GET BOTH BEN ARFA & ROBINHO. Let Hleb go. Awesome ball player BUT not a match winner.



Anonymous said...

Why Robinho? ok, he got the talent, but he's light as a feather.
he'll be bullied all over, and he won't be the player we need!!

if he signs, mark my words.

Wrighty7 said...

Dont really know why Robinho. just a gut feeling.

Anonymous said...

robinho has a bad attitude, hes not as good as he thinks he is and is not as effective on the wing anyway.

to get the best out of him hed have to be played behind a top striker or up front.

Id be really disappointed if we got him, ben arfa would be excellent but I dont know if he could last a season as starter, given that he doesnt play all the time for lyon.
Wenger will probably sign someone completely unexpected as usual. :)

Anonymous said...

I hope is not robinho. Read mad signed them both when when news broke that Arsene wanted to sign him and baptista. I don fancy them both.

Anonymous said...

Robinho 80K per week. Still more than the highest paid footballer at our club. He's p*ssed off at Real because he wants more money hence wants 100K per week.

Mohamed said...

all im saying is....regardless who leaves, just leave it up to the bss when players have wanted to leave & there's been furore he's allllllllways come out on top & replaced with better...vieira, henry, right back to anelka & overmas/petit...flamini & hleb can both go if they want(OBV id rather keep them)...i just have a feeling the boss is due a master stroke...& if these guys leave..that'll really give him grounds to work his magic!

Anonymous said...

Witn a crocked Rosicky, losing Hleb will affect our playmaking massively - keep Hleb & Flamini then add some quality

Anonymous said...

Gallas is the highest earning player at the club he's on £80K. The reason Hleb and Flamini are supposedly looking to leave is because we keep a strict wage structure and they know Arsene won't break that. Robinho would want at least £80K. Aside from finicial reasons I don't think we'd buy him. Arsene will do his usual and pick up a couple of bargains with relatively unknown players, then again he may surprise us and pick up a well known established player for a bit of money but I doubt it ;-)

Anonymous said...

I love watching people waste their finger energy suggesting Robinho might sign for Arsenal. The pattern at Arsenal DOES indeed suggest we'll sign him. We all saw Hleb, Eduardo and Sagna coming, didn't we? Oh, wait....

hector said...

Arsene is set to sign Nicky Butt from Newcastle. It may be cash plus Diaby.

Anonymous said...

I think it would be the best to sign David Villa, Ben Arfa and a defender like Raul Albiol....if hleb goes we maybe need another winger...Robinho would be a dream but i also like kranjcar!

Anonymous said...


gazzap said...

I think wenger has done a lot of groundwork over the past year or more and he says he has money to spend. those 2 factors together should mean that Gooners can sleep soundly in their beds. wenger will unearth 2 or 3 gems this summer and we will come back stronger than we have been this season.
fans moan about £25m but wenger has never spent anywhere close to this before (net that is). so he can do a lot regardless of who leaves.

Anonymous said...

please please please please please please please please please DAVID VILLA!!!!!!! Arsene please bring this guy to the emirates!!!!

Anonymous said...

we will sign Steven Gerrard this summer

Anonymous said...

I dont think they will sign Robinho, and usually arsenals signings are someone who you think "why the hell did we sign him?", unknown, but they turn out good most of the time. If we were to sign a big name, ive seen benzema play and its a major part of the reason lyon are going so well, sets them up and scores them, he is a freak.

Anonymous said...

Christian Metzelder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stone said...

I would let Hleb go 5 times if we can only keep Flamini. I want Hleb to stay but Flamini need to. Finally we have replaced the Invincibles midfield and we can't afford to break it up.

If Hleb leaves, are we gonna play with Vela and Walcott on the wings? We don't need Hleb that much though because we got Rosicky, but he is more vulnerable than a cracked egg.

Bring in Villa, Pjanic (the Metz youngster) and a centre back. If Hleb leaves we need another winger.

weedz said...

Let Alex go. I`ve watched him for the last 2 seasons and rate him the best `ball at the feet` player in the EPL. He`s a better dribbler than Ronaldo. But his stats for the last 2 seasons tell us something else. 06-07 2 goals & 5 assists. This season 2 goals & 6assists. Somethings not adding up. There are better and more productive wingers around and Robinho is one. In the last couple of seasons my gunners wish list has been for Babel, Modric or Robinho. I hope you`re right Wrighty and it`s 3rd time lucky for me. As for some of the posters saying he aint good or big enough. that`s crapp. First he isnt that small, about 5` 8" and what he lacks in weight, 60kg, he makes up for with pace. Of which he has plenty, add great dribbling skills and an end product (10 goals in 24 appearences in la lega this season.) I say yes pleaz AW

Anonymous said...

For ****s sake, learn your lesson - Wenger will NOT sign anyone big this summer, he just won't do it. We'll sign a virtual unknown for around 5m and then we'll all wonder how we chuck away a promising start to next season, once we suffer a few injuries and suspensions. Wenger has performed wonders at Arsenal but you CANNOT win the CL or Premiership these days with half a dozen youngsters and the likes of Senderos and Eboue in your team. Arsenal fans were told that by moving to the Emirates (and being charged a minimum £900 for a season ticket), that Arsenal would be able to compete with Man U and Barcelona financially - bullshit, we can't even compete with Spurs and Newcastle. For every gem that Wenger signs (Sagna last season) we have two or three donkeys. FFS, we are three decent players away from being a very very good side!!!! If I was Cesc this would be my last season at Arsenal if we don't sign any decent players to improve the squad. Arsenal are fast becoming a selling club.

davetherave said...

AW will look at certain countrys player of the year in defence and wing catogories and make an offer for one of these players who's name is not well know. If you look at sagna and sendorous they both had that pedigree before they joined arsenal. (excuse the spelling!)

Lewis said...

do u know for sure that Vela will number 8?

Anonymous said...

henry lansbury is starting next season as well as carlos vela

Anonymous said...

the highest earner at Arsenal is currently 95k a week paid to gallas and that will be taken over by cesc being given a new 100k a week contract.
why dont some of you plastic muppets on here go and do some research before writing such rubbish
we will be able to compete once the highbury sq development is finished untill then we have 70mill but 50mill is ring fenced for loan repayment emergency which was agreed when we renegotiated our stadium loans.
so we have 25mill for transfer and wages andwhatever else wenger raises thru sales in the summer, i cant see us having a budget of more then 30 mill max.
robino is aprty animal and has had several bust ups and plays when he wants to play and is a show boat, no thank you.
benarfa is no better then vela.
i have been told that we will be signing dimitrov the bulgarian winger and one african player. also a new defender will be coming we are trying to get zapata but milan may pip us to him.
it will eb alot quieter then most people think and eboue will not be leaving Arsenal.

Anonymous said...

I thought Cesc was already close to 100k?!

We don't have much money available so we are told but the club also has a £40m OD limit on there account which could be used without effecting the £45m we have put aside for loan repayments so we have money if Wenger feels the need to use it.

Robinho is class and anyone that thinks different obviously hasn't seen him play this season because he has been outstanding and as for being lightweight he is about as lightweight as Ronaldo is.
I fear for his attitude which has come to Real wanting rid of him but i think that is something that Wenger can change.

And honestly guys... do you not think Wenger would offer and quality star like Robinho £100k a week when he is paying a 32 year old CB that?

Wenger has been a huge fan of Robinho for years and we was in the bidding when he went to Real Madrid but he chose Madrid and hasn't played much football since so you can see why he would have a bit of an attitude with Madrid.

I think he would fit right in at Arsenal and if i had a choice of 1 player to come to the emirates it would be him

Anonymous said...

Look its simple we buy villa or we buy no big name striker

we get a defender and a central midfielder cos Matheiu fakeini is gonna sign for Useless Juventus or Uefa Cup AC Milan (didnt we beat them at the San Siro)

yea a winger not really a priority we have players there

all we need is Villa, A midfielder and a center back....

Anonymous said...

the reason why hleb had few assists is that eh have no striker as good as rooney , torres or even santa croz.

think about it .. hleb is the best winger in the EPL but the fact is our team is bad in finishing.

Anonymous said...

Bob Latchford, Dean ashton and ledley king are comming in.

Anonymous said...

You must know nothing about football if you think rooney is a good striker.
His finishing is about as good as heskey's.
One on one with a keeper he's rubbish.
Check his stats with Ade's

Anonymous said...


THE YIDZ will continue to spend B I G. Ramos is very young promising manager.



Anonymous said...

You heard it here first - Arsene is about to sign Stefan Stanokovic - a quality but not so well known CB.

phranq said...

i think the club shuld let hleb go and bring in Artem Ben Haifa,Nasir and Albion....i am sick and tired of the speculations that HLEB IS LEAVING

shellz said...

there are alot of clueless Arsenal fans here. do u guys even watch anything other than the premiership.

Robinho is the best player for real madrid this season. he is there new zidane, and has played every single match when fit.

Am sorry to bust ur bubble, he is enjoying it at madrid and he is not looking to live has he said this on real madrid TV.

to much hopeful thinking with looking at facts by we arsenal fan. It is starting to piss me off.

And how many of u saying we hope we sign Villa have seen in week in week out, i bet alot of u have not even seen him play b4.

u guys are fans, live the signin to the manager and stop passing stupid comments on who to sign

Anonymous said...

when you pay peanuts you get monkeys'

Dont expect much this summer.

Anonymous said...

pure speculative bollocks

waste of time

Anonymous said...

Ben Arfa is better then Robinho :)
some guys are drunk here.

I think Robinho will never be a our player unless we swoop him for Cesc

Anonymous said...

Whether you like him or not Ade's statistics say his goal/shots ratio is very similar to Torres and Ronaldo, within a few % of both- all near 25%.

Whoever said Rooney is the sort of quality striker who would score more with Hleb's assistance- then why has Rooney got many less goals than Ade this season playing for a team which is similarly creative?

Stop making excuses. Hleb is a fantastic player but doesn't score and doesn't assist, it's his fault, not Ade's. I mean Cesc doesn't seem to have any trouble getting assists for Ade and he's scored his share too. Stop trying to lump everything onto the scapegoat.

Goons_with_Guns said...

Wenger deserves what he has sown. He didn't sign Flam last summer and then let Diarrhea sign mid-year: idiot.

Happy that Flam will only play in the UEFA Cup next year, however! LOL.

Lorik Cana would be my choice over Y. Toure, Appiah or Barry.

Would Wenger break the bank to sign Kaka if Helato left? Nah.

Nasri and B-A are o.k., but only Robinho is a sure goal-maker and Arshavin is also solid: Ronaldo and Ribery are only better.

Why the f**k loan out Traore and Song on loan, idiot? We need coverage.

Would like to see Thuram in the squad and back up for Richards (if Eriksson actually leaves).

I'm sick of seeing Drogba or other big striker score on us (but we won't see him except in the CL next year, perhaps)

And we need a first-rate keeper (Coupet or Frey?)! Alumnia is suck rubbish!

Most English players are rubbish and overvalued these days, excluding some of the youngsters Walcott, Lennon, Bale, Huddlestone.

My 2 pence.