Sunday, 9 March 2008

This wasn't a San Siro "hangover" just a poor poor performance. Gooners, your a credit to Arsenal.

This was a poor poor performance from Arsenal today. We looked out of sorts against a Wigan side content with putting everyone in their own half and grinding out a draw. I will take nothing away from Wigan. They set out their stall to get the point and they achieved it. They deserved the draw and will feel that they did the job........... However Arsenal didn't do their own job. There was an oppertunity here to increase the gap at the top and we haven't taken it. We blew it. It is difficult to play a team whose main concern is just to earn a point, but it's something we had to solve. We ran out of ideas and although we had a couple of decent chances we was never at the races. We made a half decent start but just faded away as the game wore on..........This game had the potential to be a banana skin on the fixture list and has proved to be right. The main thing is how do Arsenal react? We've reacted well to bad results all season and I expect the same against 'Boro next Saturday. There will be plenty of surprises in the remaining games for the title race. This is one of them, but the boys will bounce back.........Must add this. The Gooners who went today, I have one word. SUPERB. All game we did not stop singing and to take 4,000 to Wigan is brilliant. A credit to Arsenal and yourselves........KEEP IT GOONERISH!


Anonymous said...

my god wrighty..

Summerspur said...

you were asking about the press agenda and medicine ball head knocking you.

when will you ever get it

adebeyor 2 yellows on the trott for diving. fabregas today was a complete and utter cunt.

you lot just dont get, ask yourselves this, if you did not support them would you like em?

BimitarDerbatov said...

well said SummerSpur..

Wrighty it's ok to be angry at your team once in a while..we know all about it..

personally i think Wenger dropped the ball on this one.. blaming the pitch BEFORE the game was more or less admitting defeat (i know it was a draw)..

and in fairness to Wigan they weren't so bad..they tried to play a bit of football..

anyway, promising Champions League campaign or not.. it looks like your title attempt is unravelling before your eyes.

Man U's slip up occured in the cup so can't see there being many more of them..

and that's as honest an opinion as you're going to get

One Trophy In The Bag

Anonymous said...

I agree Wrighty7. The team didn't look too good today but will bounce back.

Wrighty7 said...

Ha ha u've got a cheek calling Arsenal cheats Summerspur. You must suffer from having a short-term memory because i'm sure that Tottenham were once banned from the FA Cup, had 12 points deducted and were fined £600k for cheating! Do you not remember that geezer?.....Bimitar Derbatov, I love our banter mate! It may seem to u like our title chances are unravelling but I wouldn't talk until your club is actually in a title race. I hope u enjoy the mid-table battle with West Ham and 'Boro!

Goonerman said...

Wrighty7 you are bang on in this post. We didn't perform today but its not over. Far from it. This title race will go to the wire and Arsenal will beat Middlesborough next week. Of that i'm sure. As for the muggy yids on here, fuck off. Thought u'd be in the top four this year! What happened?

Anonymous said...

Wrighty7 are u alrite? U never knock Arsenal. Have u cracked? Is that why anon 19:28 said "oh my god wrighty"?

Anonymous said...

yes that's exactly why i said it.

BimitarDerbatov said...

Wrighty, this conversation or my opinions on Arsenal have nothing to do with Tottenham "one trophy in the bag" Hotspur..

i'm only giving you my opinions and not trying to knock your "club" which i'm sure you can appreciate..

there's no need for childish brings down the integrity of your blog...



Wrighty7 said...

I've lost it!

Wrighty7 said...

Of course I appreciate your opinions Bimitar Derbatov. I was just giving mine on your "club" in return.

Top Gun said...

And Wrighty7's opinions on Arsenal and Spurs are spot on.

Good post and agree with all of it. I see Summerspur hasn't got much to say after Wrighty7 put him in his place!

As for Bimitar Derbatov, your opinions may be right on Arsenal but don't throw a strop on when Wrighty7 retaliates!

Love the banter on this blog!

Spuds.........forever in our shadows!!!!

Summerspur said...

you just gotta be kidding. a financial irregularity on a parr with years of diving, spitting, conning refs, moaning blind managers. when i go to the lane i support the team. boards and directors at clubs are a law unto themselves, and sometimes even managers. george graham ring a bell nob jockey?

if its a history lesson you want numb nuts, how did arsenal gain there place in the top flight?

of course a fair way to do this would be a poll of unbiased fans to see what they think, but even you are smart enough to know the answer to that already.

Anonymous said...

George Graham? Wasn't he the last manager to win you dick-heads a trophy until this season u knob?