Monday, 24 March 2008

WANTED-A bigger squad

Although it may seem like it, this title challenge is not over. I refuse to hold up the white flag until it is impossible for us to catch Manchester United.

Sure at the moment that looks beyond us, on current form at least, but I still think that there will be surprises for EVERY team at the top.

Its heartbreaking to look at the league table at the moment. We set the pace for so much of the season and at one time looked like we were going to run away with the title.

To see us in third place after being on top of the table for so long this season is almost soul destroying. But I don't think its a lack of experiance that has cost us this run of form and our place at the top. I think its a lack of squad cover which has been the main reason.

There can be no doubt that Arsenal have a match-day squad that easily competes with United and Chelsea. But when we have injuries or suspensions to these players our lack of cover from of the rest of the squad catches up with us.

Thats where the problem is and it means we have become too reliant on certain players and have been unable to rest people. Like United and Chelsea can.

As i've said, the title isn't beyond our reach, as yet. But I cant help but wonder that if Arsene was more active in the transfer market, then would we find ourselves in this position?

There can be no doubting the quality in this squad, its just the quantity that may be proving our current plight. With a couple more players added, mainly at centre back, wide midfield and a striker then this thin squad would look alot stronger.

This season will make this squad stronger whatever happens. I urge Wenger to keep his philosophy of playing beautiful football.

Just get out the cheque book, add a couple more players and this squad will reap the rewards its football deserves. I'm not talking major changes, just a couple of signings to boost the numbers in the squad. Heck, if u like Arsene, u could even sign someone us Gooners could get excited about!

Keep it Goonerish..........


Anonymous said...

I agree. I think that 1 or 2 signings is all thats needed. The title isn't over maths wise but i dont think the squad can turn it around in the league.

Pedro said...

Nice post Wrighty7!

I am of the same attitude, it ain't over till its over!

Its going to take a miracle though!

At least Liverpool got spanked by United, so they'll be rock bottom by the time we play them!

So... Glenn Helder was sectioned at the weekend... that'll teach him for going to Vitesse Arnhem!

Take note Flamini and Hleb!

northbank said...

Think it could be more than one or two, think there could come the summer be 5-6 players needed. also after the worst run in 9yrs think we should look to buy some english players with a bit of old fashion pride!

Anonymous said...

Difficult to be critical of Arsene as he's a genius. However, I do think that he missed a trick in January, especially with the list of injuries he was carrying. He should have kept Diarra but at the very least replaced him. After all he was an integral part of the first team squad, so letting him go left us at least one light.

Anonymous said...

We could do with a couple of wingers so we can vary our attacks maybe score some goals and cover when one of them is injured. We desperately need a keeper even a half decent one as Coco is a joke. Yes he made some saves thats what hes paid for. The saves look good because they were for TV. We have good defenders who defend break aways or long punts over our hardworking midfield but. The keeper doesnt command any respect as his uncertainty is unbelievable. Any half decent shot with some power is a goal. He cant set up for freekicks and his positioning is poor. No wonder the mad German is unhappy as he will be better than Coco even at the age of 50. Sorry guys but for me this was why we got caught out. I just want to add AW why RVP when Ade was anonymous? did Diaby know where he was supposed to play and why didnt anyone give Theo the ball he had his arm raised permanently down the wing. I dont rate Theo yet but it seems neither do the other players. Whats going on.

Anonymous said...

This we should be English shit when we don't win is ridiculous. How about telling us who these great England players are that we should buy. Drogshit isnt English and neither is Annelka. Joe Cole apart and hes a cheating little cunt who else is there. Gerrard well hes doing better than us isnt he. Fat bollocks and drug features well they can pass backwards and hoof it when required I guess.The fat prick at Mancscum don't think so. There isn't anyone there. I know Crouch then we can have agame plan B as I can see that being the next rant.

Anonymous said...

I agree, why o why was Theo ignored yesterday. I counted 9 minutes before he touched the ball, and that was his only touch in 14 minutes of play. If the other team members don't rate him then something needs to be said. We played the last 15 minutes with 10 men !

Anonymous said...

Since AW has been our Manager we have played with 9 men. There has always been one player that has our fans wondering why is he in the Team. Usually referred to as son of Arsen

northbank said...

Manusa the chavs and liverpool all have a english backbone i'm not saying thats the reason we are losing but i think it could inspire some extra passion in our game. we are in need of a top class centre half so why not look to sign richards. i would look to move gallas on two centre backs under 6ft tall is obviously not working for us. we just cant cope with long balls or set plays!
Arsenal need to start siging world class players now, not sticking with this youth team bollox. in january we turned a profit in the transfer market, when we have a thin squad think it is time to start question what the manager is doing?
With the possablity of losing hleb, ade, and flamini in the summer we are also going to need some experence in the side. We are going to need to spend alot of cash to really compeat in the title race next year.
But we really need to just look to winning or next game! think its time to rest/drop ade, and if theo needs to start in front of the useless eboue.

Anonymous said...

Northbank, u talk shit mate.

northbank said...


piken79 said...

we do need more quality players. it is un-bearable to wake up today but i lift my head up high as a GONNER.we need more established more kids please

Anonymous said...

Doe's anyone feel that wenger has taken Arsenal as far as he can? I do.

Wrighty7 said...

Thats harsh anon 21:32. Theres no need for that.

Anonymous said...

North bank get your arse up the clock end son. Richards is a good player but yet another kid. Just because he is English doesn't make him great. Man City are not exactly top dollar. Gerrard could do a job for us with his long ball passes. Liverpool have the great Torres but still they are below us in the league. We are a great Team witing to happen. Thats why other sides want our players and not theirs. Its not all about money. I am upset with AW but get rid NO WAY

Anonymous said...

Guys dont listen to the racist hacks. They support all our enemies. They talk shit about a British backbone. Yeh like England always win the WC we are not even in Euro finals. Our teams rarely win CL and when they do its more down to luck of the draw. All grit and limited technique. So if we want our football to go back 20 years lets do as the press want and see the Arsenal win fuck all.Since when has a cheating Jock been English. Our history says they are our enemy just as much as the French are.

Summerspur said...

words fail me

some of you.... well as i say, words fail me although northbank does seem to have some grasp on reality.

on english players
upson worth 10 of senderdross
always liked the look of kerra gilbert, looked a decent prospect. are the cheating tossers sagna and eboue 8 million better than gilbert and hoyte.
is hleb that much better than bentley?

Anonymous said...

Yes Summerspur, they are. Now fuck off cunt.

northbank said...

All i have been trying to say is what we are doing at the moment doesn't seem to have payed of this season. Lets face it when the team is at fall strenght and playing well we are as good as any one, but when we are under pressure the cracks have started to show, and we don't have the squad to cope. Now if there really are the funds of 80+ million for us to spend in the transfer market why don't we spend it its our money not the boards.
Lets face facts when we went 2-1 down on sunday all we could muster of the bench was Diaby and Bentner now that is not really going to scare any one.
We moved to the emrates to push on and become one of the biggest clubs in europe, not watch liabiltys like Eboue running around.
Were in our worst run in 9yrs and in 3rd place in the league which is simply not good enough for a club like ours we deserve to be watching qualty football. Not what we have been watching since the scum beat us in that reserve team cup.
Still with the pressure of now hopefully we can start playing something like what we know we can, and the european cup is there for the taking this year!