Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Is Ian Wright right or wrong?

Ian Wright WAS my hero when I was a youngster. I loved the way he played and how he wore his heart on his sleeve.

The fact that he had the same surname as me helped to elevate him to superman in my eyes. He could do no wrong.

As a youngster I loved him so much that when I grew up I wanted a tattoo dedicated to him. I was going to get a number eight with his name above it and the amount of goals he scored for Arsenal underneath it.

Thankfully I saw sense and didn't get the tattoo!

His image in my mind has been soured in recent years. He has a column in the Sun and at times I couldn't believe some of his comments. He can be pretty harsh on Arsenal and that's tainted his image with some Gooners.

I read a comment he made in the Sun yesterday and there he was banging on about Arsenal again. This time he had a dig at the Gooners. However, for once I found myself agreeing with him.

"AS much as I love Arsenal, I’m giving a big thumbs-down to some of the club’s fans.
I could not believe the amount of empty seats for the remaining five minutes of Arsenal v Hull on Saturday.
They were trailing 2-1 and battering their opponents in what proved to be a fruitless attempt for a late equaliser. Football does not get a lot more exciting than this. The match was a cracker.
Yet for many locals, getting an early tube or train was the priority. Surely, this was the moment Arsenal’s players needed their fans most.
One day after 85 minutes, I’d like to see the Emirates more than two-thirds full."

I can understand why some fans leave early. It is murder trying to get away from the Emirates and if you don't leave early you can be stuck there for ages.

I didn't leave early because I felt that we could still go on to win. Although the side were letting us down losing at home to Hull, they still needed our support right to the very end.

Imagine you are on the pitch and you are chasing the game, you look around and see the ground rapidly losing numbers. I can imagine it would be disheartening.

Had this game been against Manchester United no-one would have left so just because it was against Hull it shouldn't have mattered. People should have stayed.

We have a poor reputation amongst other fans, frankly they can go fuck themselves for all I care. I know that when the Emirates gets buzzing it produces a top atmosphere.

I agree with Ian Wright. Lets stay till the end and get the ground rocking.

What do you think? Is Ian Wright right or wrong?

Keep it Goonerish....................


dunnerz said...

Being on a red member and having limited chances to go to games - I stay to the end.

However, for mid-week evening games, I can understand people leaving 5mins early (work next day, last trains to catch), if we are winning 3-0 or something, however, Saturday game - no excuses (even if it is a half 5 kick off) - I can even understand the junior/family area empting early at any match - but the rest of the stadium has no excuse.

In fact, I've found hanging around till after the whistle goes, then stopping for a pint or some food - then instead of queuing - by the time you catch you train, you're only 20mins worse off than if you left early (and you've stayed to the end and had an extra pint).

Anonymous said...

He's as right as he was when he said going to Chelsea was the right move for SWP.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. . .turns my stomach to see people leave early. On Saturday we were fighting to win a game we should have won easily, and it was sickening to see so many 'fans' head for the exit before the final whistle. To make it worse, the ones who leave early are usually the ones who are most vocal and critical of the team! Black pots and kettles, and all that. Stay until the end and give the team a rousing send off. . .support the team for the full 90, not just the 80 that's convenient for you. Come on you gooners!!!

Marko said...

He's right about that but wrong about some of the shit he's said in the past. Sometimes it's about being heard for him and not about sense.

Josh said...

Of course hes right on this one. half the people in that stadium dont deserve to be there. People think that to be a good supporter all it takes is to buy tickets for the game. its about time some of these posh twats sing up and stay till the end. Its not good for the atmosphere nor reputation of our great club.

Anonymous said...

Here fucking here!

If your biggest concern when going to a game is beating the traffic on the way home then why bother going at all?

Tom14 said...

The guy is a dumbass in general especially his views on Arsenal (he thinks we need a striker, what a prick) but he is right in this case.

Not that I respect his opinion on this matter, he hardly has the brain to form his own opinion.

Anonymous said...

fuck ian wright,he is a chelsea fan now,i bet he dont ever pay to watch a team play,he should take his shiney bald head an put it in his ass! an never use rockys name in vain again when slaggin off the arsenal to sell ur shyt sun newspaper!

Anonymous said...

i wont deny ian wright as an arsenal legend but his mouth runs away with itself i agree with what anonymous said about the rocastle comments rocky would be rolling in his grave comments,rocky would be rolling in his grave when swp was having a medical at highbury when chelsea bid came through and ian took him down the bridge to check their financial package

AvP said...

Ian Wright is a fucking tool, a media whore who loves to see his name in lights, fuck him, he just runs his mouth to fill the coloum inches, tells his boy to follow the big bucks to Chelsea, then moans when he doesnt get a game.

I saw him in China Whites at the Cartier Polo last year, i chanted Ian Wright Wright Wright as all Gooners do, and he just gave me a dirty look as if i was some kind of rapist.

Fuck Ian Wright, hes a shit stirring cunt, pissed off that we got rid of him

Anonymous said...

on this one he is right right right.Its the same every game.These twats turn up late leave early at half time get back late and leave early.I hate them sitting near me

Anonymous said...

Good post Wrighty7,
struck me while reading your post. Is the club letting you down? Since day one, the stadium has emptied early be it a good or bad result on the night. The fans pay hard earned money to go to the Emirates. Apart from fan demographics, is the club engaging properly with the Police, Transport for London and London Underground in a collaboartive way to allow fans to stay until the death?
In my opinion, AW is more than capable of delegating this to his assistants to address this issue in a more effective manner as it does affect the team.
Could IASA/Red Action or other bring this to the table?

PS Wrighty wears his heart on his sleeve and he lets us al know it, so let him have his say whatever we all think about him. Its his job...

Spike said...

I will say this only once;

Ian Wright wrongun is a cunt.

He is a pathetic shell of a man. Bitter and deluded, this is the twat who said Sven wasn't picking his to get at the step dad! This is the cunt who said his lad should sign for the chavs as he would do himself, that Henry should fuck off to |Barca just after the cheating cunts beat us, yadda yadda...

He spouts a load of negative tabloid headline seeking sensationalist bollocks.

He appeals to glory hunting fair weather sky sports groupies.

He's a cunt, he aint a gooner, he said he supports ALL the London clubs for fuck sake!

He is a media slag, he's an ex Arsenal player, he aint a Gooner.

Paul Merson's more of a Gooner than he is.

Ian Wright is a cunt.

There, just said it the once.

Anonymous said...

the thing is,i sit on row seven behind the goal at the emirates,i live local so dont need to leave early,but it can take 15 minutes to get out of the stadium at the end, why is it so slow gettin out of the emirates? if i had to catch a train id be leaving 5 minutes early ,its better than quein for half hour at tube stations,lets be honest people!

AJ said...

Its a good thing Wright had the requisite talent to be a footballer. Left to the devices of his mind he would be a nobody. Not the sharpest tool in the box is he? Or perhaps he is - a tool beyond compare.

Anonymous said...

Nice post Wrighty.
All i can say about Ian Wright is that he is such a dick head. when he play for arsenal he just love the pay cheque, he doesn't have the love for the club. what a prick.

Anonymous said...

Plastic fans, arsenal are known for it

It's just something Rupert Murdoch and the Premier League has created

get used to it, it's only gonna get worse

League 1 is the only real proper football league left


The referee is an official adjudicator said...

Wakey, Wakey, Wrighty. Football has changed, Arsenal FC are saddled with a load of no nothing numptys for fans now.

And wankers like you love it because you are paid to be a media whore from the proceeds of the great Sky/Premier League revolution.

Football is dead as proper fans know it and wankers like Wright are perfect examples of the lack of loyalty shown by current and some ex players for every team.

Anonymous said...

I personally think is stupid and dont see the point.

I have never left a game early, even if we are loosing.

If you leave early then you are an idiot, unless you have a last train to catch, but only if its the last one!

Why cant you wait an extra hour to catch the next train/bus? just go to the pub and have a couple, is so damn simple people.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit i left early for the first time last week.. but i had a valid reason. got a bollocking off some fans though which everyone should do more!

Chris said...

I completely share your sentiments about Wrighty, also sharing his name myself. He was a demi-god in my eyes, growing up. And I think he's bang on the money for a change on this one.

One of the more maddening things, is how, no matter how many of these cunts leave early, the stadium is still as loud - if not louder - towards the end of games than when they're all there! It's a shame all these leave-early sing-nothings can't just not turn up in the first place, leaving seats to fans who are going to stay til the end and sing their heart out at the club. These 'fans' are the only thing I dislike about Arsenal

Anonymous said...

Leave him alone, he's not the brightest tool in the box but still a Gunners legend.

scottpuffin said...

Ian Wright - absolutely fantastic footballer, Arsenal legend.
Useless columnist, who loves to slate Arsenal.
He is absolutely right about the comments about the Arsenal fans, but he's still a berk!

Anonymous said...

Wrighty likes to think he is the Gooner fans' voice, but infact he just talks complete shite and should just admit he is a chelski fan then he can be the official spokesperson for their fan(s).
As someone said earlier he was a legend player but no he is just a total cunt.
Oh and by the way i have never left early and I was there for both Manc scum games where I believe at least 95% of the fans where still there at the end.
And if you sneak out then why bother coming in the first place if you clearly have something better to do???

Roflham Lolspurz said...

He should shut up about football matters really, lt the Gooners remember you as the goalscoring legend you were, not the moron you are now. Whilst I agree in principle with his arguement, who is really going to disagree? Anyone that does will be labelled 'plastic', usually by someone who didn't give two shits about Arsenal before Wenger arrived.

Stick to Gladiators Wrighty, that's about your level now. Thanks for all the goals though, a true Arsenal legend.

Anonymous said...

I am thirty years a gooner and never had the chance to watch a game. I found myself saddened at the lack of spirit in the stands those last few minutes. It was so obvious on the telly that some fans had given up even while the boys were running after every ball. Come on surely after paying all that money its worth staying to the end even if we are not winning.

Summerspur said...

you wanna think yourselves lucky. jenas normally fucks of 20 mins before the end.

Bitter End said...

I have never in my life left an Arsenal game early, in fact I always try and make sure I'm the last to leave. Whilst this sometimes means a lot of waiting around, the feeling of superiority I have over fellow Gooners more than makes up for it.

If you leave games early I think that means you hate the team, or have some kind of 'life' that doesn't revolve around Arsenal. If that's even possible.

We should be able to alert stewards when we see people leaving early, then lynch them all on the lamposts outside the stadium. The corpses left to hang as a warning to the scum who pay £50+ a game to watch their team, then have the nerve to leave early.

If you leave before the final whistle, you're worse than a paedophile, and should be treated as such.

jeffers said...

One of the problems with arsenal in general is the ticketing. It is not creating a good atmosphere or encouraging people to stay in the ground. The system is not set up to allow groups to go together, so its impossible to get a group of you together to go and watch the game. To be honest, the one thing I am jealous of my spurs supporting friends is that they can all decide what match thay are going to and get seats together and make a day/night of it. If I am lucky enough to get a ticket being a red member I am normally stuck at the arse end of the stadium and only able to buy 2 seats next to each other. Lets be honest, no one likes singing on their own and no one likes standing around in the cold on their own, so to a degree I can understand people who want to leave early or dont sing up. I always prefer to stay late myself, but its not a fun trip home. We also need more pubs available before you get stuck in the police queues. having a beer in the stadium is cack.

Anonymous said...

listen every one, many hav to understand that in the whole of premiership fans, especially among the big 4 arsenal fans are the most desperate for wining something, for long arsenal have not won any silverware and this is annoying them, that is the reason why arsenal fans cannot stand any disappointment and is not their fault. Before at higbury when arsenal are losing games fans dont go leave befor the end of the match by that time arsenal were winnin some year in year out.

Anonymous said...

He's right, but Transport and policing needs to be greatly improved... especially the midweek police, as they generally do not have a clue!

That said, it was more like 9/10's full midweek against Porto -including me.

Ian Wright is trying to get attention by talking bollocks

Drizzle said...

Good post , i agree, f*** everyone who goes home early.

Stay and support your team until the whistle goes!

Anonymous said...

fair comment BUT he does not mention the arsenal fans who stayed and applauded hull off the field. Not only this but talking to some hull fans outside a pub later on, they were repeatedly tapped on the back and congratulated by passing gooners. we're not all bad.