Friday, 11 April 2008

Theo is straining at the leash-RELEASE THE HOUND!

Had Arsenal knocked Liverpool out the Champions League on the back of Theo Walcott's run at Anfield he quite rightly would be getting plenty of praise from all angles.

It was the best piece of skill seen in ANY competition for a long long time and should be the re-ignition of young Theo's career, the moment he finally arrived in an Arsenal shirt.

Instead it will be forgotten as moments later Liverpool put out Arsenal's Champions League fuse.

The expectation on Theo's shouldiers is huge. And until recently he hasn't quite been able to live up to it. But its not his fault he is young, cost a lot of money and is English is it?

He hasn't been ready but he is now. His recent performances have shown it.

Until lately we have only seen glimpse's of what Theo can do. He has been used as an impact player from the bench. Someone with pace to run at tired leg's late on in matches.

He wasn't ready to start games, he is now.

Gone seems the naive star-struck kid, replaced with a power pacy player ready to take on the world. He is ready now. Ready to start game's. He wasn't before despite his recent superb cameo's from the bench.

I know Eboue's been poor lately and Theo has been great, but would it be fair to have expected Theo to save our season? Thats what would have happened. He already has alot resting on his shouldiers and that would have been a burden he could do without. Saving a struggling team.

Nothing is expected of Arsenal now. Now is the time to loosen the leash and set Theo free. No pressure, just play. Go build a platform to show us what you can do next season. And i'm sure it will be a big season for Theo.

Theo has been protected enough, its time to unleash him. Starting with United on Sunday. Theo has been straining the leash for a while, now its time to UNLEASH THE HOUND!

Keep it Goonerish.....


Anonymous said...

Leave it to Wenger.Unleash him?If he makes mistakes who will eat him for breakfast?The media?The fans?Look at Rooney,what happened to Englands best new thing?What about bently? that guy has more talent in his toes than he knows.But he won't be better than he is currently 'cause the media say he at the summit already, and he believes the hype.Hell,he demands more of his club and country than he does of himself.It takes ages to go from a novice to a pro,theo is no exception(cesc is though,we all saw it very early).Let him mature like fine wine.A start here and there mixed with cameos will improve his confidence,sharpen his instinct,and hardwire his techniques without exposing him overly to the hounds that are premiership defenders.F.Jeffers is an example of early exposure to Prem. defenders,they simply shot his confidence to pieces ,and he hasn,t recovered since then.He is currently been used against weary defenders(40%-50%)efficiency.When Wenger says his ready then he is ready.

Anonymous said...

Did u read the article? He has been protected, there is no pressure now and Theo needs games. Are u telling me he's not ready?! Wrighty is right. Great article m8.

Squid Boy said...

Haha release the hound. As soon as I saw that I had a chuckle imagining Monty Burns saying it in The Simpsons and Theo coming out and biting Homer on the Arse-anal. But I digress. Saw Theo training prior to the Bolton game, my god was he hitting the ball sweetly. For a moment it looked like David Beckham was striking the ball, top corner every time. Now the pressure is off in terms of our season, his time is now. Especially when you look at the last 4 games after the Mancs (Reading/Derby/Everton/Sunderland), it's the ideal time to blood him.

Anonymous said...

i didn't say he should't play more,however the cameo against liverpool dosen't mean he is ready for constant premiership starts.

Anonymous said...



Eboue - Toure - Gallas - Clichy

Walcott - Fabregas - Song -Hleb/RvP

Adebayor - Hleb/RvP

You could look at this and think:


lol! combinations...

BimitarDerbatov said...

don't rate him...

his assist against 'Pool was the first thing of notet that hes done..

Wrighty7 said...

Well he scored against you lot BimitarDerbatov. With one of the best finishes I've seen this season I must add! The way he chested the ball home from that angle was superb! Ha ha! ;-)

BimitarDerbatov said...

yes that was a top class finish i must say!! showed great awareness!!

seriously though so far he's proved that he can NOT do the following consistantly: pass, cross, dribble, score.

and it'll take a lot more than a wonder assist, impressive though it was, to prove himself as top quality..

and the last thing you, as supporters, will want to do is start believeing articles like this because it only heaps the pressure on him and when he falls flat it'll only make him look worse..

Anonymous said...

walcott did it againts liverpool, just like thierry did it againts real madrid 2006. he deserves to play, let eboue to play full back (sagna's reserve)

Wrighty7 said...

What i'm saying is the pressure is off Arsenal now. What better time to give Theo experiance in games is there?

Anonymous said...

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