Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Last night means nothing if we don't win anything this season.....

Last night was one of the proudest night's that I've ever had as a Gooner. The way we went to the San Siro as complete underdogs, lambs to the slaughter if you like and produced one of the most complete performances that I have seen was like a dream. And Arsenal may even bring out a DVD recording of it!!

I've always had confidence in this Arsenal squad, even when we sold Thierry Henry in the summer. In a previous post I said that I really fancied us to beat Milan and that if we played the football that we know these boys can play, then there isn't a team in Europe, let alone Milan who can cope with us.

I'm not over-reacting to a night where the Arsenal "Boys" turned to "Men", I really believe that this side can dominate English and European football if it stays together. Wenger has assembled a team that can rival the best in history, but in order to do that then we must start bringing in silverware.

The sensational win over Milan will mean nothing if we don't go on to win the Champions League. Sure it will go down as one of the greatest nights in Arsenal's European history but at the end of the day without the trophy to show for it then it means nothing except for us Gooners to brag about.

We need to keep our heads and just focus on every game remaining this season as if it is a cup final. The team know that if we produce football like that from now until the end of the season then we will be almost impossible to stop. The manner in which we dominated Milan can serve as a huge confidence booster. They know what they can do, now go out and win the trophies to prove how wrong everyone was to doubt us.

I really believe that there will be silverware at the Emirates at the end of the season. Whether it's the Premiership or the Champions League, I don't know. What I do know, and of this I'm 100% certain, is as soon as that fist piece of silverware arrives at the Emirates then it will start to flow in.

The result last night will give the Gunners a lift and the squad and Wenger will feel that they have as much chance as anyone remaining in the Champions League to win it. It was just the lift that we needed after recent results and they should now become a distant memory.

But it will all count for nothing if we don't go on and win either the Champions League or the Premiership. The football we've played, the unbeaten run's, the goals, it will mean nothing. It's time for the club to start winning trophies again and with this squad of players and the greatest manager of all-time at the helm. The good times should be just around the corner.

Keep it Goonerish........


KingKolo said...

You are right of course Wrighty7.

It's time for this club to start winning cups again and although last night was a fantasic night in Arsenal's history, that all it is, history.

Anonymous said...

This Arsenal team will win trophies, it's just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

The result was superb but Arsenal need carry on the good job they did last night by winning either the Premiership or the League.