Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Mark Clattenburg announced as ref for sunday showdown-Oh no!

Mark Clattenburg has been announced as the ref for the title clash between us and Chelsea on Sunday. This would have been a good thing when he first started as a ref in the Premiership. He wasn't to be bad then!

When he began his career in the Premiership I actually thought that he was quite a good ref. He is young and became the youngest ref to officiate in England in living memory. He seemed to let games flow and didn't really book a huge number of players.

Then the ego began to surface! He seems now like Graham Poll junior and this is without doubt a bad thing! There has even been a website made in order to get him banned from taking charge of a game again!

Is he the right man to ref such an important game when his ability's as a ref are being questioned? In previous big games he has got HUGE decisions wrong, namely the Liverpool v Everton game earlier in the season.

I can't forget the amazing blunder made by Clattenburg when Mendes launched a shot on goal for the Spuds against ManUSA from the half-way line which clearly crossed the line and he didn't give it.

His decisions be will be under huge scrutiny for this game. It is massive and tough decisions will have to made. One wrong move by the ref could influence where the title ends up.

I understand that it is a very difficult job to be a ref in a game like this, but I just hope that Clattenburg goes back to the style of reffing that he had when he first began in the Premiership.

I hope that he lets the game flow, isn't biased and just does a job that we won't even have to discuss on monday. Thats when a ref does a good job, when he isn't noticed.

Keep it Goonerish........


Nicholas said...

Graham Poll Jr- I wish! He was our 12th man sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Oh god no! This ref is the worst in business. How can we have this bloke in charge of this game? Its an outrage.

Anonymous said...

Fuck me of all the ref's we could have we get this muppet! What are the FA thinking? This is a title clash not a meaningless mid-table clash. Lets hope he just does a half decent job and sends Cole off.

Chelsea blue said...

At the end of the day the isn't important. U arse bandits will be smashed by Chelsea. It will be easy for us Blues, u lot have bottled it. Just like none of u goons will question my wisdom.

northbank said...

Think that unbeaten home record is about to fall who ever the ref we have had our bad luck this season! Chelsea are not playing that well either just they can grind out a result!

Anonymous said...

chelski blue, we are gonna take your overpaid, overpriced millionaires down so many pegs on sunday theyll be using the same one as minime from austin powers.
How are you lot going to smash us? playing the same way you did against spurs and barnsley? playing th@ "sexy football" Grant promised when he came but is nowhere to be seen? playing andrei "looks a bit like th@ bloke who played for AC" shevchenko?
i dont care how much money you spend, you will always be a small time club despite plastic fans like you coming along and trying to talk like you know anything about football.
this is what a real club's transfer record looks like. notice the lack of 300million loss.