Thursday, 29 May 2008

Hleb, pull the other one. Sack your agent and then I'll listen to you.

I cant get my head around Hleb at the moment. He is confusing me.

For the last month his agent has been hoaring him around Europe and back, and now he declares his undying love for the club and can't says he can't think where the rumours about his departure are coming from. I'll give you a clue Alex.


Your agent has put us Gooners through the wringer the last month with his constant shite talk. And in all that time you haven't said a bean.

You must of known the situation, he's your agent! You cannot tell me that Hleb has not seen the papers and is completely unaware of where the rumours are coming from.

I think that this statement he has released is a load of shit.

He respects Le Boss, and loves Arsenal. What about us Gooners?! For a month we've had shit from Hlebs agent, where is the respect for us?!

There is none, and I reckon that this statement is just Hleb trying to soften us up for his guaranteed departure.

Alex, I could not stomach seeing you in an Arsenal shirt EVER again after the shit from your agent.

If you didn't let your agent spout out all that shit, then you could left with your head held high. Instead you have gone about it in the wrong way.

The statement you released is full of shit, you have only released it because you are shit scared of all the flak your going to get when you leave.

I will only half listen to you if you sack your agent. Cesc sacked his agent when he tried to hoar Cesc around Madrid, now you do the same.

If not, then you are the knob that I think you are.

Keep it Goonerish........


Anonymous said...


Gary said...

This smells of a priviate conversation between Le Boss and Alex...

Le Boss: (with French Accent) Alex…I accept that you are unhappy in London and want to leave. I certainly would never want a player to remain who isn’t 100% committed to Arsenal and would very much like to help you find a place where you can be happy. But all of this talk from your agent in the press is making my job in helping you do this very difficult. I also have to think about what is best for the club.

Alex: (with Russian accent) Mr. Wenger…what can I do?

Le Boss: I need you to make a statement to the press saying how happy you are and how much you love Arsenal and that you are under contract for another 2 years and have no plans to leave. If Barcelona, Real Madrid and Inter Milan really want you, they will jack up their offers. In the end we will both benefit. You can go to a place where you will be happy, and Arsenal will get a large transfer fee. Can you do this? It would be a great benefit to the club.

Alex: Of course Mr. Wenger.

DAve said...

Your never alone with skitzophrenia.

and Wrighty bang on buddy

Anonymous said...

With Helb it´s all about money, he wants to claim his loyalty bonus, when he is sold, that´s all.

Anonymous said...

Why does he have a Russian accent, he not Russian.
But still i recon your on to something, if Barca want to give us 20 million for him we'll throw in Eboue to sweeten the deal!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't they speak Russian in Belarus?

ExRox said...

Belarus was part of the soviet Union, thats why he has a Russian Accent :)

MeteorMonster said...

It could be he is backtracking because Mancini got fired from Inter and was the manager who had sealed the deal with Hleib's agent.

Barca and Real Madrid are only interested but no deal has been worked out yet. Maybe he is trying to save face if he decides to stay because he can't get enough money elsewhere.

Anonymous said...


Hi Wrighty, a good post.

Just heard some jock journo on Talkshit say that he believes Barca tapped Hleb up in February and have been doing things behind our backs, they are probably still hacked off that we stole Fab from them and sold TH14 nearing his end. Would be good to let them have him but only if we can steal some more of their players. forgrt the Mexican dude the Spuds want lets take Goofy.

Anonymous said...

In Belarus, they speak Belarusian. Hleb is a dusgust. I can not imagine him plaing for Arsenal again.

Wrighty7 said...

Cheers El Tel,
Its about time that clubs like Barca, Madrid and Milan were sorted out for the way they approach players.
They think they are above the law and will continue to do so until they are punished.

1979gooner said...

Agreed el tel,

The thing is what we did with Fabragas was within the rules.

What Real, Barca, Chelsea, Manu do routinely to other players is against the rules.

I have no sympathy for manu moaning about having Ronaldo tapped up, they routinely tap players up and have been caught with their pants down on several occassions.

Hleb has dug his own hole. He now will not be able to set foot on the pitch with an Arsenla shirt on, he has let himself down.

Anonymous said...

I want Hleb replaced by a wide player who shoots and scores goals whatever mealy-mouthed back-tracking we are currently getting from the Hleb camp. -Ramgun

Kimmono said...

Hleb is one of the best offensiv midfielders in the world, even if he does not score. His agent is a prick, but we cant dismiss what a fantastic player Hleb is.

leon said...

its not upto hleb where goes or if he leaves, weather or not he gifted player is not relivant, the fact the way has conducted him self is digraceful. i dond wenger is going to allow him to buy out his contact and looks he found replacement, so he might let stay in reserves for two, i would not do that , i would sell him, however i feel if inter- another huge offer will sell him hopefully but wenger can be very stobern

1979gooner said...

I beg to differ on Hleb being one of the best attacking midfielders in the world.

In the Premiership we struggled time and time again to break down sides who sat back at the Emirates.

Hleb is all frills, technically good, but he rarely beats a man and he doesn't create or score goals.

He's good at keeping the ball, so he's very useful in games like away to Milan where we have to keep possession under tricky circumstances, however he's not direct enough going forward.

Audi said...

good post wrighty

one thing though, hleb doesnt have the balls to shoot, u really expect him to have the balls to fire an agent.

Anonymous said...

Hleb's one of my favourite player of the existing squad. That being said, it was not a good way to engineer his overseas move (if rightly proven so). To go or not to go, either way, hope that the issue is resolved asap.

Anonymous said...

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