Saturday, 3 May 2008

Diaby is no Vieira...He is not our central midfield answer

The rumour's of Flamini having decided his future is elsewhere won't go away and rightly so since his contract offer remains unsigned.

I honestly thought that he would stay at the club, he may still do that, but the odd's are against it.

If he go's, we will need to fill a big hole and some people are saying that Diaby could be the answer.

I dont think he is, yet. Diaby has all the physical attribute's to play centre midfield. He is built like a young Patrick Vieira and could be such a good player. In fact I rate him highly, and believe that he could become a future centre midfielder, but not yet.

The reasons? He can't tackle and he hold's on to the ball for too long.

Why do you think Wenger plays him on the left?

It's to help him progress. If Flamini go's, I don't think we could pair Cesc and Diaby as midfield partners next season.

Diaby is no Vieira. He may look like him, but to compare them both is unfair on Diaby.

It add's pressure on him and let's not forget how young he is. He will be 22 next week.

Vieira was the COMPLETE package. The man could do everything and is an Arsenal legend. Diaby is raw and missed a large chunk of his career with a dreadful injury. That set's his career back slightly so he hasn't progressed as much as he would have hoped.

When he learn's how to tackle and release's the ball at the right time I will think he is ready to play in the middle.

At the moment he is not ready but he will be one day. The potential is there for him to be a good player, we need a ready made stop-gap to fill in until he is ready.

How about Gilberto? Or Gattuso?

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Cunnilingus Lice said...


Anonymous said...

Agree with the Headline but not with content.

Wenger is playing him on left because he is not able to play him in centre.

I think he isn't a proper player to in our centre because....

1. Diaby doesn't have all plysical attributes to play in center. the most important attribute is STAMINA, diaby doesn't have it so much.

2. Diaby is uncommited, he doesn't have mental attributes. He won't track back or move forward at the right time.

3. Like u said...his tackling isn't great.

4. He is a injury prone player.

5. We need a player who is more Defensive than Attacking.

6. He is very very very one footed

So to sum it up.
Diaby is a player who has only 2 good qualities in him and many disadvantages. 2 good qualities are his Body Strength and his Control of ball which isn't even the best. He is tall but can't head the ball. For me he is made to play in Zidane like position, he isn't made to play in centre in a 4-4-2, he is made to play only in a diamond formation or a 4-3-3.

I am not one of those who say to get Kaka, Messi, Ronaldinho and sell RvP and Adebayor.....But honestly Diaby is a player whom I would sell this summer and get a player whom can give a convincing performance in centre in case Cesc gets injured even in a CL game.

Anonymous said...

The sale of Diarra looks shrewder by the day

Anonymous said...

Don't understand why Diaby kept on getting games and Diarra didn't.

Diarry is twice as good as Diaby and Diaby will never be anywhere near as good as Viera.

He can't tackle, he can't pass, has poor vision, poor decision making... is he a midfielder or a better suited to being a ball boy?

Anonymous said...

Cant people see talent?
His close control is as good as anyone at the club, hes extremely strong, and he can actually finish chances fairly well. Agree hes not cut out to play where flamini does, but hes still a good player.
He needs to stop being stubborn and accept he will have to play LM to have a chance at arsenal, we have no room for an attacking central midfielder most of the time.

Anonymous said...

I will continue to blame AW for this season's meltdown, he just refused to be proactive when its needed the most. The sale of Diarra looks stupid rightnow, not adding to the team in january looks stupid. Flamini is gone, so AW should stop deluding himself, and buy the needed players to mount a sustained challenge to premiership title next season. We are fast turning into the "next season" team. At the end of every season after coming up short, we always say next season as if its promised us. Our problem is the stubbornness of AW. The man is determined to take all the glory should Arsenal win with his style and youth movement. He wants to be known for building a team from kids and winning the league, but he's forgetting that so far, other teams have made huge gains in terms of quality, and money available for transfers. If he doesn't buy quality players to add depth and steel to his team, we will fail again, and subsequently, we will struggle to attract high quality players. Diaby is too lazy a player to play DM for a high octane team like Arsenal. I am sure that AW has another bargain waiting to replace Flamini, but he fails to understand that, if he spends to buy high quality players, the club will most likely recover the money by winning titles, and more fans.

Anonymous said...

I think we should play Toure there instead of flamini whether he leaves or not. Toure is faster, stronger, better defensively, aerially, and from what has been seen just from him playing defence especially right back- he is better going forward, and he has a better shot on him and he is committed to the club! And even though we would miss him in defence i dont think gallas and toure are that strong a partnership as neither are brilliant in the air and we've have conceded alot of important goals that way.

Matt_afc said...

Totally agree anon 18:32, has anyone else notcied how well Toure runs with the ball? Hes surprisingly good at running with the ball. Wasn't he a DM when he signed with us? Remember his first goal vs Chelski, I'm sure he was playing DM that game.

Pedro said...

Totally agree Wrighty, Diaby is an attacking midfielder and he isn't too keen to put his foot in.

Gattuso is a top recommendation and as he is available... why not?

First choice of course is the Flamster, but Gattuso would be a good stop gap if the worst happens!

Anonymous said...

Jérémy Toulalan would be the best relplacment

Anonymous said...

or Mathieu Bodmer

Anonymous said...

How exactly does he learn the central role and as you say learn to tackle and pass if we dont give him a chance to play there? There is only one way, give him a run of games in that position. Its a shame he is injured because I am sure Wenger would have played him in the centre of midfield once Flamini got injured. Remember when he first played for us he was excellent in that role, he was solid and looked the part.

Tripster said...

Diarra didn't want to stay unless he was 1st choice. There's no point keeping someone against their will. Good player though.
Gattuso is too old (30 now).
Diaby is good, but not defensive enough. Flamini is the man to get the best out of Cesc, but it looks like he will go.
Who could of foreseen injuries to Rosicky, RVP, Eduardo, etc. If there weren't woeful injuries, I think Wenger would have got it just right.
Yes, let's get a player or two, but only because we get to Feb and the lack of depth + injuries seems to hit us bad.
I do think Eboue has been rubbish this season, though. And I'm not one for criticising players.

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I didnt believe Flamini could improve so much but when given his chance, he took it like a real pro. Diaby could be given a similar one, remember when he first came to the club Arsene shifted Cesc to the right to partner him with Gilberto.

I think Cesc and Diaby have only played together once in the middle, and we lost at Everton last season. Diaby was the one powering forward while Cesc was the more conservative one, it could work but Cesc has now developed into a goal scorer. We need him to attack the box.

Djourou could be another candidate, he is defensive and a calm passer. However I think Arsene will add in the summer

Anonymous said...

Anon 1815, you are a knob. As Arsene said, we are still paying for a 360m pound stadium. Only Chelsea with the roubles and United with their brand power can compete with us. Liverpool will soon be left trailing as cost of stadium will spiral out of control due to a near imminent worldwide recession.

We dont have the money to buy 20m pound players, its simple. We built a stadium, Chelsea/United built a team.

Pro-active in Jan? I think people are forgetting the situation we were in. Toure had left for ACN but we actually EXTENDED our lead to 5 points. RVP played in the first leg of the Carling Cup final and looked poised to come back. Rosicky was having the best spell of his Arsenal career and playing every game. Eduardo settled nicely and started grabbing crucial goals. Djourou had come back from Birmingham.

Plus there are no players I can think of who would have been useful to us at the prices they went. Chelsea spent 15m on a striker who has scored once. They also spent 9m on a defender who has yet to play a single minute of football for them.

Skrtle wouldnt be at Liverpool if Agger had not picked a long term injury, simple as that.

Stop being so narrow minded, look at the bigger picture and support the club. You just dont go criticising the greatest manager we have ever had. Even if we dont win anything at least we are entertained- which is more than what we used to have in the 4 decades previous.

Anonymous said...

if flamini stay good if fuck him denilson diaby come you gunners eie

GEORGE said...

Reading some of your so called comments, Wrighty7, can be really disturbing coz you don't seem to knoow what you on about. FIRSTLY, you talk of how ' If Flamini go's, I don't think we could pair Cesc and Diaby as midfield partners next season', then you go on to say (talking about Diaby), 'It add's pressure on him and let's not forget how young he is. He will be 22 next week',.......should we then get rid of all 22 year olds? By the way, how old is Cesc? If you do decide to post issues about the club on some of these so called blogs, please for all Gunners sakes, try to at least get your facts right....or better yet, make some sense. PLEASE!!!!!