Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Robin IS special Marco, just return him in one piece!

Marco Van Basten has said that Robin Van Persie is a special player and could prove useful for Holland in Euro 2008.

I totally agree, but then Van Basten suggests that Arsenal rushed Van Persie back from injury too soon, and as a result, Van Persie suffered an injury relapse.

Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm sure that the Boy Wonders injury woes last season began in a meaningless friendly for Holland!

Now I know Van Basten couldn't have foreseen this injury coming, but what right does he have to question Arsenal about when Van Persie could return to action?

None in my book.

Van Basten and Holland do not pay Robins wages each week, Arsenal do. And do him and Holland care that he wasn't available to play for Arsenal as a result of the injury in that meaningless friendly?

Of course not.

Van Basten doesn't care that we lost a vital player for most of the season, and he doesn't pay Van Persie's wages so what is it to do with him?


Did we get compensation for the time that Robin was out as a result of that meaningless friendly?

Of course not.

And finally, did Arsenal FORCE Robin to play after the injury resulting from that meaningless friendly?

Of course not.

Robin felt fit and able and surely would have said otherwise if he didn't.

I agree Marco that Robin IS special, I just hope you return him in one piece, not in the condition he came back in last year.

Keep it Goonerish...........


Anonymous said...

Too right!
Marco is one cheeky batard.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Bastard

Jac said...

he should blame martin taylor. if Eddy had stayed fit Wenger would not have needed to rush Van P back to try and salvage our failing title bid. the fact that he fails to mention where RvP got injured in the 1st place is telling.

Anonymous said...

Van Basten must have a bad memory if he cant remember it was Holland's fault that RVP got injured in hte first place.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree, Wrighty, great article as usual!

Topgun said...

Good article Wrighty.
Van Basten forgets to mention that it was while playing for Holland that his injury problems began last season.

Goonerman said...

Yeah I agree mate and a top article as usual.
Keep 'em coming Wrighty, one of the best blogs around.

Anonymous said...

Holland owe Arsenal after that. I'm sure England paid out Newcastle for Owen's injury a few years back.
Sue the Dutch FA!

Anonymous said...

Nice article

Anonymous said...

if there is anyone to blame, its Van persie himself...He is a many times have he played for he is talking abt wage structure...special my @rse..keep yourself fit before u open ur mouth