Saturday, 12 April 2008

Bergkamp v Keane-The future?

By me writing this please dont think i'm beginning a Wenger out campaign! Far from it, I'd love Wenger to stay as long as he want's! But, one day he will be gone. Simple as that. However;

Would u like to see legend Dennis Bergkamp return to Arsenal one day as gaffer as his replacement?

I wouldn't mind! Bergkamp will begin coaching soon and may link up with Marco Van Basten at Ajax.

It is at Ajax he will get his coaching badges and with a potential link-up between Arsenal and Ajax, is there a possibility that Bergkamp will become a future manager at Arsenal?

We have to accept that one day Arsenal will be without Wenger as boss. If I'm honest, that is a day that I'm dreading.

I couldn't imagine Wenger not being at Arsenal, just as United fans couldn't imagine being without Fergie.

In my view, when the day comes the blow could be softened by appointing the Ice man as Arsenal boss.

I feel Bergkamp could become a great manager and its great news that he is even considering returning to the game.

Its surely on the cards that he will manage either us or Ajax, and I would love it to be us that Bergkamp takes the plunge with when the day comes calling.

I think when he gets his coaching badges Arsenal should snap him up and groom him as the future manager.

He would attract players to the club, he knows Arsenal and was a football genius. Plus he is a very intelligent man and in my view could cope with being thrown straight into the managers seat at Arsenal.

We love him, he love's us, the clubs in his blood and he could be the perfect replacement for the day that Wenger's reign at Arsenal ends.

With Roy Keane doing well at Sunderland, could he be heading to United as manager one day?

Bergkamp and Keane were involved in epic titanic games between Arsenal and United as players, could they be involved in epic titanic games between Arsenal and United as managers?

Keep it Goonerish.......


Anonymous said...

I don't think Bergkamp will be a manager in the future; a coach i can see. You have to bear in mind that he can't fly with the team when they need to. A manager who has to be separated from his team for all transit; and who might need to leave early to get to european matches, if he goes at all. it's a small part of the time, but i fear it could be a real problem.

Wrighty7 said...

Good point m8! Didn't even think about that, surely a way around it somehow?

Anonymous said...

Good article, shame about his fear of flight. I for one, would love Bergkamp back at the club in some capacity. It would be great as manager but may be difficult.