Friday, 17 October 2008

Djourou will be in and then swiftly out........Again!

I feel for Johan Djourou because even if he has a blinder in the games that William Gallas is injured he will be outed from the team as soon as our skipper is fit again.

When he began the season in the side he looked very comfortable alongside William Gallas and deserved an extended run in the line-up. Instead as soon as Kolo Toure was fit he was replaced and the shaky partnership of Gallas-Toure was restored.

I, along with many other Gooners have called for him to be given a chance to prove himself because without doubt he has the ability and he could be the perfect partner to either Gallas or Toure. I'd prefer Gallas and Djourou personally.

Our defensive problems continue with Sagna also being ruled out and I should imagine that Le Boss will start with Kolo at right back and a pairing of Silvestre and Djourou at the heart of the defence.

I've no doubt in my mind that Djourou will step up to the task but I also have no doubt in my mind that once Gallas is fit Johan will find himself back on the bench getting splinters in his arse.

I think that if a player comes into the side and performs then he should remain in the team on merit. It shouldn't matter who the player is or his reputation, if they are replaced adequately then they should win their place back. That didn't happen with Kolo and it won't happen with Gallas.

This leads to complacency and I'd argue that a few of the Arsenal squad know that their place in the first-team is never in jeopardy. This shouldn't be the case and I hope that if Djourou does well then he holds his selection down.

Keep it Goonerish..............


Anonymous said...

I also would prefer a Djourou Gallas partnership but I read that Djourou has been ruled out because of his concussion. So the back 4 will most likely be:

Eboue Toure Silvestre Clichy

I don't know how well Toure and Silvestre will work out though. Fingers crossed.

TOPGUN said...

I know Wrighty and its bollocks. Players shouldn't be picked by reputation, it should be on merit.

It keeps people on their toes to know that their starting place is under threat all the time.

Good Post by the way mate.

alxluc said...

will be
toure song silvestre clichy

Begeegs said...

The rant won't matter because it will be Silvestre and Toure. Djourou is recovering from a concussion.


Yeah wrighty..well spot on 'again' mate, and i will go 4:



bhave said...

i am not very good with defence solutions, but can someone plz explain y we dont seem to be able to win headers with balls coming in from crosses and corners?? and will djourou combine with our 'set' centre backs(set in quotes cause wenger not gonna replace them).. oh and one more small question neone figured y we bought silvestre??


I think U should check Arsenal FC website 2 find out 'why we bought silvestre' and that's because Le BOSS told us clearfully "Why"..


bhave said...

dude i understand wat he said, and i dont have ne problem with it(i will never be even 1% of wenger, as a supporter jus speaking my mind).. its not like we can bring him on for set pieces and take him off.. cause i dont know hu he can replace.. neways if its good for us then hurray.. wat else can i say..

Anonymous said...

Dutch gunner we will not win 3-1.

Simple as . Wengers lost the plot and we have too many weaknesses to win anything again. we havent won anything in 3 years and its going to be 4, we going to lose cesc next summer and wenger will replace him with a kid or a crock, and we'll be back at square one.

Wengers time has to be up after this year if we dont win shit the its bye bye. wenger showed at sunderland hes not all there and allowing gallas to keep the captaincy and giving ade 80k instead of selling him for 30 and buying villa are footballing catastrophes

in arsene we dont trust you dont win anything with kids.


I have nothing but'love' 4 U mate, Just let us all hope that we get those 'suckers' and keep our 3 points at home, cause we really need that so bad.. We don't wanna go through 'another' season without a trophy.

Like my mate "wrighty" said:

gazzap said...

top post Wrighty7. your blog is becoming a reliable one, keep it up. Djourou should CLEARLY be in the team - the centre back pairing is as weak a pair as you can get at Arsenal. any other pair would be stronger than Toure and Gallas. wenger goes on about how he likes to give chances to young players - bollocks. only when it suits him does he. Djourou should be in the team instead of toure regardless of injuries. Kolo aint been good for a while and his partnership with gallas is frankly embarrasing.
unless wenger become ruthless overnight then we are in trouble. that centre back pairing will 100% not win any trophies. its a shae because we have the squad to win things but its not being put to best use.

leon said...

i think dijouro will used mainly oin the carling cup,but must say i am glad gallas is injured because it will good see how well the likes silvester and dijouro parner with toure,and yes i do agree that gallas will get his straight back which i dont understand

martyn said...
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martyn said...

I think Wrighty u addressed the real mess that's going on here. Problem is that most Arsenal fans are deluded they live in what you'd call denial and it was due time that Fabregas said it. Though The Sun i heard twisted the whole story and made it to look like Fabregas was leaving in January. Arsenal fans don't want to agree that our real problem is Kolo...the guy was horrible right from the last African Cup of Nations ..the stuff he did there was utter hilarious ..he single handedly brought down his countries chances as Egypt tore their defence apart ...and what did Wenger do when he came back?? He slotted him right back into the defence ..thing is, Gallas is our skipper and hes a defender ..every goal scored will be blamed on him and after his Birmingham antics, now all eyes are on him. Even when its Kolo's mistake, everyone shouts that its Gallas ...i remember when he was still at Chelsea he used to defend well though he was not perfect, he did the job comes he came to Arsenal and all of a sudden hes crap? I think it's time for Wenger to wake up and bench Kolo for silvestre or Djorou

leon said...

martyn the problem is neither gallas or toure are in best of form but toure has not played since african nations,thats when senderos has a perfect opportunity to show hwt he has a claim a place there ,like flamani did but he blue it,evon gallas is not in his very best form i would want him there,but i would want to see maybe gallas-silvestor or dijouro-gallas,or evon toure-silvestor,but now silvestor is back to full fitness there more compitition, i feel that song will give alot of compition in that position, he is not dm but he doing good job covering but i dont think he has stamina of flamini, with gallas,toure,silvestor,dijouro,and song there is alot of cover there just matter of find the right partnership.

GUNNA4LIFE said...

i agree totally with what u say wrighty! but back in the day wen Henry was injured would you have kept him out the squad wen he became fit??? we all know how deadly TH14 was wen he was fully fit even wen he wasn't matchfit he was still miles better than any other forwad!... i personally would like to see Djourou alongside Toure, Silvestre for me didnt cut it manure so i cant see how he will be any different for us. i hope n pray i am wrong!!! n maybe he become 1st choice!... GUNNA4LIFE