Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Will Wenger sign a new striker in the summer after Eduardos injury and some people doubting that Bendtner will be at the club for long?

Arsene Wenger today revealed that he will stick to his usual cautious spending in the summer but WILL spend big if the right player came along, at the right price of course. He quite rightly wont interfere too much with the current squad but if the opportunity arose to sign another striker would he take it?

Eduardo's injury has left us short upfront and with the future of Danish star Bendtner in some doubt (according to some) will Wenger be tempted to dip into his riches and sign another striker?

I don't think that he will. Looking at the squad we have it's more likely that Wenger will move another player in the squad into the strikers role namely Theo Walcott.

We have Carlos Vela coming back in the summer and he will provide competition but that will be as a wide player, especially as it seems that Wenger likes to blood players into the side by using them wide. Vela has played wide all season and I expect no change when he comes back to Arsenal.

Bendtner's future has been discussed many times. He is a very confident player and no doubt sitting on the bench will be a bit of a kick in the ego for him. However if he bides his time and doesn't get to impatient then he could have a great future at the club.

Theo has been seen by many, including Wenger as having a future as a forward. I agree that he should eventually play there but at the moment I don't feel that he is ready to have the responsibility on his shoulders if Arsenal had injuries to the other strikers to step in.

What I mean is that if Arsenal had two out of four strikers out injured I don't feel that Theo is quite ready to play regularly to provide goals for Arsenal. He will be, one day, but I wouldn't want him to have that pressure on him. He has enough already.

This squad is highly talented, but at times has looked thin. I would like us to sign another striker. It would add competition and keep players on their toe's as well as providing enough cover so we aren't so bare when we get a few injuries. Which doe's seem to happen alot!

The question is who? If Arsene did sign someone the player would have to be young and adapt to Arsene's ways at the club. He moulds players into his style of play and there aren't many about that Arsenal would splash out huge money on. Maybe Agbonlahor would fit the bill?

Keep it Goonerish........


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