Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Hleb could learn a thing from Gilberto-Loyalty!!!!!

Hleb and Gilberto could both be walking out the door this summer-

And the circumstances for them both couldn't be more different.

Us Gooners could not begrudge Gilberto the chance of leaving. He isn't a first team regular anymore, but over the last season you have hardly heard a peep from the Brazilian.

He was high in my estimation, but has risen even higher after the professional attitude he has shown and if he decides his future is away from the club then we can't stand in his way.

He needs first-team football and hasn't had it this season. Yet despite this he has just got on with being left out of the starting line-up time and time again without the slightest of grumbles.

His loyalty to Arsenal cannot be questioned and the service that he has provided us with since 2002 has been first class.

A true great and I'd love him to stay at Arsenal, although it wouldn't be fair on him to have another season like he just had.

Hleb could learn a thing or two from the Brazilian.

Who had heard of Hleb before his move to the Emirates?

Arsenal and Arsene have made him. Yet the first sign of a better wage and BANG! He wants out.

He's been at the club for three seasons and this season has only just begun to show us how good he can be. He has talent, and at first when it was announced he wanted out I was gutted.

Now I want either one of two things to happen.

1-We sell and get as much money for him as possible

2-We throw him in the reserves to rot until his contract runs out.

All the excuses about wanting to have a quieter life are beginning to wear thin. We are not idiots, we know its money you want.

Milan, Barcelona and Madrid are not quiet for fucks sake!!

I cant show Hleb any respect anymore. Any I had has disappeared and joined my respect for Gilberto.

There is no turning back for Hleb now, I never want him to wear the Arsenal shirt again. It should be about pride to put on that shirt, Gilberto has it when wearing it, Hleb obviously hasn't.

Alex, I hope you enjoy the calm quiet Milan, Madrid area's and I hope that you regret the day you ever left Arsenal.

Gilberto, if you do leave, thanks for the memories and good luck mate.

Giberto has shown his loyalty to us, its a shame that Hleb hasn't.

Keep it Goonerish..........


Anonymous said...

good post wrighty7.
I hope Gilberto stays, who is a better replacement for Flamini than him?

Sue said...

I agree with your headline - he could also buy a map of the UK and find Hertfordshire - that should be quiet enough for him just down the road from the training ground as well.
Saying that I don't think I want the whinger - bring on Yaya

Anonymous said...

All players could learn something from Gilberto. However, Gilberto's sitation is different, He seems to be over the hill and no longer good enough for the pace of the premier league whereas Hleb still has much to offer and europes biggest clubs are after him meaning he could be easily be attratced to a move away, the worlds biggest clubs arnt after Giblerto and a move away would simply unsettle him, he hasnt long to go aswell.

BimitarDerbatov said...

Hello wrighty..haven't visited in a while so just had a cursury scroll through you latest threads..

i would first like to state that Jenas does not speak for "most" of us Spurs fans and believe me he got as much stick for that interview from us as he did in from you in your blog entry..

however after you asking the question what is the "unhealthy obsession" we have with Arsenal i noticed that in other threads you have gone on completely unprovoked rants about Arsenal being 34 points ahead of us..and then even more astoundingly state that seeing Fergie lift the cup made you sick..

so Wrighty, i put it to you that you have an unhealthy obsession with both Spurs and Utd..

What say you??

Anonymous said...

All this loyalty talk is a bit rich, the sooner fans /supporters realise that these players owe us nothing the better. We aren't talking about some player who grew up down the road from arsenal, who's dad used to take him to games and love arsenal, get of your high horse.

It's a business and you can choose to leave a company when you want. How much loyality do Arsenal show their players? answer that one, Ashley wanted 5000 more, he was an arsenal fan apparently, what about Pires, or lauren or edu, the list goes on. Maybe Arsenal should treat their players better esp.. the senior ones. Loyality works both ways mate. Finally if some of these players saw quality coming through the door, they may want to stay. Bottom line Arsenal, show some ambition.

Wrighty7 said...

Hi BimitarDerbatov,

I say your probably right!!!

Wrighty7 said...

Anon 18:41,

I have no high horse but you raise some interesting points!!!

brinso said...

Hleb is not good anyway. proof.....
add his arsenal career goals and come up with a GRAND TOTAL OF 10 in three seasons. Compare that to Gilberto's goal tally for last season alone (11)

Can i say much? Arsene please do the maths and do the logical thing, push out this useless t*at, even for free....just get rid. thank you

Anonymous said...

The problem is, I'd rather have Flamini than Gilberto, he's twice the player.

Anonymous said...

ill go down to the arsenal training ground and kick his greedy ass out myself. arsene grow some and let the greedy tosser rot in the reserves for the next two years . sick to death of greedy money whores like flamoney and hleb taking the club and loyal supporters for a ride . these two are money whores with no heart or soul. they sold them for money . thier on ly god.

Anonymous said...

If we had been winning things then the charge of no loyalty can be made. We aren't paying top dollar in wages (not saying we should)and were not winning shit, but people harp on about loyalty, and how great gilbo is with showing loyalty. I hope them same people don't complain when gilbo is in midfield nxt season.

Anonymous said...

Gilberto has been a fantastic and loyal servant for the club, I hope he moves on, as in my humble opinion his best years are definitely behind him. He is too slow for frenetic pace of the prem. As for Hleb, he should be sold as soon as is possible.

Anonymous said...

Arsenal pay some of the best wages in the Premiership!!!!

Royston said...

BimitarDerbatov, good to see you mate. Probably going to have to change your name next year though, how about Jenas Gerbils??
I have been saying for quite sometime that Gilberto is the true mark of loyalty. Also you have to understand that very few foreign players, especially young ones know what loyalty is. They want money and cars and woman and believe they can play the same football wherever they go, they're not tied down to England....They will learn. The more I think about Hleb leaving the better I think it is. He was the architect of Arsenal not playing sharper more direct football, he held onto the ball way too long. I believe with him gone it will be better for the team and we will score more goals

BimitarDerbatov said...

nah i'll keep my name Royston..

he'll always be a big hero of mine.. Berba that is.. not Jenas

Anonymous said...

Well, you're not quite right about Hleb.. It was in Germany he build his reputation, and was dubbed "the white Ronaldinho"...

So don't be so bitter. If he leaves, and Arsene DO find a replacement, we won't notice. 2 goals and 6 assists this season is nothing. said...

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