Sunday, 16 March 2008

Lets not get too downbeat, you would have accepted to be where we are now at the beginning of the season, wouldn't you?

Arsenal are in a rut at the moment. The flowing football hasn't been flowing that much lately and after four draws in a row, at possibly the worst time in the season, people are starting to doubt Arsenal. Even some gooners.

I say don't doubt this team. Things may seem down-beat at the moment and I know results haven't gone our way in recent matches but lets have a look at where we are.

We are level points with the current champions after 30 games albeit having played a game more. We are in the Champions League quarter-final after playing the current holders and playing them off the park. We have a side that WILL dominate English football in the future and on our day play the best football that I dare say, the Invincibles wouldn't have coped with.

Things have taken a knock lately with the results, but United and Chelsea will drop points as well. In recent games I think we've been unlucky more then anything. Decisions and luck have gone against us. Take for example yesterday, Adebayor's "offside" goal. Never in a million years was he offside, the 'Boro player put it in his path! and the ref was only 5 yards away!

By all accounts, things even themselves out over the course of the season, so Arsenal are due a bit of luck in the closing games!

I understand that it seems Arsenal are throwing it away and we can't blame anyone but the players for that. But lets not get too down-beat about it. It may seem like the end of the world at the moment but we are very much in the title race still and it's the first time in a long time that we have been involved in the running.

We need a little change in luck and something positive to happen. And where better to start than Stamford Bridge next week? You know that this squad rises to the occasion the bigger the game. Ask Milan.

The character of this team will show next week, of that I'm certain. We must go to Chelsea and show that we will fight to the end. They know the recent results are not good enough.

Have a good look at Arsenal this morning. We were written off all season by everyone and we sit level on points at the top of the table and are in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. This was a season when we were meant to be in decline. The season where even the Spuds were meant to overtake us. We are doing well. The title race is far from over and we are firmly involved. Till the end.

Lets get behind the team not on their backs and show them how proud we are to be Gooners. Remember how good it is to be a Gooner. The players need us now more than ever and we need them. They have got us this far, and at the beginning of the season wouldn't you have loved Arsenal to be in the position they are in now? I know I would. Lets help them over the finishing line.

Keep it Goonerish........


Anonymous said...

I agree. We are doing well, lets get behind the team and watch them win the league!!!!!

Anonymous said...

wrighty, here's an honest opinion of the yesterday's game as opposed to the "isn't it great to be a Gooner" drivel you spout out every day

and also this is what a proper blog should be like..

Wrighty7 said...

Anon, if u dont like the drivel that I spout out everyday then its simple, FUCK OFF and dont come back!

Goonerman said...

Anon 14:19, if you know what a blog should look like then why dont u start your own blog? Instead of critising a fellow Gooner (I assume u are?) why dont u show us how its done? Wrighty7 chooses to look at the positive's and isn't a doom monger like yourself. I for one find this refreshing and nine times out of ten find myself uplifted after reading the articles on this blog. Keep up the good work Wrighty7 and ignore the know-it-alls that u will find from time to time.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Goonerman. We all have opinions but we shouldn't shout down those we dont agree with. I personally believe the title is beyond us now but just I wont have a below the belt pop at Wrighty because he thinks differently to me. If Wrighty likes to think positive then thats great!

Anonymous said...

Anon 14:19, get a life u sad CUNT!

Anonymous said...

ur all cunts

Mabbs said...

Even though most people concede Arsenal are now out the title race like I tried to tell everyone weeks ago and Man U and Chelsea will both finish above you lot, see here, and I hate the Arse, I don't like to see cnuts like Arseblog on here talking shit. If Wrighty7 was drivel, why would you waste your time on here? You must think enough people read it if you've bothered to make a comment just to promote your 'proper blog', it is proper though, proper dogshit.