Friday, 7 March 2008

English threat scares Arsenal?!!

I had to laugh today after reading "The Chief sports writer" Steven Howard's article in the Sun. According to him Arsenal will be keen to avoid United, Chelsea and Liverpool in next weeks Champions League's draw. The three know how to play Arsenal and will press, press and press and will suss us out......................... Sorry Mr Howard I dont buy it. If Arsenal faced any of these clubs and they played with the bully boy tactics that you suggest they use then they would quickly get players sent off. They may get away with it in England where the ref's seem to allow the stupid tackles and rough house tactic's but the game would have a FOREIGN ref and he would stamp out any such tactics straight away. How many times have u seen a "Premiership tackle" in the Champions League immediatley pulled up by the ref from abroad? Plenty I'm sure. So these tactics wouldn't work in Europe..................... It also wouldn't matter how any of them played if Arsenal were at top form. Arsenal, on their day, are untouchable by ANY of these teams. I hate to sound arrogent and I apoligise for it but it's true. And most people know it too. I'm not scared about who Arsenal draw. I'd prefer a foreign side because it's a European trophy and we play English side's week-in week-out but thats the only reason! It's certainly not fear as Mr Howard would suggest!...............Keep it Goonerish.


Anonymous said...

u got it in one

Anonymous said...

Good post, no team can match Arsenal on their day Wrighty7.

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