Saturday, 3 May 2008

Frank Lampard-my deepest sympathies to you

Frank Lampard is not every one's favourite footballer.

He gets vilified at every ground in the Premiership except Stamford Bridge.

If I'm honest, he isn't my cup of tea as a footballer but Chelsea fan's love him and he doe's a job for them.

The fact that he isn't well-liked shouldn't matter though at a time when he is going through alot of pain.

I understand his pain as I, myself, lost my mother ten years ago when I was 15. I know how he feels and I know that it took alot of courage from him to play the other night for Chelsea.

He showed fantastic mental strength and when he scored the penalty you could see the emotion come poring from him.

The man should be allowed to grieve and I hope that opposition fan's will respect this time that Frank needs support. Put the pettiness aside.

All I'd like to say is this-

Frank Lampard, you have my deepest sympathies.

Keep it Goonerish...........


Anonymous said...

Nice one, even I felt slightly emotional for lampard as he turned and looked skywards after scoring his pen. Losing one's mother has to be one of the hardest things to cope with.

Anonymous said...

is this the blue nose hun cunt appreciation society

Anonymous said...

I'm sympathetic to anyone who has lost someone close to them, but FL is not an Arsenal player and where were the 'deepest-sympathy' threads for Bacary Sagna on Chelsea blogs when he lost his brother?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps your right anon 21:00

But wrighty has just shown that he is a top bloke

nice one wrighty7

best blog around mate

GEORGE said...

Frank Lampard is what Toure is to Arsenal, and we really need to be the bigger man in this, coz it dont matter whether they do us good or not....what a bigger man does is, do better. Point is, yes Sagna did not get sympathy from the rest of the players, PER SAY, but him(or us Gunners)giving respect where its due makes us bigger footballers. Losing a loved one ain't no joke. RESPECT THOSE IN LOSS, please fellow Gunners

ibs said...

Wrighty, I love your blog usually but you've just proved yourself to be a sucker.

Like Fat Frank is the first footballer to ever suffer a berievement.

I sympathise with him but it's not an issue that concerns anyone outside the Lampard family. Let them grieve themselves. There's no need for you to even talk about this.

This whole thing has been milked for all it's worth. Methinks the PR dept have gone into overdrive trying to garner extra sympathy for one of the country's most disliked footballers. That ridiculous shirt stunt that Chelsea pulled after Ballack scored against united was probably the tackiest thing I've ever seen and an insult to the poor woman's memeory.

Finally, I dont see how it shows bravery to take a penalty when YOU ARE THE CLUB'S PENALTY TAKER!!!

nucks said...

Well done Wrighty, I respect any player who plays soon after losing his Mum and steps up for a penalty the way he did. I can't believe some of the negative comments. There is a time for showing frustration and a time to show respect.

Anonymous said...

I hate FL but wrighty7 is right.
Abd wrighty7 is not a sucker just a top man.
well done wrighty