Friday, 23 May 2008

Robinho may be a Chav!!

Robinho is a player that plenty of Gooners would like at the club.

But that dream could be over after he has confirmed that the Chavs are preparing a deal. It's been said that his agent is in London.

Well this confirms it.

I've no doubt that for football terms, Robinho would prefer to join us. But there is no chance that we could compete with Chelski in a bidding war.

Figures being bandied about are 35 million Euro's!!!!

Oh well.

Keep it Goonerish.........


Anonymous said...


Gunner #1 said...

Na, i totally agree. I wouldnt want a real madrid reject. we wanted him before he joined real, and he shafted us back then, so why should we come back a second time. Let him warm the bench on the rushski side of london. Nasri, Ben Arfa (Possibly not) and 1 fucking rock of a centre back is now what we need.

California Steve said...

I'm worried that Gooners all over the world are going mental.

We finish four points off the title in the Prem and suddenly it's total for your life.

Re Robinho: The guy is a good footballer and would be even better playing at Arsenal.

Assuming Madrid are willing to part with him -- and remember he's not a full-time starter -- would they rather have a reported huge bag of Russian mob money or, say, a decent cheque along with a clever Belorussian midfielder.

Assuming that Arsene is even interested (which is NOT a cinch), we have something to interest Real that might mean more than money. In fact, if you're talking about a smackdown between Real and Chelsea, you've got one club subsidized by the Spanish government and the other by an oligarch's fortune. Money is almost worthless in that negotiation.

So look on the bright side. We still could bag Robinho, although I suspect if Arsene really wanted him, he'd have gone all out before now.

Everyone seems to be in a constant state of panic, like if we don't sign one of the biggest stars in the world -- NOW! -- we're, uh, what?


Ninth place if we let the immortal Samir Nasri slip through our fingers?

I suspect the boss might have a clue what he's doing, and if every close season brings us another two anonymous and disappointing signings -- like Eduardo and Sagna -- I think we might avoid relegation.

I always wonder if supporters at other clubs put themselves through this frantic sort of torture every season -- or is this nameless terror in our Gooner DNA?

If you want a figurative pat on the head just to feel better, remember the January transfer window in '06 when Wenger said he was not interested in adding anyone? Ho-hum. No interest.

We all dozed off and then, within 48 hours, there were press conferences to announce the signings of Denilson, Adebayor and Walcott.

Relax. All will be fine.

Thank God Arsene is saner than the rest of us.

Kimmono said...

He would be great and Wenger could do a swap with Hleb - but in a regular bidding war then Wenger would drop it immidiatly.

Omar said...

AHHHHH, please no Robinho, I don't think this chap has the steel to make it in the Premiership. His talents are suited for Spain and Italy not the grind of the EPL. Yes he is talented but it takes a special kind of strike to make it here and Robinho will need three years to adjust and that will not be ok for our fans.

MeteorMonster said...

Very well said California Steve, also my thoughts to a T.

Anonymous said...

Seriously. California Steve you are a mug. Everything that is wrong with this club is summed up in 'fans' like you. Think you fit to lecture proper match-attending Gooners? Get back to surfing some Cali waves you joker.

Wenger HAS BEEN great but it is over. Not a single thing in three years. The modern game has passed him by. His youth policy don't work no more, the minute these young players get any good then they leave for proper clubs. No ambition. It is 'one player in, one player out''. the defending is a comedy act. Too much dross. Senderos, Hoyte, Almunia, Song, all shit and would never make a ManYoo or chavs squad. Arsenal no longer win anything.

look at the CL record it is a JOKE. in 10 years AW has been able to make ONE semi-final. Pathetic. Sad and pathetic record. He does not know what he is doing in Europe. Not a single trophy in 3 years. Fergie also went 3 years with nothing but came back with a vengence. back-to-back titles and a CL.

AW will never win the CL as he doesnt have a clue.
our squad is the weakest it has ever been udner AW. Ppl keep talking about '4 pts off' what does that mean? we won the no-pressure games, fucked up all the pressure games. we only started winnign again when the pressure was off. seriously listen to some of you, you sound like liverpool fans. so deluded. AFC have won no league title for 4 years and yet despite squad getting weaker and weaker (diarra and flam gone. hleb going) some morons keep this rose-tinted deluded crap going. WAKEY WAKEY.

The board cocked up this move. no cash for transfers, shit tactics and no winnign mentality. I laugh when i hear some fans say we 'overachieved' this season. what a joke! winning NOTHING is not 'overachieving'. Ever imagine a big club win jack shit and say they 'overachieved'? Pathetic. No wonder we are so small-time and now becoming a joke. AW pull your f*cking finger out, fix up in Europe, SIGN SOME PROVEN QUALITY ADULT PLAYERS. personally, i believe this team will never win another major trophy under AW ever again. been saying it since the Invincibles and i have been proved correct. That FA cup in 2005 was a joke and its not a major trophy. Only the CL (that AW will never win as he is rubbish in Europe) and the PL count.

This team is finished, the board is unambitious, our best players leave every summer and our fans have no ambition and are easily please. AW has been great but the game has passed him by. time to move upstairs.

ExRox said...

fans like you are the problem to be honest, not even man enough to give a user name.

its all well and good saying sack the manager, but who will replace him?

i detest fans like you who think that no Siverware = Crap Season.

gunnergossip said... for arsenal news updated 24/7

1979gooner said...

He's a talented young player.

I don't think he's what we need though, we have enough inside forward types (Eduardo, Walcott, RVP, Vela).

His goalscoring record is not great.

Physically he is not strong, may struggle in the Premierhsip on this front.

Anonymous said...

1 semi final over 10years? what about that final in Paris? you are clearly not a gooner

scottpuffin said...

Robinho isn't the solution for us, and I'm glad he's going to Chelski. Great build up, but no end product. He's over-rated.