Saturday, 26 April 2008

The return of the king?-Sorry but nooooooooo way will this happen.

This summer there will be more rumours circulating around the comings and goings at the Emirates than there are pigeons in Trafalgar square!

We are being linked with a number of players and to be honest some of the names mentioned excite me.

I know though deep down inside that no-one knows who Wenger will release or purchase.

No-body ever see's a signing that Wenger makes coming. But as I've said previously I do feel that a player with a reputation may come a-knocking on the door of Wenger's office and sign on the dotted line.

The latest is that we are considering bringing back the King. Thierry Henry. I do not think that this will happen.

He is rightly a god amongst us Gooners and we were devestated to see him take off the number 14 shirt and say va-va-voom last summer.

Now most of us questioned Wenger's sanity at the time. But he obviously knew that the time was right to release the Frenchman and open a new chapter in the Arsenal book.

Wenger has been proved right time and time again about when to release players who have past thier peak. Regardless of name and reputation Wenger is quite ruthless.

Henry has struggled this season, badly. And I appreciate that he is often played out of position but I don't think that his body is up to the rigourous level needed in the Premiership anymore.

He would miss more games than he would play and we already have enough injury-prone players as it is. (RVP, Rosicky)

I love Thierry like a brother from another mother, but I can't see how him re-signing would benefit Arsenal in anyway. We have moved on and we can't go back to the past.

I'd much rather see us sign David Villa than Henry. Sorry Tito.

It seem's a similar situation to when Vieira left us. Every year linked with a move away from us but since moving on every year with re-joining us.

I know Wenger hasn't ruled anything out about Henry but I think that he is humouring the media more than anything. The crafty devil.

So-The return of the King? Sorry but in my eye's no. But that dosen't mean I don't love the bloke.

Keep it Goonerish.........


Anonymous said...

I dont reckon we will re-sign Henry for financial reasons but i do reckon if Hleb went he could def have an impact in a Pires type role on the left.

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Top Gun said...

great article as always Wrighty7

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FredIsDead said...

Well spoken.

But I cannot believe Henry can fade away so soon. It has to be more than playing on the left. It could be player attitudes, it might be the sense of not belonging that makes him a misfit at Camp Nou.

I would like to see him back. Humbled and more a team player, but back as a spear that cracks the back of Manchester United Football Club.