Monday, 5 May 2008

Flamini's replacement is closer to home than you may think

It's almost official-Flamini is signing for AC Milan.

He has apparently been seen in a restaurant in Milan just hour's after watching Arsenal destroy Everton 1-0 yesterday.

The boy must have super powers! Mind you, he probably ran there straight after the match, such are his energy levels.

I was pretty confident a couple of months back that he would stay at the club. Wenger was too, that's why he didn't put up much of a fight to keep Diarra at the club.

Wenger has been bitten on the arse really in this situation. At the beginning of the season we looked over-loaded with central midfielders, now we are beginning to look a little light in there.

When the inevitable happens and the Flamster leaves us, Wenger needs to find a replacement.

My hunch is that the player in mind is actually closer to home than us Gooners may think.

There will be of course plenty of names bandied about, but I reckon that Wenger will find the player already at Arsenal. The player?

Alex Song.

I've got a gut feeling that he will be the player who will line up alongside Cesc Fabregas in the Arsenal midfield next season. I honestly do.

Whether he will satisfy us Gooners I don't know.

I must admit that he has grown on me. I thought that he was useless if I'm honest!

But he is proving me wrong! My friend's over at ArsenalAnalysis, especially 1970's Gooner, have always rated Song. I'm now beginning to see why they do.

He has impressed me lately, and has looked good since starring for Cameroon in the ANC. He has put in some assured performances for Arsenal at CB, but he is naturally a defensive midfield player.

I think he was our man of the match against Everton, and Wenger's faith in the boy seems to be paying off.

Can he make the step up though and perform at a high level every week in the Premiership? I don't know. What I do know is that he is beginning to show the reason why Wenger has so much faith in the boy.

Without question though, losing Flamini means that we are already a player light in a light-weight squad.

Wenger needs to add to it. Not major surgery, just a couple of players.

Now that Edleman has gone, it should release the purse strings a bit.

Hopefully we will sign someone to get excited about!!

Keep it Goonerish......


Anonymous said...

Flamini has stitched Wenger right up.
I'm sure that Wenger would have put a fight to keep Diarra if he knew Flanin was leaving.
I rteckon that Flamini will flop in Milan anyway, the leagues shit.

Anonymous said...

Diaby deserves a chance in his preferred role at centre mid too. I think its been forgotten that he was brought in as Vieira's replacement and has hardly played at centre mid.

He's no left winger, so lets give him a chance to prove himself.

Anonymous said...

As one of the few who always knew Song would come through, I think he would be the perfect choice to replace the Flamster. However, I would have preferred Diarra, he is already showing to be a world-class prospect.

Sue said...

I said months ago when there was talk of Flamini leaving that Alexandre Song would be a natural replacement. After seeing him play yesterday I haven't changed my mind. Yet again Arsene knew what he was doing....Diarra was getting too gobby.
Goodbye Matty in all honesty you were better off staying; I really cant see you doing the business at Milan.

Anonymous said...

Alex Song at CMF? Defensively brilliant, but attackingly.......he won't be able to support cesc like Flamini did, and he doesn't have lungs that Flamini had, but sure his body strength, speed and tackling are better than Flamini....but overall I will let Arsene to decide this one....Arsene KNOWS

Wrighty7 said...

And I bet in four years time Matty is running down his contract at Milan to get a new one at a spanish club for £180,000 a week!!

Anonymous said...

Gilberto was no attacking midfielder but we won a lot with him playing, Song is solid, great tackler and will be a strength alongside cesc, yes he is not lightening quick at the moment, but he will be good cover in front of the defence, which will help us big time

Flamster - you are a pratt, and it can only go downhill for you as you have left a club with such potential for a 'has been' group of players....


Anonymous said...

Are Milan really offering so much more money than us? He cant be going there for footballing reasons there awful, it looked barely a challenge for him nd Fabregas in the second leg running the midfield and there league is shit anyway as already said above.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Alex Song at CM.

There was way too much bandwagoneering about this lad (funny, it's a Gooner trait, isn't it, take a look around at who the current punch bags are - has to make you believe they will also be laughing at all the clueless muppets in a season or two).

Anybody who actually bothered to take a look rather than climb in, boots and all when the heroes were having a go at him, would have known that he was our most creative midfielder in the reserves, and his stint at Charlton won him plenty of admirers.

So, will he provide creative support for Cesc? You bet your balls he will.

paul walsh said...

the curse of leaving the gunners is about to happen again can ane1 remember
arsenal make the players not the other way around none av to much sucess after the leave the home of football

Stuart said...

Will it all end in tears?. Well, given what has happened to Vieira, Petit, Overmars, Sidwell and Edu I expect it will.

Like Sue I have been saying fro several months that Song is the natural replacement. He is qjuickre than you think, good first touch, reads the game well and his passing is better than Flamini. Whether he has the Flamster's energy level is another matter but there are not many who have.

I think that AW has been bitten here but not so much because he is going as he must have known there was a chance of that. It is because he let Larsson, Muamba and Diarra go and kept Eboue. What on earth does he see in him.

Yesterday he was inept and that is a compliment. It was by far the worst performance by an Arsenal player I can remember since AW came. He has to go.

Anonymous said...

What about Denilson? Or maybe Johnson from City? He is young and has good energy

duck said...

I don't think Wenger sees Song as a DM / CM. If he ever did, he would have been playing in the middle with Fabregas in those games that he featured in.

Wenger could have played Gilberto, Toure or even Senderos (maybe not him) there. And test out Song at CM?? Instead, Eboue played in the wing instead of rightback and Toure was put out at rightback. Shouldn't Toure-Gallas be better at CB?

Song is not the answer in the middle according to the things that happened cos even Denilson played in CM against Everton.

Anonymous said...

Song should definitely be given a a chance to fill Flamini's defenisve midfield role, although I think he will do the job in a more Gilberto stylee (positional sense rather than chasing people down.). Also about this curse of the ex Arsenal player, to be fair to Paddy he has actually won the title with Inter and may very well do so again this season.

Anonymous said...

Song could well be playing CB right now to give him experience to play DM.

What better way to understand what your centre backs need from you than for you to play in their shoes for a few games?

This is very much along the lines of the Ajax "Total Football" philosophy.

Why does Theo play on the wing at the moment seeing as AW sees him as a striker?

The same went for Henry, and Ralph for that matter.

Wenger plays lads in other positions to strengthen aspects of their game and their footballing intellect.

I'm pretty sure that's what he's doing with Diaby as well at the moment.

Nick M said...

It wouldn't be unlike Wenger to play Song at CB just to give him experience of defensive duties before he lets him loose in Midfield. Walcott has been put on the right to teach him some different skills when we know he is really a striker.
As for Flamini, he will flop like all Arsenal leavers have. His tough tackling will result in diving from opponents and his energy will not be needed in a much slower league. A long career at Arsenal would have earned him alot more money than a short lived, high value stint in Italy. But I wish him luck all the same.

Bongolian said...

Song and Denilson deserve a crack as DMs. Song has as much energy and stamina as Flam, just he looks soooo effin laidback its untrue.

Now, CB is much more of an issue for me. A tall commanding cenre back, erm, like what we used to have, can't remember any names like....ummmm

Anonymous said...

Let Diaby, Song, Cesc and Denilson all play in their natural positions, CM and CD. Than go out and buy two natural wingers, and push Walcot up front, where he belongs. Instead of investing in another CM (we already have 4 of them, maybe even 5 if Silva stays), we should buy what we really lack, which is wingers. We also need to get ride of Senderos (he is useless), and buy a world class CD.

Anonymous said...

What about djourou?
his close control is excellent, hes fast, strong and doesnt look comfortable at CB,
he's always said he considers himself a midfielder - hes fairly similar to diaby but has a better mentality for DM
I worry about song moving to midfield we'll lose a more promising CB

MeteorMonster said...

Song is actually speedier than Flamini, has an excellent shot, better defensively, better technique and is more adeptin the air.

Song can easily make us forget Flamini.

MeteorMonster said...

This is a message for the thousands of fans urging Arsene to acquire a winger.

Forget it!!!!!

Arsene will use Vela and Traore on the left, Walcott and Eboue on the right and will utilize Diaby, Hleib, Rosicky, RVP and Eduardo as needed based on tactics and formation.

We will definitely get a versatile mid fielder, a GK on a Bozman and either a CB or Striker.

Anonymous said...

To all those claiming to be wise old owls in the respect of naming Song as Flamini's natural replacement,please be aware of one thing,this guy put in some of the worst central midfield performances I ever seen at Arsenal before quite deservadely winning great applause for his showings as a centre back at The ANL and lately for us.I hope he will do well wherever he plays for us but on recent performances I feel that will most likely be at centre back.

1979gooner said...

I think Denilson is a good all rounder, but we'd be too lightweight with Cesc and him in midfield.

Song is tought and strong as an ox, very solid defensively. I think he could be the answer.

Denilson, assuming he can stay injury free, will be a great player to come in for Cesc, he reminds me of Scholes in the way that he gets his foot in and never dwells on the ball, always playing the simple clever balls.

Diaby has never quite convinced me because of his decision making, Song seems to have developed quicker in this regard and uses the ball much better than Diaby. Diaby is still young though and showed glimpses of his quality this season, particularly in the Milan away game.

Anonymous said...

Song played for us against Fulham in midfield but was single out for dogs abuse by certain people for what ever resons, but lets not forget every single Arsenal player in the team that day was shit with out exception.
As for Alexander Song playing in midfield now that Flamoney has gone it's not certain that Arsene will use him in this postion, but what I do know is that he's a far far better player in midfiled that FLAMONEY could ever be plus he's only 20 years old,

Anonymous said...

What are u talking about? Flamini proved himself as class. If hed stayed he could have been an arsenal great..
Dont forget arsenal treated him a bit shit for the first couple of years, so he has the right to go if he choses, and hes not the only one in this squad who would jump at the opportunity to go to milan im afraid.

Anonymous said...

I thought we would be lightweight with Fabregas and Denilson together in midfield aswell but when I thought of it Flamini wasnt exactly a monster either, Denilson is actually taller and has bulked up a little bit

Anonymous said...

As far as the "wise old owl" comment is concerned, the idiots who got on Song's back and claimed his performaces were "some of the worst ever seen" were, quite frankly, clueless.

Papru said...

let Flamini go in peace he was great and he has been with us a long time,he matured slowly but when it was his time he did great things but now we have to move on and gues what we dont even have to buy We have Carlos Vela boy did you see him play yesterday he is pure talent and pleasure to watch.against Real he was the man of the match for osasuna. Welcome home Carlos

Anonymous said...

Yup and I think theres at least 2 or 3 more gna make it in the near future from the reserves
from nordtveit, merida, barazite, lansbury, gibbs and randall, I cant imagine all those players will fail.
And then theres a number of youngsters behind them to come too. Trouble is getting them the experience

Anonymous said...

I'll throw another name into the hat.

Djrouou. I think he plays DM for his country and I dont think he will cut it as a CB at Arsenal, but last season, he signed a 6 year deal. Wenger must have seen something.

I dont think Gallas and Toure work, so Song plus one of the two above would work.

Toure could also play DM

jhaitas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jhaitas said...

Couldn't agree with you more Wrighty.... i am glad someone else thinks this is the ideal solution to the Flamini problem.... i think Song has the tools to slot in there... he strikes me as the kind of player who will thrive with more responsibility.... he is so calm at the back in the most calamitous of moments...

i think he's the best midfield ball winner we currently have available to us for next year (we cannot be considering Gilberto as a first choice anymore) we need to continue to cultivate this young team while we pay off the debt.

i'm really excited about the prospect of Traore and Vela rotating on the left next season...

as long as we have Wenger, we will be ok... i worry about who may replace him one day

Anonymous said...

I agree with a comment made on this website. Toure could be the perfect replacement for Flamini.

I think it is obvious that he will not be CB for next season, but him and Fabregas in the centre could really run the show...

With Ben Arfa on the left, Hleb on the Right, could make an awesome midfield.

Anonymous said...

In response to the response to "the wise old owl comment"are you suggesting that you are vindicated in your view that Alex Song will prove to be a relevation in central midfield when he has yet to have one decent game playing in that position?
The proof of pudding is in the eating my niave friend,Mr Wenger dropped him(not me)and then loaned him to Charlton on the back of his talentless shows in the centre of the park.He has proved to be a more than capable centre back and I hope he makes the grade there.However you seem to be apparently trying to score points on the back of his decent performances at centre back which have nothing to do with his previous inability to play in the centre of the park.Are you going to go and goad Arsene for shipping him out on loan and say "I told you so"?which is what you appear to be doing to anyone who didn't think Alex Song could make it as a central midfielder.I stick to my view that he has shown a great deal of ability as a central defender but mere speculation that he can be transformed into a class midfielder is nothing more than that SPECULATION and God knows why you are trying to claim credit for something that hasn't happened ie all those who didn't appreciate Alex Song saw him perform as a central midfielder not a defender.

Anonymous said...

I response to being called "clueless",I will give you this scenerio my all knowing,high horsed friend,if Arsene had discovered Martin Keown and decided to play him in the central midfield position and a large percentage of the Highbury faithfull had noticed his inability to perform in this role would you have then gone on to call everybody else "clueless"when the lad suddenly performed brilliantly in another position.The only way you could gain my admiration and respect is if you show me a previous comment from yourself telling Arsene to play Alex in central defence.Found it,thought not.

Anonymous said...

I would love to know what the view is out there with Toure as DM. I personally do not think Song is the answer.

Toure is a power house, he can dribble, pass and shoot... If it is the general view that he won't be CB next season, then it would be a big shame not to utilise him next season !!!

He is Arsenal through and through and deserves a season to see if he can make this position his own.

Anonymous said...

Song a direct replacement for Flamini? Are you guys completely insane? No more discount solutions (replacements from within the squad)! What we need is a world class midfielder with a physical presence, a powerhouse. A Vieira type of player (Diaby is nowhere near him - yet). And he MUST be experienced - not some 17 year old prodigy. Stop building the spine of the team with teenagers and spend some money on experience so we actualle can win some trophies again!!!

Anonymous said...

Toure is a great athlete with great passion and love for our club and also a good defender but i dont think he could be a DM he has the drive and determination but he does not have a great range of passing and he might have a powerful shot but it is never on target. I think Denilson has evrything he is a good passer, always does the simple thing, has a good shot on him and is a good tackler.

Family Enclosure Man said...

I agree with those who suggest Toure as the answer as DM; he has great athleticism and has a bettr shot than Flamini; technically, I'd rate them as more or less equals. He's a fine CB as well, but it is now clear that Wnger doesn't feel secure about the Toure-Gallas combination.

So who should play CB with Gallas (always assuming that we keep him)? Personally, I always liked Djourou - younger, quicker and less error-prone than Senderos, I'd have promoted him ahead his fellow-countryman. We need someone tall , strong, able to dominate and stop attackers. Here's another thought: anybody seen the performances of Carlos Cuellar for Rangers this season. They bought him from Osasuna for £2m last year and he's looking awfully good....

Snow boy said...

I think that the way flamini had acted towards arsne wenger and the fans who believed in him was not what we all expected. It was quite a shock for me hearing the news that he had left because he has had a tremendous season at arsenal this year. Although he will be missed there is quite a few solutions to choose from, Alex song has shown his capability to adopt a very good role in central midfield and he would be a good choice to replace flamini. we have also got Diaby who we haven't seen much of in central midfield and could be vital in that role next year. Have people forgotten about our youth, kieran gibbs, mark randall and Merida all candidates to make it into the senior squad next year. Another hot prospect i believe will be a fine replacement for flamini is young argentinian international Fernando Gago who is currently playing for real madrid. But do arsenal want to spend that money to purchase him or do they just want to stick with the players they've got?

Michael said...

I know this is a bit off topic but does denilson paint his hair on? he looks like a lego man. Flamini wants the money good luck to him he'll probably need it!

Anonymous said...

I think the key for next seaon is to try and not make too many changes and build the squad up. I don't think any of our youngster are up to the riggers of being DM.

Flamini's main trait was that he was a fighter, does not matter who you put in front of him, he would not get phased. Scholes, Makelele, Mascherano,etc... Flamini definitely had a come on then attitude. I don't think Diaby, Song or Denilson have that attitude yet.

That is why I believe Toure is the answer... He fights till the end and never gets phased. In a year we lacked enough experience, let's use Toure and Fabregas in the middle and try and build on Theo, Adebayour and Bendtner... not forgetting Vela who needs time as well..

On the CB front, i think it is obvious that is where the money will be spent. Djourou and Song will be 3rd and 4th choice... with Senderos out the door.

Anonymous said...

Song is a good player but everyone is looking in the wrong place i will tell you all now that the cm role will got to toure! The man has great ability to defend he is strong as we all know and he can for sure hit a ball and play a cracking ball e.g the balls he was playing to ade against everton! I hope he gets this role this man is a legend in my eyes pure arsenal and plays with his heart on his sleave!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yep he wil get it!

Anonymous said...

Song may be turning out to be a useful squad player, but he's no replacement for Flamini. Our squad was too small to cope this season- if players leave and we don't buy any replacements in, we'll have the exact same problem next season.

We need 3 experienced, proven players to come in, as well as bringing through the young players.

Anonymous said...

I agree toure would be good, I was calling for him to move there after vieira left (unaware of cesc)

But why is no one considering Djourou?! (i mentiond it before but i want a response)

Hes a CM, he's said so, he plays there for the reserves, he has everything. Fast, strong, calm on the ball, quick feet, good passer... and he knows the position
If you havent noticed these attributes of his u havent been watching carefully

Anonymous said...

I'm one of those saying Toure. However I have a few arguements for why I do not consider Djourou as a DM just yet.

my main concern is maturity, we definitely lacked experienced this season. Now with Flamini gone... I'm just thinking we might have a game with Theo on the right, Fabregas, if rosicky injured Vela/ Traore on the left and you are suggesting Djourou in the middle... our oldest player would be Fabregas !! at 20.

I think for the next few years,Toure would provide experience and power that the other teams would fear and if in a couple of years Denilson, Diaby or Djourou step up a grade. Then eventually they could take over.... but not yet.

Anonymous said...

Thats a fair point. To me he (djourou) looks capable, but its true, he hasnt much experience of consistent first team football.
I'd like toure in midfield, but then wouldnt we have to sign a new centre back of greater experience to replace him?
If its decided experience is needed then there's not choice but to sign. Not convinced they will, but I think Makoun would be good for the role - fairly similar to flamini in style i believe

Anonymous said...

In my opinion the main purchase of this Summer has to be an experienced CB. Arsene has suggested this as well. One who has proven pedigree against top strikers.

Our defenders keep thinking that if the other team starts playing over the top balls, then that team is cheating the beautifull game and so doesn't count... I'm glad to say that Arsene now realises it does count. A tall, No-nosense, powerhouse of a defender is the answer.

Toure experience in my eyes is perfectly placed as DM. This guy will do everything till the last second to win the game. He knows all the teams inside out, pace, strength and more strength. If I was Fabregas and looked over my shoulder and saw Toure was looking out for me...let's just say I would go into every game quite confident.

To open the debate doors as well... I would get a replacement RB incase Sagna gets injured... Hoyte not good enough.... and the one and only TH14 !!

I would like to explain. In my opinion if TH came back, then the team will no way be built around him... he said himself he is a fan, a diciple if you will ! The man will cost £7-9m he will bring loads of experience, will be feared and will be able to nurture the talents of Theo, Adebayour, RVP and Eduardo once fit again. Think Bergkamp last 3 years, not so regular but instrumental in the growth of the club.

Anyways just my thoughts i'm putting out there!!

Anonymous said...

Not sure bout thierry,
Defender would be good tho
Hoyte is poor cover at RB, but we have eboue for that technicaly, and hes very good in that position, just not as good as sagna defensively
left back is another problem tho.
Traore looks like an excellent winger, but never been a great fullback, so they should look for someone to cover that position

Anonymous said...

Would have to agree with you on both the Traore and Hoyte front... Proven by the fact that when they are both playing as full backs... we usually get destroyed!!

Just cannot see Arsene buying 2 replacement full backs and feel Traore has at least more to offer the team than Hoyte, so would want to keep him sweet.

Eboue, can play RB, just a niggling feeling but I don't think Arsene trust him there anymore... I could be way off the mark. Just that he has had a few opportunities to put him there but chosen not too.

I know the TH debate... having it with everyone. However with so many young talented strikers just feel they could improve more so with someone like TH around. All of them have potential to be world class just need the right direction. Hate to see him sign for anyone else...

Anonymous said...

Yeh true,
seems like one of those sod's law things.
I could see him coming back to arsenal and not working out, but he culd just as easily go to newcastle and end up being amazing for them
Il tell u who we Shuld bring back...
Robert Pires!
Hel bring these youngsters thru right - class act

Anonymous said...

Diaby is in the same category as Van Persie and Rosicky.....made of glass. They can only play part of a season. So I would not count him as a Flamini replacement.
Song and Toure are the best bets for this position.
Wenger may pull another rabbit out of the hat and supprise us with a Song + new CB partnership that will take next season by storm.

Anonymous said...

Yes "clueless", would you like me to post the e-mail I sent the club regarding Song after the Fulham game?

Song has always been a very good player, he showed it in the reserves before he went to Charlton.

Why do you think Webeger sent him out on loan?

He sent him out on loan to get him game time away from muppets like you who can't see beyond your nose.

He might not play DM, but Kolo certainly has nowhere near the control and poise on the ball that song has.

Tell me "clueless", did you have any idea about Song's performances in the reserves before you opened that ignorant mouht?

Anonymous said...

arsenal need david villa, quaresma n zapata.....thats it! we can win everything!

Wengerknows said...



Anonymous said...

"Wise old Owl" You are a clueless muppet obviously. Against Fulham, even Wenger stated that the entire team played crap that day(and he doesn't usually criticise his team). But anyway even Maradona, Pele, Zidane etc had crap games.

And by the way, Song only played one game as a CB ( because Bikey who normaly play there was suspended) He played all other games as a CM. You are not only an ignorant idiot but a BIG liar too. You should hang your head in shame.

Anonymous said...

hahahhahha song as a decent CM replacement. good one!! could use a laugh now lehman has gone i spose

Anonymous said...

Song has never impressed me, I don't think he is quite good enough to play for arsenal - but if he can run about for 90 minutes doing Cesc's donkey work he may have a career there.

Diaby, as already said, aint the answer though

Should never have sold Muambe either

Anonymous said...

spurs 5-1 arsenal

Anonymous said...

I think kolo would brilliant at cm.
the way he drives forward frm cb at times is fantastic plus hes got an incredible shot on him.

plus him and gallas at cb are nt working out i fink it should be toure and cesc in midfield and senderos/ djourou and gallas in in defencel

let me tell u one thing and that is alex song is nt good enough for arsenal. technically he is nt good enough and hes energy level will bring a really lazy approuch in cm

Anonymous said...

How the hell can you destroy a team 1-0? Fucking Arsenal fans, I swear you are all a bunch of retards!!!

evo said...

hey wrighty, just proposing a link swap mate, ive got yours up already on my blog and attached my url to this comment. cheers

Anonymous said...

Its tongue in cheek banter about destroying Everton U tool

Anonymous said...

To the fucking clueless twats who have started with the name previously stated cunt chops please name one game after Fulham away where Arsene has felt confident enough to play Alex Song in the central midfield position.It should not be too hard for even a thick prick like you to get...he has excelled as a central defender but before you get on your high horse regarding "I told you so"..HAS YET TO PROVE IT AS A CENTRAL MIDFIELDER WHICH IS WHAT THIS DISCUSSION IS ALL ABOUT.So for all the dilusioned chap who wrote "even Maradona had a bad game",you are completely missing the point as he wasn't played in the wrong position so denying thefans the chance to assess his ability.If you have a previous email as you have suggested that shows you asking Arsene to play Alex at centre back I will apologise but until that moment I think you my son are trying to take credit for something that you shouldn't ie FOR THE LAST TIME HE IS A CB NOT A CM.

Anonymous said...

Are we all forgetting One man Carlos Vela - surely he will slot onto left wing and Hleb move into center. I can see it happening.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree, Song would be a great replacement, i remember his spell on loan at charlton and i think he proved alot of people wrong. Also i dont think Wenger would have signed Song if he did not see any potential in him.
As far as i am concerned i think we need another CM as we will need to give Cesc a rest from time to time and in case we get any injuries.
And as for Flamini, well i think that sums him up to be quite honest, thinks hes to big for the club. I think its pretty obvious that he went for the money and i hope we play milan next year as we can thrash them and give him the same treatment we gave to vieira.

Anonymous said...

Alex song is a centre back, But he plays well when he plays in midfeild.
Has anyone actually thought about the talented midfeilders we have at arsenal...
weve got good up and coming youngsters like Fran Merida who followed in the footsteps of fabregas, and is supposed to be the next cesc fabregas, also he has gained invaluable experince playing for Real Sociedad. We all remember when vieira left fabregas blossomed, well i think merida can do the same...


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