Saturday, 8 March 2008

Our season may rest on the first two weeks of April, RVP will be like a new signing and why is it the media have an agenda with Arsenal?

The first two weeks of April may decide Arsenal's season. It will be crunch time for this Arsenal side as we face two Champions League games, Liverpool and Manchester United in this period.

1 Tue Champions League N Quarter-Final 1L TBA
(Match to be played on either Tue 1 or Wed 2 April)
5 Sat Barclays Premier League H Liverpool 12.45pm
8 Tue Champions League N Quarter-Final 2L TBA
(Match to be played on either Tue 8 or Wed 9 April)
13 Sun Barclays Premier League A Manchester Utd 4pm

That's how our fixtures line up for us and will be a very difficult period. It's a time when we won't be able to rest anyone as we must have our full strength line ups for these games unless we get a decent result in the first leg of the Champions League tie. Which will be difficult as every team left will be hard to face.

Every game from now until the end of the season is a cup final. These two weeks may stretch a squad that isn't the biggest squad around and I hope that we can keep players off the treatment table and as fresh as possible.

We will know what our season rest's on after the two week's. Hopefully we will still be fighting for both trophies but I think alot rest's on the result from the first leg of the Champions League. Hopefully we can get a decent enough result to be able to "rest" a few for the second leg. Only time will tell.

Having Robin Van Persie back is a big big boost for Arsenal. He is without one of Europe's most exciting players and alot may rest on his shoulders for the remainder of the season.

He has missed so much football for Arsenal this season that having him back available will almost be like signing a new player. It may take him a couple of games to get in the flow but the important thing is that he will be fresh when others around him won't be. He will also be very hungery and eager to play his part after watching his team mates play for the last few months.

It's hard to pinpoint how Wenger will bring him back into the side after the way Van Persie reacted to his latest come-back. No doubt he will play some part tomorrow in the game at Wigan, but how?

Will Wenger play him from the start and give him maybe 60 minute's or doe's he bring him on from the bench for the final 25-30? It's difficult because the last thing we want is him to suffer another set back. I'd give him 25-30 minutes at the end and start him in the game against Middlesborough next week to ease him back into things.

One things for certain, it will be great to have him back. He was superb at the beginning of the season and if he gets back into that form then he may prove the difference between Arsenal going another season without a trophy or Arsenal winning something. He add's that extra quality that other teams don't have.

And why is it that the media seem to have an agenda against Arsenal? I know alot of blogs have picked up on this but I can't stay silent about it any longer. It really winds me up!!

I drove to work yesterday listening to Alan Brazil spouting on about Wenger having a whine about David Bentley's comments on Walcott and it really pissed me off. All him and his side kick kept saying was Bentley was just expressing his opinion and that Wenger was throwing his toy's out of his pram. Now don't get me wrong. We all know Wenger can do that at times but that's another story. But Bentley put his opinion forward and all Wenger did was offer his opinion on what Bentley said.

Alan Brazil was so anti-Arsene and Arsenal it was unbelievable! Loads of Gooners rang in and when Brazil hated or couldn't handle their calls he cut them off! What a tube (How he would put it!)

It's annoyed me all season and especially at the moment when every little thing that is negative about Arsenal is highlighted so much. Last week against Milan is a prime example. Before we knocked them out they were the best in Europe and were certain to knock Arsenal out. When the opposite happened all the sudden Milan were past it and Arsenal caught them at the right time! Opposing to last season when United were thrashed by them and caught them at the wrong time! Milan were in thier prime then but over the hill when Arsenal beat them!

I know we are top of the league and there to be shot at, but I feel that the pundits and media are embarrassed by how well Arsenal are doing. They all wrote us off and how now looking stupid. And they do not like it. So they now try their best to unsettle Arsenal with all their nonsence reporting and opinions. Watch them change their tune in the summer. They now know this Arsenal side is the real deal so listen out for them all backing Arsenal to do well next season. The hypocrites......

Keep it Goonerish..........


Goonerman said...

Very good post.

Agree with everything.

All I'll say Wrighty7 is FUCK the media, Arsenal will have the last laugh.

Anonymous said...

you got it spot on wrighty. good post.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more mate.

Anonymous said...

I listened to that numpty Alan Brazil and actually tried to ring talk sport to reminstrate with him! He was a total prat and I think he is just a jealous jocko and was very anti-Wenger.

Top Gun said...

Agree about Robin Van Persie. Him being back will lift this Arsenal team even more than the victory over Milan. His timing couldnt be more perfect after the injury to Dudu. Good post.

Anonymous said...

This post is too true.

Anonymous said...

100% correct wrighty7. RvP will make a big difference to Arsenal and will score important goals. As for the media they is so ManU friendly its unreal! Wenger is a legend.

Anonymous said...

Arsenal are shit

Anonymous said...

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