Sunday, 25 May 2008

The Chelsea board are ruthless, should Arsenal's board be the same?

The sacking of Avram Grant at Chelsea did not come as a huge surprise to many. It seemed that he was only going to keep the seat warm for another manager to come in as soon as he was appointed.

The pressure of managing at Chelsea must be huge, baring in mind a multi-billionaire shady Russian is watching your every move!

But that pressure is needed to make the manager succeed. At Arsenal Le Boss doesn't seem to be under that pressure. It seems the board are in the comfort zone and maybe Arsenal are. Peter Hill-Wood lately even stated that it wouldn't be a disaster if we didn't win anything next season.

It is!

We haven't won a thing since 2005. That's a long time and it hurts to see Manchester United win the double and even Tottenham winning something. We need to win. We don't have a divine right to win anything but it would be nice!

I'm not saying sack Wenger like Chelsea did to Grant. Far from it. All I'm saying is that we Gooners are tired of watching others win. We want a taste again.

I'm 100% certain that Wenger is the man to bring back the trophies, he has done it in the past. And I believe we could be on the verge of something big at Arsenal, with the right signings.

But we need that pressure back to succeed. Le Boss needs to feel the pressure of going another year without a trophy.

I'm sure it eats Wenger up that we are pot less again. He is a winner. But he hasn't been for three years now. It eats us Gooners up, that's for sure.

People say Chelsea's chairman is ruthless for the sacking of Grant, I think he is an arsehole for the way he has treated him. But whoever is in charge there needs to keep on their toes, or they are out the door.

I'm not panicking about Arsenal, yet, and Arsene Wenger is the best man for the job at Arsenal, that is certain. All I'm saying is that it's hurts to see others winning while we are not, and that needs to change next season. And I'm sure it will with Le Boss at the helm.

We need that pressure back to succeed, and I reckon the taste of coming so close last season will inspire the players this season coming. I hope.

The Chelsea board have gone about things the wrong way. They didn't need to sack Grant, just explain he needs to win next season. The same go's for Le Boss, tell him we need to win next season, put him on his toes. Take the comfort zone away, and that go's for all levels at Arsenal.

Do you think Le Boss should put under more pressure to win things?

Keep it Goonerish.........


Anonymous said...

No, pressure is more likely to make you fail rather than succeed.

Anonymous said...

You're so pessimistic, Every post gets worse.... Pressure leads to failure which leads to many managers which leads to instability...

Sue said...

Chelsea's only stability is Romans money....take that away no Chelsea.

Chelsea board ruthless - they just have no class.

Anonymous said...

Jeez! I'm sick of all you bloggers. Wanting to win is natural. Everyone wants to see their team succeed but the way you people talk is as if the world will somehow impolde because we haven't won anything for THREE YEARS!!!

Arsenal fans are becoming some of the most annoying spolit selection of supporters in the world (even moreso than Newcastle and Spurs). Arsenal are built on stability and if you are patient, you'll see the result soon enough.

Stop comparing us to Chelsea btw. The two clubs operate on very different business models and trophy or no trophy, I know which I'd be happier with.

Anonymous said...

You are missing the point. We have been patient, for four seasons and Wenger has never been under pressure to win.

Perhaps a little show of discontent with not winning things would be a good thing.

Perhaps then we might actually become winners again.

Anonymous said...

As long as we kiss our teams arse in terms of pretty football, the board will continue to pay piss wages to the players and leave wenger to pinch 16yr old for nothing. Im sure wenger wants to bring in established players but he has no power over the board. We should be protesting to the board not arsene wenger. he has kept us at the top with peanuts, who else could do that

Wrighty7 said...

Where have I wrote at any stage that we need to change managers?

Wenger is the right man for the job, without question.

Arsenal are the most stable club around, but is that all you want a stable club going through the motions?

I dont. We are in a 60,000 stadium and have a superb squad that with a couple of add-ons could dominate Europe. Thats not pessimistic.

But whats the point of having all these great things if we aren't winning trophies?

We want to be the best. We cant be if we aren't winning things.

Anonymous said...

Quote: "No, pressure is more likely to make you fail rather than succeed."

That's so far from the truth you could get!!

All winners are winners BECAUSE of the pressure. The pressure to succeed, to do well. That INNER PRESSURE. They have high ambitions for them selves and the people working for/with them.
OF COURSE Wenger should be put under more pressure!! Not the kind of "win or go"-pressure, but he NEEDS to be on his toes. Not making excuses for everything that goes wrong; take some responsibility.

Do you want a board or a manager with an apathetic attitude?
"We play nice football, so what if we don't win anything?"


Anonymous said...

The question is;

Who is lying at Arsenal?

Wenger or the board?

Wenger says money is tight, the board say Wenger has money to spend.

So who's lying?

Sue said...

Erm I was patient for 18 years so don't be talking to me like I was a spoilt kid

Anonymous said...


Seriously man, do you think there's no pressure being Arsenal boss? Fuck no! What a crock of shite that is. The sort of thing that is spouted by sad whiny lazy arsed glory hunters.

Course there's pressure, shit. I want us to win things, but effin hell, we aint even in June yet! How the fucj are some of you gonna survive until August? Reacting to every bit of football gossip like its fact, whining coz the Chavs spunk yet more cash on another Shevchenko...

The squad needs strengthening, and I think it will be, but obviously the fact it wasn't done yesterday means some Gooners go all ape shit!

Wrighty7 said...

I agree Sue about Chelsea only having Romans money as stability, but dont you feel Arsenal need to show a little discontent at not winning?

Not stating that going another trophyless season NEXT season isn't the end of the world?

Wrighty7 said...

Of course theres pressure being the Arsenal boss.

The only pressure at the moment is too get into the Champions League to fund the stadium.

There isn't pressure to win the league, thats my point!!!!

The board are too comfortable in their position and more than happy to come fourth every year.

As long as we get in the Champs League, where the money is, thats all that matters to them.

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with this blog but have any of you heard about bentley apperently a big spurs fan!!! and may join them I neva knew that the cunt!!

Horace the Goat said...

"A little discontent" ???

You serious Wrighty? Sheesh fella, have you not seen the amount of whining, moaning thats been going on on certain blogs and elsewhere? Shit, what about the lack of support at home games? Now that pisses me right off.

I dont know any Gooner who's happy with not challenging, and winning things and yet if you don't go all effin bonkers demanding Wenger's head, or that the board are shot then you are called a rose tinted cunt or my particular favourite Arsene Knows Brigade (from that delightful and not at all cunt filled site le grove)

Anonymous said...

How is going 4 years without a trophy a disaster? I fucking hate johnny come lately, jump on the Arsene bandwagon, glory hunting 'Gooners' who know nothing about the history of the club. We went 17 YEARS without a trophy between 53 and 69, we went another 17 without the title before Thomas, 4 years is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Look at United. They werent Champions for nearly 30 years. Got relegated in the 70s. Chelsea have never had any success whilst Liverpool, the most successful team in English Football are yet to win the Premiership...thats how long its been.

Get some fucking perspective

Wrighty7 said...

Horace the goat,

I would never call Wenger that. The man is too high in my estimation and I know that he is the right man for the job.

I just feel the board are happy just to get in the Champs League and earn their dough!!

We Gooners want to win things, not be content with a top four finish!!

And please mate, I know that you dont get on with Le-Grove but I do geezer. And I cant have you calling them cunts mate!

I value your opinions, as I do every comment left on here but it puts me in a difficult position when you say things like that!

Your more than welcome to comment on my site, if fact your comments are usually great, but please refrain from slating Le-Grove on here.

I'm sure you understand.


Wrighty7 said...

So, I'm a johnny come lately, jump on Arsene's band wagon "glory-hunting Gooner" Who knows nothing about the club's history, am I?

Thanks for pointing that out mate!

Look, I'm 25 years old. Dont hold that against me!

I know enough about Arsenal, and it isn't my fault I wasn't around in those barren times.

My first memories of Arsenal are the GG years in the late 80's.

If those barren years were you happy?

Bet you weren't!

Wrighty7 said...

Last comment meant in those barren years, not the GG years!!

Horace the Goat said...


Sure thing boss. I completely understand, won't happen again.

Now, that Arsenal Muse site....JOKE!

I think next season is a huge one for all sorts of reasons and the pressure really is on Wenger and the team. Whether its internal or external, the pressure is there, no question for me. Coz I do believe that whether we like it of not, serious questions will be asked IF we don't do an ything next season.

Now, for me, i was happy about this season, happy in as much that what I was hoping this time last year was that we would challenge ( I never thought we would, but we effin did!) Now that was last season and this next one people are gonn abe expecting the team to actually win something, which is fair enough, if we wanna consider ourselves a big club, But there aint no guarantees and I don't wanna contemplate the thought of what will happen if we dont, BUT I won't be going all radio rental, bitching and whining like a spoilt brat if we dont.

Anonymous said...

ummm how exactly are we supposed to levy pressure on Wenger without the board threatening to sack him? Are you suggesting we boo him and the team more often when we lose.. I don't think either of these things will make us more likely to be successful. If anything all it will do is make Wenger walk away along with a good chunk of the current squad. You're alone on that one if that's what you want.

Anonymous said...

No you're missing the point!. We support Arsenal we are winners.

Frequently I go into my SKY+ and watch one of this season games and enjoy some of our silky football. Not just the goals but the genearal build up play. Winning the league would of course be nice but enjoying our football is enough. And anyway how close were we this season?!

Anonymous said...

Yes it would be nice to win, and yes the squad cost us this season, but look at was Wenger does on that budget and thank your lucky stars. Without him we would b mid table with pretty much every other manager on the budget he has had to work with. The reality is we have to thank our lucky stars for the trophies he has won against the odds, and bar for a few games that did not go our way we could one more, well that and TH14's ability to fluff cjances in big gmaes, put that uo against the fact that he has constantly been against Ferguson an admittedly great manager but one who is also the luckyiest mangaer of all time with a much bigger budget and that russian cunts money at Chelsea we should bre thankful and know he nearly always gets it right

Wrighty7 said...

Nice one, Horace the goat, top man.

I'm not saying threaten to sack Wenger, just apply some pressure by saying we need to win things.

not come out with comments like

"it wont be a diaster if we don't win a thing next season"

Anonymous said...

Chelsea ruthless? I think they were stupid firing Moan-rinho early this year. They might have won the Champion League this year if they had stuck with him ( fortunately they did not ).

Anonymous said...

Typical three seasons and you start to doubt, Wenger puts pressure on himself when he fails, he doesn't need the board to do it, what is it with the fans who want the success now, is it your self-esteem or the fact you can't handle real support.
Look at the bigger picture instead of being so small-minded.I want a club in the top flight in ten years with no debt, you want debt and trophies now, you're no different to the Chavs.The trophies will come, you need to have true support instead of the gloomy outlook you imagine.
Ye of little faith

Anonymous said...

AW has lost it. Just look at his last three years signings. He's been signing players who are not EPL punching calibre. And sadly, he's persisting in his mistakes. As long as his team keeps playing pretty football, not winning is not an issue for the board. We need in the current squad a mixture between ruthlessness and pretty staff. We simply don't have the characteristic of a winning team(no balance). Too many lightweight bodies.

Wrighty7 said...

I don't want debt, I want trophies. And I can see the big picture! We are on the verge, I know that!

I dont think you understand my point!

Anonymous said...

So anon 14:26, do you think Arsenal are a big club?
Cos big clubs win trophies, if we go 10 years without a trophy just being stable I wont be happy.

TopGun said...

I'm starting to wonder whether some people have actually read the post not just the title before commenting.
Wrighty7 is correct in what he is saying. We are in the comfort zone of just coming in the top four every season.
Where is that pressure on Arsene for Arsenal to be Champions again?
I dont see any.
If Gooners are content with top four finishes then we are not ambitious at all.
And to think we laugh at the Yids ambition for maikng the top four.
Is that our only ambition? Top four?
Then we are no better than Spurs.

1979gooner said...

I don't think we need to put any extra pressure on Arsene. He is under pressure to achieve, he always has been and he's aware of this.

However that pressure should not be cranked up by his own supporters, he's less likely to succeed if people don't get behind the club and the players.

For example look at Manu, there is always a large cohort of foolish Manu fans who call for Fergie to be sacked everytime that Manu go through a poor run of form. Do you think these fans are doing anyone any favours? I don't think so.

Wenger is the right man for the job, we forget he's achieved incredible things with a much smaller outlay than the other big clubs.

I agree that we should not be in the comfort zone, but I don't think we are.

Arsene realises we need to add some quality to the squad and he's said this, I'm sure he'll go about this during the summer.

As others say instability can lead to a vicious cycle of failure.

At the end of the day only one club can win the title each season, so even if we were to spend 300 million this summer it would be no guarantee for success, it would also be rather dangerous as it would put us under excess pressure to win things, and extra financial pressure.

Overall the club is moving in the right direction, the financial foundations are sound and we have probably the best youth setup in the land. Patience and time will give us success, imptience will not.

Anonymous said...

I think that some of us are missing the point. Yes In Arsenal's history we've gone decades without winning trophies but those decades are in the past and we can't afford to lower our expectations of trying to win one of the PL or CL every year.

We'll be disappointed if we don't win something or even if we just win the FA cup or carling cup but it won't be a disaster either, although players like Cesc who have are ambitious may start questioning the direction in which the club are going so in that sense there's already pressure on the boss because he needs to keep his players satisfied to keep them at the club.

I think the board take a slightly lenient approach, for me they should be treating it as a disaster if we don't win something next year because it sends out the wrong message and if we do win something, then our fanbase will grow so it will be beneficial to the club.

If we don't win anything next year then I'll be disappointed but not calling for Arsene's head. He has limited funds (but let's not forget that the scouting system does a lot of work for him) but I think he should ask for more money from the board if he is only getting £25m or the board should try and make him use it if it's him not using the funds available.

Wrighty7 said...

Anon 15:40,

Spot on mate.

Anonymous said...

I dont think some people who have commented have read your article properly Wrighty7.
I agree fully in what you are saying.
People will agree with you and people wont agree with you but I do.

Horace the Goat said...

Anon 15.40;

Wenger should ask the board for more money, or the board should make Wenger spend the money???

With logic like that, I'm guessing a career in politics bekons for you fella.

Danish Gooner said...

We must win Big Cup during the Wenger reign or we will never be accepted as a big team.

k c said...

Chelsea, Ruthless. Of course, Sack the manager that finally bought them success. That's ruthless OR recklessness????? Is called WHIMS AND FANCIES, IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!

Matt said...

As a late afterthought.........I agree with you comment 100%....complacency is a recipe for disaster! I was gobsmacked by Hill-Woods crass remark that it didn't matter if we won a trophy or not. With that attitude we will become just another one of the teams making up the numbers while Man U & Chelsea win the trophies. And before those of you who have this "oh it's only 3 years since we last won a trophy" I said the same thing in 1974 and again in 79 the first time it took us 17 years to win the league the first time I said that and the next, 8 years! The only blame I put down to Arsene is that he seems to lie down and accept the bull our board constantly shuffle out regarding players wages and money to spend on players. This is nothing new, the Hill-Wood dynasty along with the other board members over the years have always been reticent about paying the going rate for players....there have been the odd exception....notably Dennis Bergkamp, but that was mainly down to D.Dein, however wasn't he worth every penny we paid for him???

I would add that if the board had been more forthcoming with cash and ambition instead of just being happy with their cosy little "group" where they can swan about then we would certainly have won the league far more times than we have done in the last 40years.

Before now I have been a staunch "keep foreign money men out of the game" more, I think looking back, our board are more of a hindrance to our cause....and maybe just maybe David Dein was right...we need a big change at the top! And love him or hate him, Dein wanted one thing and one thing only, for Arsenal to be at the top and WINNING trophies, ask Arsene he will tell you this himself.!!

Anonymous said...

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