Sunday, 16 March 2008

Gilberto may be off in the summer and could another Brazilian be coming in?

Arsenal's Brazilian captain maybe off in the summer. He lost his place in the side to Mathieu Flamini at the start of the season and hasn't been able to force a way back into the side due to the Frenchmans superb form this season.

He has a contract until 2009 and maybe it will be the right time to let him move on-providing Arsenal get Flamini to sign a new contract that is!! He has been linked away from Arsenal all season and that's hardly a surprise going by the playing time he has had this year. He spoke about his current situation.

"I'm trying to adjust to the situation, but I confess it's not been easy," stated Gilberto.

"I love the club and Arsene is a good man and a good manager - but there are only two months to go and I haven't played much."

"I will wait until the end of the season and then make my decision. If a good opportunity comes along then I don't see any other option"

Sound's like he's off to me. It's a shame because Gilberto has been a great player and servant to Arsenal, but he has been on the wane this season. Whether that's due to lack of playing time or just a drop in ability I don't know. All I know is that his experience will be crucial for Arsenal for the remainder of the season and a lovely parting gift would be the title or Champions League.

We've been linked to another young player. This time a Brazilian called Diogo. I havent heard of him but he is a "sensation" by all accounts. They usually are when they are young and come from Brazil!

Diogo below:

He would need a work permit, so if the deal went ahead then he would proberly go on loan to a Spanish club for a couple of season's.

He plays for Portuguesa, a club based in Sao Paulo that sounds a bit like a Portuguese Cockney! He is also a Brazilian under 20 international. The President has said that he is better than Pato and Arsenal have been scouting him for a few years.

Whether this is just a President using Arsenal's name to increase the players worth or not we shall see. But if he is better than Pato then we better get in quick!!

Keep it Goonerish........

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Love the Portuguese Cockney quip!!

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