Saturday, 15 March 2008

Arsenal are due to give someone a hiding. Is today the day?

I think Arsenal are long overdue giving a team a real going over with plenty of goals to boot. Today could be the day that a team gets it.

It seems a long time since we gave a team a real battering with a high score. Sure there have been plenty of superb football played and at times we piss all over teams with ease.

We have dominated games this season and recently the half chances that went in the net in the early part of the season haven't been going in nearly as frequently. That luck must surely change soon and I think it will today against 'Boro.

'Boro are the only blot on our Premiership season so far and the Arsenal players will be desperate to rectify that. Up at the Riverside we gave our poorest performance of the season in my eyes. We were terrible up there.

Every season 'Boro manage to shock and raise a few peoples eyebrows by beating one of the big four and this season it was our turn. We couldn't have made it any easier for them up there although a big amount of credit must go to 'Boro for playing well and making very difficult for us.

Today is going to be different I'm sure. As we are the later kick-off we must react to what United and Chelsea do. I'm sure that they will pick up three points so the pressure will be on Arsenal to do the same.

After recent results in the Premiership this game is huge for Arsenal. We need a victory as we are likely to start the game in second place and in my eyes a home game against 'Boro is a game we should win at ease.

With no disrespect meant to 'Boro this game should be viewed as home banker and it could be high scoring. With 'Boro getting knocked out of the cup last week it will be interesting to see how they react. They got a respectable draw at Villa in the week and I think we will be too much for them today.

I expect a big performance from Arsenal today and I think it will happen. Van Persie may be in the starting line up and he will be hungery for it. It's a key match and one that Arsenal should get all three points from. And a high score at that!

Prediction: 4-0 to the Arsenal.

Keep it Goonerish..........


Anonymous said...

Your a confident chap Wrighty7!

I too fancy a big win today for Arsenal.


webeatthescum5-1 said...

haha to answer the question, in a word - NO. Aint it great when an ex player comes back and scores against you ?! Good at predictions aint ya? Heres one for you - Scousers 3 Goonerscum 1 LOL

Gooner scum

Anonymous said...

What a sad person who wrote the above comment is.

George said...

4-0 ha ha ha out the race like Mabbs said is more like it!

Boro are two bob, you Gooners must be gutted, you ain't won a league game for an age.

Wrighty7 said...

Is that Mabbs in disguise?

Wrighty7 said...

Mabbs, u aint won the league for an age! 47 years!