Sunday, 30 March 2008

Henry to join Beckham in USA? No chance!

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has been linked with a move to mega-rich Seattle.

Seattle will join the MLS in 2009 and are keen to sign the French man. It is claimed in the US that talks are at an "advanced stage".

Henry left us only last summer to join Barcelona for £16m and admittedly has struggled to match the form he showed at Arsenal.

I don't want to knock a man when he's down but the move to Barca showed the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

However, the man is, and always will be a legend for us Gooners and is still one of the best players in the world.

With no disrespect to the MLS, Henry is far too good for that league. The man deserves to grace the biggest stages in football and that means Europe.

He could walk into any side in Europe (except us!) and needs the chance to prove his worth to Barca. And I hope he is given that chance.

Will he be joining Beckham in America? No chance!

Keep it Goonerish......


Anonymous said...

Well put Wrighty. Henrys a legend and far too good for that shit!

Anonymous said...

Legend he may be but he is gone now. What he does from now on is of no concern to us. I wish him all the best but quite frankly, I couldn't care less if he played for Seatle or Southend.

Players are expendable commodities. Once they get old, their worth diminishes and they have to do what is best for them. If the yanks are prepared to pay him silly money to play what is tantamount to part time football, all the sentiment in the world wont stop him from going.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough 21:41! I believe he should stay in Europe and showcase his talent.