Wednesday, 26 March 2008

When have you been most excited about Arsenal signing someone?

There has been alot of talk lately from Gooners about Wenger getting out the cheque book and signing some stars for Arsenal. I've even been writing about the need for a couple of signings to boost the squad myself.

No doubt we will sign players in the summer, but they will most likely, knowing Wenger, to be someone young and someone we haven't heard of! I know that we cry out for a superstar to arrive at the club. But the reality of the situation is that we properly wont be getting one.

So I ask my fellow Gooners, who was the signing made at anytime in Arsenal history that got you the most excited? It could be from any era, I'd just love to hear about it.

I remember starting to watch Arsenal around the age of 6. So my era for beginning the love for my club began mainly in the early 1990's. I began to get heavily into football then and could reel off Arsenal stats in an instant. However my most exciting signing Arsenal have made in my mind was soon to be made.

In September 1991 for a then club-record fee we signed my then hero and namesake Ian Wright. I remember him playing for Palace in the 1990 FA cup final and coming on as a sub and scoring two goals for the Eagles. I loved the way he played and wished that he would join my club and score goals for them.

I loved the romance of him not giving up his dream to become a footballer and that he was rewarded with a contract at Palace at the late age of 22. I was given a video of him called "Do the Wright thing" and that just sealed it for me! He was a legend!

I remember his first league start against Southampton at the Dell and him banging in a hat-trick whilst wearing the most "colourful" kit, in Arsenal's history.

We all know how Wrighty's career at Arsenal ended up. He became the leading scorer in our history until Thierry Henry came along and stole the title! Ha ha!

I think I just loved his personality and the way he just loved scoring goals. Lived for it, and when he signed for the club it became the biggest signing Arsenal had ever made for me.

He definitely made an impact on me. He has always been my favourite Arsenal player and most probably always will be. The day he signed was a great moment in my Arsenal memories. But most probably because he shared my name!

What I'd like to know is who is your most exciting Arsenal signing?

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Anonymous said...

Bergkamp, all day long.

He was a big star and cost alot of money. When he signed I couldn't believe it!!!

Anonymous said...

2 players joe baker he came he saw he conquered and dennis bergkamp the best arsenal player i have seen since 1943 the worst eddie mcgoldrick

northbank said...

Yeah has to be Bergkamp as the all time, but the last player i was excited about was Overmars.

Anonymous said...

Bergkamp for me too - the only established world class player ever signed by arsenal (overmars but he was injured and considered a bum deal)

As for expected new signings - Arsene's philosphy is fantastic but it limits his choice of player - he needs players that can pass and move at blistering pace and precision - could any established world star simply join and fit in?
Lets look in the premiership

Rooney - no he would need a bedding in period
Lampard - would never have the technique
Gerrard - never have the technique
Tevez - maybe
Ronaldo - would need a bedding in period

Kaka - yes
Ronaldihno - yes
Messi - yes
Eto'o - no

Anonymous said...

has to be dennis bergkamp

Anonymous said...

John Jensons rite up der

Anonymous said...

Thierry Henry. I always had a feeling he was going to be special when he signed.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dennis Bergkamp
Charlie Nicholas
Marc Overmaars
Stefan Schwarz

Anonymous said...

Sol Campbell.

Thought he would be the final piece of the jigsaw and so it proved. Behind Vieira and Henry he gave us a powerful spine to the team.

Anonymous said...

Dennis Bergkamp without question. Overmars in 2nd and a toss up between Kanu and Schwarz in 3rd David Platt in 4th.

Anonymous said...

mOst excitement was def dennis - Before that Arsenal didn't sign world stars at their peak....was also very excited about henry, pires, overmars as I loved them as players before they signed. Most recent was Rosicky who I've always liked, and if he could stay fit would be great for us

Anonymous said...

bergkamp is one of my all time favorite arsenal players, but when we signed him he couldnt have been considered an established world class player: he had just had an exteremely unsuccesful stint at inter milan and had transfered to a top half premiership side.
what followed of course was magical

David Leech said...

I was really excited about Jose Reyes joining us, and was still excited through his first ten matches........

But further back, signing Robert Pires pretty exciting.
Davor Suker was a historied player, who we hoped would have a swangsong.
The whole Clive Allen/Kenny Sansom episode was crazy times.
Signing European Cup winners Tony Woodcock and Viv Anderson who were still in their prime was good to look forward to.
But for me, the most romantic signing Vladimir Petrovic. A mystery superstar from Eastern Europe from the great Red Star team. Shame he never worked out. And I just found out today that he is currently the coach of the Chinese National side !

andinorthbank said...

Dennis, Dennis, Dennis - still get exited when i remember it!

Anonymous said...

Has to be Sol - signing the Captain of our local rivals was magnificent!

Anonymous said...

Yeah - I agree, signing Sol was fantastic and a pleasure to rub the Spuds noses in it!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I was most excited when I came home from work and turned on the news to see that Arsenal had just signed Thierry Henry. I literally yelled and jumped up and down for like two straight minutes. We'd just lost Anelka and I was sad but that was soon forgotten.

Big Ray from Newcastle said...

Mine was when George Graham made the double swoop for Chris Kiwomya and John Hartson.

slim said...

definitely Dennis Bergkamp.the dutch master.the greatest dutch player after Cruyff.If only Van Persie could stay fit???

Alexicna said...

John Jensons rite up der