Thursday, 15 May 2008

Cesc, go and tap up Villa and Clichy I salute you!

Cesc should get on the phone, dial David Villa's number and get Villa to do whatever is necessary for Valencia to sell him to Arsenal.

Go do some tapping up Cesc.

Villa wants to join, Cesc wants him to join, does Le Boss want him to join? Hopefully.

This might sound like double standards after Hleb being tapped up by Inter, but fuck it, it happens to our players all the time.

Let us do the tapping up for a change. I'm fed up with it happening to our players so why don't we play the game?

Sure its not moral, hey, it could even be illegal but do other clubs and players give a shit? No.

So lets play them at their own game, you never know it may work!

We may unsettle some potential signings and get what we want for a change.

Let us shit on other clubs, after all, we've been shit on for years by "Bigger clubs"

Perhaps to become big you have to start by tapping up, so Cesc, go tap away, you never know, Villa may sign!

Gael Clichy WILL become an Arsenal legend.

The boy is turning into a man and we will have the best years from him. He is signing a new contract and hopes to forge a career at Arsenal like PV4 and Titi.

I hope he does too.

He will become the best left-back in the world. I'm 100% certain of that. No sod that, he IS the best left-back in the world already.

I can't think of anyone better than him in his position at the moment and I'm so glad that he is signing a new deal.

Future captain one day? Quite possibly, dont be surprised to see him as vice-captain to Cesc in a couple of years.

Keep it Goonerish........


GunnerRashidinho said...

Here's my answer:

Anonymous said...

And since have you trusted Wenger in the transfer market?

No-one knows what he do!

This story could be a cover uo,

Agree with you Wrighty. lets give them a taste of thier own mediacine

BimitarDerbatov said...

he's on the way to Spurs..

Royston said...

HA! As per usual Bimatar, you come in for the retarded comment of the day. Shit, I'm surprised you're not Geroge Bush's speech writer, yes, you're that good mate! Supposedly when Cesc was asked that question, the crowd started chanting Villa's name and he just said; "yes, alright David Villa". Nice idea though. I think Bimatar got it right. It's a two-way fight for him, between the spuds and Derby....

Anonymous said...

Ethan gunner

I agree cesc should weave his magic,
he is running out of friends !FAST ! and this signing is important more than from just a striker addition perspective , plus i really do rate villa as world class and would like ade to get some time on the bench ..

And i think he has too much class than to go to spurs ! Chevski will get him before spurs !

I cant see wenger paying for his signature or his salary ! but i feel its the type of signing AFC should be making , sadly im sure we wont ! We would rather sign a 21 /22 year old unknown again and wenger will put it down to dudu's backup .. Totally in denial that our strike force currently at arsenal is light weight !
And the most pathetic its ever looked . Ade is rubbish and with hleb and flamini gone this season he will be exposed ! he will score assists from theo , but i hope theo learns to just go it alone , im sure he will the more time he plays with ade ! Villa along with V.kompany would be my number 1 picks for the season .. and possibly messi !
Get them 3 players and we would get back our crown ! Also trade ade for TH14 wouldn't go astray either ..

Anonymous said...

Arsene has again confirmed Vela will be played next year as a central striker. You can forget Villa given the strikers we have.

BimitarDerbatov said...

ah Royston i thought we were friends..

i knew you'd take the bait..

Anonymous said...

hhahaha get a grip......u dont wanna be tapped up yet u can tap up ....who do ye think ye are. cheaters

Anonymous said...

Shut up anon 17;30 u dick

Royston said...

ahh Bimatar we are friends. Keep em coming mate.

Anonymous said...

shut up no i wont ...get real .....oh cause we are arsenal we play best football we cando as we like wrong get grips with reality every one knows whinger wont spen 20 mil on a playes hell buy 5 unkown for that u do maths. coys

Anonymous said...

clichy just needs to run to into the box more and give the great passes that he can to be the best left back in the world