Thursday, 2 October 2008

Are Arsenal letting you down?

I had an interesting comment on my blog yesterday and I'd like to hear my fellow Gooners views.

I wrote about Ian Wright having a little pop at Gooners for leaving the Emirates early and I must say I totally agree with him. So did the most part of the comments.

I hope you don't mind me using the comment Jonnie.

"Good post Wrighty7,

Something struck me while reading your post. Is the club letting you down?

Since day one, the stadium has emptied early be it a good or bad result on the night. The fans pay hard earned money to go to the Emirates.

Apart from fan demographics, is the club engaging properly with the Police, Transport for London and London Underground in a collaborative way to allow fans to stay until the death?

In my opinion, AW is more than capable of delegating this to his assistants to address this issue in a more effective manner as it does affect the team.Could IASA/Red Action or other bring this to the table?


What do you, my fellow Gooners think? Are the club letting us down on these issues?

Keep it Goonerish............


the shrink said...

the reason people leave early is because the government is letting us down not arsenal. As the tube is shite

Connolly's agent said...

I don't get why they can't bank two or three trains at Arsenal and Finsbury Park after the games. It's a nightmare to get out with 40,000 other people.

jeffers said...

i just posted on the original article, but for me one of the problems is ticketing. its hard/almost impossible to get a group of you going to the game together. i think you can buy a max of 4 tickets together as red members if you are sufficiently organised and all have each others IDs and 1 of you is sat infront of the PC exactly when they come on sale. Even if you happen to achieve this if you have ever found 4 seats together by the time they go on sale to red members then you are a better man than I. If you can get a group together, you tend to drink more beer, sing a bit more and dont mind hanging around together at the end to discuss proceedings and drink more beer. Its not quite the same if you have picked up the solitary seat left at the back end of the stadium

Wrighty7 said...


That is a great comment mate.

Anonymous said...

I remember reading that The Arsenal gave money to transport for London for improvements to Drayton Park Station as part of thedeal for the stadium, however TFL chose to spend it elsewhere. I don't use the train system but the problem is increased by vehicles some times police being parked opposite the queue to the station.

Anonymous said...

if you stay to the final whistle why does it take 15 minutes or more to get out of the emirates?? (from 7 rows behind the goal) how would the ground evacuate quicker in an emergency?