Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Who had the better season, Arsenal or Tottenham?

This is quite an interesting topic.

Who had the better season, Arsenal or Tottenham?

It's a difficult one to choose for obvious reasons. Both Gooners and Spuds are very likely to be bias to their colours, but hand on heart, who do you believe had the better season?

Arsenal have had the much much better season in the Premiership. I thought that this was the year that Tottenham were to overtake us?

It never looked likely.

Arsenal have had an excellent season in the Premiership, and Spurs? Two-bob is a polite way of putting it!

We are currently only 34, yes 34, points clear of Tottenham. I thought that the shift of power was occurring this season? Don't make me laugh!

However, the Spuds have their hands on a trophy. It was their first for nine years but you would have believed it was the World Cup that they won!

But a cup is a cup and at the end of the day, Spurs have one this season, we don't.

The Spuds will argue their case through that trophy and rightly so. In all fairness, they deserved to win it.

But, and I say BUT, would the Spuds given the choice, swap that trophy for what we have?

We have what they covet so badly, a Champions League place.

But would us Gooners swap a Champions League place for the Carling Cup and a mid-table finish? I think not!

When you consider all the talk coming from the Spuds last summer you would have believed that they dead cert's to finish above Arsenal.

Arsenal were written off from the start, now who's laughing?

Spuds, you deserved your trophy, but all the talk is now laughable. 34 points behind is embarassing, and you know it.

Hide behind your trophy, you know the truth. Arsenal had the better season and are now even further in front of you than ever.

And before you start the 5-1 jibes, great result for you, let's not forget the fact that we did the double in the league over you!

When did you last do that to us?

Keep it Goonerish.......


Anonymous said...

Gotta Be Arsenal

Spuds, forever in our shadow

Nick said...

I dont understand where the fk Spuds have the money to buy players.

They are planning Diego Capel; Veloso Eto & David Villa together with already purchased Modric.Not sure how many more. Keep you feet to the ground or else and I do really hope u will be another Leeds united. And by teh way where are the english players in Spuds. HaHaHaHa. Modric is not even 10% of what Eduuardo is and you play 16M for him. HeHeHe.

BTW I am english too but prefer quality over nationality.

Russ said...

Arsenal have had a far better season than Spurs. I'm sure the spuds enjoyed the 5-1 win and beating chelsea in the final a coulple of good results don't make a good season. They were pretty dire at the start and end of the season. No way would Arsenal swap positions with Spurs. Imagine if we came 11th, no champions league, UEFA cup only but won the carling cup!

G4L_Harry said...

Interesting arguement, as you say would we swap CL for League Cup? no, for FA Cup? Probably not. Would they swap Cup for CL place? not sure they could cope with the step up, lol.

Anonymous said...

easy one really. winning the carling cup only offers entry to uc where as 3rd placr offers entry to cl and so in that respect our season was better. And also in terms of next season, we showed that we were capable of beating some of the best teams in europe and challenging for the league where as they showed what exactly? That they could put a descent cup run together and beat a reserve Arsenal side 5-1?

Anonymous said...

Nobody with any sense would swap champions league footy for a reserve league cup. Being in the champions league assures a high income, continual world wide support developing, huge tv money, juicy prize money which then keeps you at the top of your domestic league ie top 4 and 16 dreamers. Someone might fluke in one year but they wont it'll be a one off and order will be retored when liverpool get back in the following year instead of everton, but a real one off!!
This why we will always be looking down on the spuds, let them enjoy their big success, its only fair.

Anonymous said...

would you all be arsenal fans by any chance

the fact the u havnt used your trophy cabinet in a while is pretty bad. we have had a disrupted season by the change of manager and spectualation about our star player leaving. i agree that are premier league form was woeful but a football club is there to win trophies and we have done that

Anonymous said...

Objectivly Arsenal - I would rather be in the Champions League then win a League Cup.

However, for their fans Spurs have had a good season winning a cup, getting in a proper manager, lots of cash, getting in good players (if we had taken Woodgate would our season still be alive???) and they are up and looking forward.

On the other hand we can't hold our squad together, have insufficient funds to maintain a top 4 position (for the club charging the highest prices in Europe), had to pay to watch that pile of poo that is Eboue (and Diaby) on the wings and the way we ended the season has left most gooners are a bit down.

Anonymous said...

Nick - They have money to buy players because they made a huge profit selling their best player from 2 seasons ago in Carrick & will be doing the same thing again this summer when they sell Berbatov.

Horse N. Buggy said...

I really don't mean to sound like I'm bashing the Spurs, but this is an insane question. Spurs had a terrible season with one bright spot of winning the Carling Cup. Arsenal had a sparkling season with a frustrating quarter-final finish in the CL. Arsenal are set to finish 4 points off the numbers one and two clubs in the league, who also happen to be the two clubs in the CL final. There's just no question who had a better season. I would hope even biased Spurs fans would acknowledge that.

Anonymous said...

I love it! Just by opening a discussion on who had the better season, you twats are trying to gloss over the fact that you didnt win a thing again and havent since you moved to the immigrants. All the bollocks about a reserve cup. You are a bunch of deluded wankers. Qualified for the CL again eh? Youll never actually win the thing. Flaminis off, soon to be followed by Hleb and Fab, cant wait. COYS.

Mo said...

this debate is the dumbest thing ive heard all season! i would understand comparing with liverpool who finished a place below us & never challanged at all season while we were top for 6 of the 8 months, but knocked us out the champs league(weirdly enough) & so got to the semi's!
just cos those twats are our rivals dont actually mean we have to talk about them!! DAMN

Mo said...

sorry not rivals..i mean locals...i consider, chelsea are our rivals now..even westham finished higher than those walking penises

Anonymous said...

"Just by opening a discussion on who had the better season, you twats are trying to gloss over the fact that you didnt win a thing again" - bit like spurs fans are trying to pretend Tottenham had a better season than Arsenal because of the Carling Cup - hahah! sure... you have the Carling Cup, and we haven't won anything in 3 years... but there lies the difference. Arsenal dont prioritise the CC, because they want to be competing in the CL. And sure, laugh all you like about no trophies, but these days, football is unfortunately all about money - and theres more money in the CL, than the CC. And are you honestly going to tell me you would rather hold on to your CC Trophy, and your 11th place finish? ok, we're 3rd, but everyone wrote us off at the start... we had an awful couple of months, and are still only 4 points behind the top two, and 34 points above you lot. better season because you won the CC?... dont make me laugh!! on second thoughts... im already laughing! and yeh, you beat us 5-1, and i dont go with what alot of gooners say "it was only our reserve team", there were some strong players out there, and a win is a win. but i dont think you'll find an arsenal fan who would swap places with tottenham. this whole debate is a non starter, theres nothing in it, its not even close... spurs fan who think it is close, or worse, think they're out and out winners... there lies the problem! reality, and perspective. 11th in the league is simply not acceptable at Arsenal... not even if we won the carling cup, or the fa cup, or probably even the CL - 11th place is simply not acceptable. I dont think, however, its anything to do with Ramos, and he's a top manager, and Spurs will be fighting harder next year. But this year... its a joke to even think Spurs were even with spitting distance of Arsenal

Anonymous said...

Mo, did you actually read the article?

Anonymous said...

Lets be objective and look at the reality of things......

1. We ended up winning nothing! Mainly because the Arsenal Board are the only one of the top four who consider making money as their priority!!!
2. We have lost one of our best players this season and potentially of the future(Flamini) because we won't break our wage structure by 10k....but hang on didn't we do that massively for Henry????
3. How many of the other top 4 have their best players looking elseware and refuse to pay them to keep them???
4. Spurs had a rough season because they didn't have the right they have a good one and their board are prepared to back him with money to buy players....and my gut feeling is that this guy will buy the right ones (not thelikes of Darren Bent!!!).
5. I for one would have liked to have won the CC and I am sure if we are all honest we would have crowed about it just as Man U and Chelsea did when they won it!!
6. Unless Arsene backed by our penny pinching board buy top class players and pay real wages, we will fall behind the other top 3 and maybe, just maybe Sp*rs will challenge us this time.

And as a final afterthought....for those of you too young to remember....the Arsenal Board has a history of losing it's top players because of failing to pay top wages.....our 2 best players of the late 70's Brady & Stapylton both went because of it....and boy did we suffer big time for that took us 7 years to recover....and this only when George Graham came in and they allowed him to spend money!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Arsenal , of course. I am biased, maybe. Consider this. Arsenal are the team of the premiership, this year. Everyone, especially the experts, predicted we will fall by the wayside this season. But, we confounded all critics and ended a place above last year. Also, we had more players in the PFA eleven than anyother team. That says a lot of our season.

Anonymous said...

Tottenham. In 1961.

And never since :)

Anonymous said...

Comparing us to Spuds is like comparing us to Fulham. You wouldn't so don't waste time on this subject.

We have seen what the Mickey Mouse Cup means to them and that says it all. It was embarrassing to see the celebrations and souvenir plates. The only other clubs that would have celebrated in that way are not even in the premiership.

West Brom won a bigger trophy than they did.

Anonymous said...

You are a bunch of lemons. All your so-called fans think you are so superior to Tottenham, all the high and mighty bollocks. In fact we are the only true North London club. We got into the top league by football not bribery. We have British players. We have proper fans not nerds. Highbury the library. It was an apt description.

Anonymous said...

Oh No!

Anonymous said...

Arsenal have had a much worse season than Spurs now their two star players have jumped ship and Spurs have signed one of the best midfielders in world football.

Anonymous said...

Lol, one of the best midfielders in World Football

watch much croation league football do you ?

Yeah the kid is good, no doubt, but one of the best in world football - the jury is out on that one pal


Sue said...

Spurs the only true North London club.....erm I think you are forgetting something sunshine. Tottenham only became a part of the London Borough of Gays in 1965 before that you were firmly in Middlesex.