Saturday, 17 May 2008

Cesc and Clichy are the future captains of Arsenal

There has been some good, let me change that, great news, that Cesc and Clichy will tie their futures to us.

You could argue that a contract isn't worth the paper it's written on after the Hleb situation. After all, he has two years left on his deal and is trying to worm his way out.

With Cesc and Clichy though you sense it's different. There seems to be a genuine love for Arsenal from both and you feel that they are not out for what they can get.

Obviously the contracts will ensure that the pair are paid handsomely, but they deserve it.

They both know what Arsenal could possibly achieve and they want to be a part of that. The money helps, but it's more than that for them, and I can see them both at the club for many more years to come.

In fact it's inevitable that they are the future captains of Arsenal. I can see Cesc as skipper and Gael as vice-captain, stepping in when needed.

I'd be happy with that situation!

But are they ready for that yet?

I don't know.

Many are calling for Cesc to be made skipper now. It could work either way. Either it makes him a better player or puts too much pressure on him.

I think that he could cope. He seems to have a very mature head on young shoulders and as I've said, he loves the club.

However, we already have a captain don't we?

If Le Boss takes it away from Gallas then he will leave. And I don't want that. No matter whats happened this season Gallas is still a world-class player and an asset to our club.

Unless Wenger is planning on releasing Gallas in the summer I can't see him taking the armband away from him.

The calls for Cesc to be made captain are right. But not yet.

He could deal with it, noooooooooo problem.

He will and should be the NEXT Arsenal captain and Clichy will be next in command.

Keep it Goonerish.........


Anonymous said...

Must say that I agree that Fabregas will be captain and if he is appointed skipper this summer then Billy will leave. Fab is the future captain and always will be.

Andrew said...

You can't base a judgement that Clichy is vice-captain material purely on the basis of the fact he has signed a new contract and spoken good words to the press. A captain is defined by his personality - drive, determination, ambition and leadership, which, neither I nor you are in a position to truly gauge. Just because he has had a good season, has signed a new contract, makes good noises, does not mean he has the capacity to be a future Arsenal captain. I am not discounting the possibility that it may be the case, just stating the irrationality of your conclusions.

Anonymous said...

I think fabregas and van persie have the required stuff. Especially van persie but who knows if hel ever complete a season.

Wrighty7 said...


I've heard that Clichy is a big character in the Arsenal changing room, he plays fantantic, never ever gives up and seems to show leadership on the pitch.

Isn't that enough?

Wrighty7 said...

He also seems to love the club judging by recent comments,

What more do you want?

Top Gun said...

excellent as always Wrighty7

Chris said...

Hi mate.

Can you replace my blog link (Gunners Live) with my new blog - Gooner Talk?

Keep the great work up.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Cesc and Cliche will also make an excellent midfield partnership alonf the lines of Viera - Petite. Clichy being faster and a cleaner tackler,and Cesg being a better distributer and goal scorer, and both younger than the World Cup winners. Traore is more than capable of taking the No 3 spot.

Anonymous said...

Flamini was the real leader last year. watching at the stadium either home or away it was always Flamini organising the defence, calling and organising whilst Billy shed the crocodile tears

Anonymous said...

We need Thuram at centre back and natural leader (not necessarily formally made captain as that is not necessary to lead) for a few years till Nordfeldt is ready, by then Fran Merida and jack wiltshire will be ready to step up as will Jay Emanuel Thomas. Ben Alfa will fill in nicely on the left wing and we will be up there with the best.

Anonymous said...

Dear Wrighty7,
i know this has got nothing to do wif your recent post..
but in my opinion, Sulley Muntari seems to be the perfect replacement for Flamoney..
left footed can play in central or left midfield...
big,strong...could very much compliment Fab marauding up front...
would he be the experienced player Arsene has been talking about??

Keep the good work coming man..

Anonymous said...

Pep Guardiola is Fab's idol