Saturday, 31 May 2008

Cheers ArsenalAnalysis! Dudu is looking good.

I've got to say a massive thanks to Arsenal Analysis.

I've just been on their site and seen the incredible footage of Eduardo's rehabilitation. (Yes I know, that is a huge word I've just used!)

It is brilliant to see Dudu recovering at such a rapid speed and he looks like he will be returning quicker than we thought.

At one time he seemed that he might not even return to the game! But judging by the footage Arsenal Analysis shows, he'll be back in no time.

The only worry for me is how Dudu reacts to the first challenge made on him. He will get his physical strength back, it will then be a case of mental strength. And that first tackle will help progress his rehabilitation further. But he seems a strong man and I hope and think he will make a full recovery.

But lets not worry about that now, its just great to see him actually making a return after the horror challenge that threatened his career.

We Gooners and everyone who saw the tackle were sickened, but hopefully seeing this footage help us, and Dudu, get over it.

Nice one, Arsenal Analysis.

(To see the footage, there is a link for Arsenal Analysis on my site.)

Keep it Goonerish...........


Anonymous said...

It's great to see Eduardo training. I thought that there was no chance of him making a return, and I'm glad I'm wrong.
Good Post.
I read Arsenalanalysis, Le-Grove and your blog usually. There are many great Arsenal sites developing.

Wrighty7 said...

Thanks anon, I agree there are many great blogs around at the moment.
Epecially the three mentioned!

Anonymous said...

Le Grove is a shit blog. Pretty much all of the others are great but Le Grove totally grates on me. Football Manager fans who think they see the "truth" but they are totally deluded.

As for eduardo. Do not worry about his mental strength. He is one tough mother fucker!

TOPGUN said...

I remember reading your posts when Eduardo was injured and you actually seemed very distressed Wrighty7.
It is fantasic to see him getting fit and I'm sure many Gooners will be relieved to see the video of Eduardo.
Gotta feeling that Dudu will feature an important part in the second half of next season, firing us to the Premiership title!



Anonymous said...

I agree anon 16:54, this is a great blog.
Wrighty7 should post twice a day.

Wrighty7 said...

Shucks! I'm blushing!
Anon 16:54 no Le-Grove bashing please mate.

Anonymous said...

Its just a rubbish site. They don't let you post if you disagree.

I simply stated that I disagreed with the idea that buying lots of players would make us instantly league champions. I then stated that we should trust Wenger.

It was instantly (within 30 seconds) deleted.

Chris said...

I agree with anon 17:07 Le Grove doesn't let you disagree with anything it says. The comment is gone straight away. The person who writes it thinks that they know everything about arsenal and that their word is final.

Anonymous said...

Ive no worries about eduardo's mentality, as long as his leg Does heal, as it appears it will, nothing else will stop him returning im sure.
just a shame we wont be able to see him tearing up the euros!

Arsenal Analysis said...

Thanks Wrighty for "blowing my trumpet"!

No seriously its great to see Eduardo back kicking a ball.

Yeah, there are a few good sites out there and yours is one of them!

1970's Gooner

Anonymous said...

Its brilliant to see him back moving fairly freely on his leg. But i cant let myself get too hyped up about this, its still a long way back for eddie and i hope he does come back stronger than ever. Its just a case of wait and see. Only when hes back on the Hallowed Turf of Home that is the Emirates then I'll agree hes made a good recovery. Until then all I, You and We can do is wait, fingers crossed, reading everything there is to read about his progress. Good luck Eddie, our hearts and minds are with ya. The Euro's haven't even started yet, but one man killed Croatias dream of lifting that Cup, Martin Taylor. If he meant it, and it looks pretty stone-wall to me, then I'd say he's as bad as a fucking terrorist, or rapist, or paedo. But anyway, GET WELL SOON EDDIE!!!
Gunner #1.

Anonymous said...

Yea i don't like le grove either. no room for dissent there. it's like a police state!