Wednesday, 29 October 2008

A message to all Spuds, THE BRAGGING ENDS TONIGHT!

I've heard nothing but "5-1" ever since the Spuds turned our reserves over last season in the tin-pot cup. Tonight that bragging ends, the buck stops here.

I'm full of confidence going into tonight's game. The Arsenal first team will be pissed off that the Spuds embarrassed their mates last season and will be fired up for this one.

Even the great Harry Redknapp can't stop the inevitable. If Arsenal get an early goal then I can see an avalanche of Gooner goals raining in.

The last time we lost to the Spuds in the league was on my birthday, 7th November 1999 and despite their drubbing of our reserves last season they tend to forget the fact we did the double over them.

I expect the roof to be raised tonight and I expect a performance from the boys. The adrenalin is building up big time, its time for the bragging to stop.

Keep it Goonerish................


Anonymous said...

Its gonna be a lot tighter than you think - remember when Pierce took over the job from bottom of the league Nottm Forest & beat us. New manager changes everything 'cos players have to prove themselves.

Having said that, it should be a 2-0 but like Sunday a little uncomfortable.

no.1 goon said...

go on wrighty tell them matey.
ive had enough of the crap aswell,
come you gunners stuff em....

Wrighty7 said...

I normally think these games will be tight, but if Arsenal start like they have rockets up their arses, we can really mash the Spuds.

Goon4Life said...

I hope you haven't jinxed us Wrighty! I agree though, Redknapp has been boasting about how they can pass the ball around as well as us, let's see them try tonight.

Certain results have gone our way this weekend, and if we can get a run of wins going we can almost erase the poor defeats to Fulham and Hull (Hull did deserve the win though tbf).

I'll be there tonight and promise to do my bit to raise the roof, hope my fellow gooners do the same.

Wrighty7 said...

Good shout Goon4life

Nischit said...

I wish you hadnt said that last bit about the birthday because today is my birthday. If we are clinical enough, n we start well, we should be able to beat them comfortably.

Wrighty7 said...

Happy birthday mate and I hope the 7-0 win is a nice present for you!

Frichie said...

Im gettin nervous, but i know we can smash them, just cos they think they riding high again after bolton!!!. There has been a lot of fighting talk, and I am expecting a big game from Cesc tonight. Denilson also needs to play like he did in the CC previously. anyone going to the game 'sing your hearts out' and enjoy!

C'mon the GUNNERS!!!!

GoonerDenmark said...

Today's my birthday too:).

My biggest present today was a new watch, but i would trade it away anytime for a 3 or 4-0 drubbing of the scums..

Please let it be a great birthday! Go Gunners!

Well said Wrighty! No more nonsense from the other side of London, let's shut 'em up tonight, once and for all!

gt said...

Tomorrow is my b-day; gimme an early present lads! Go Gunners!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. You are such a bunch of c**nts. Why not eat that then? no?

Goon4Life said...


I'm not usually one to single out players for criticism, but I'll make an exception tonight. Manuel Almunia you should be ashamed of yourself, you were barely tested tonight yet you let in 4 goals. This problem needs to be addressed, a defence needs to have confidence in their 'keeper, and who could have confidence in him?

I love Wenger, but he doesn't have an eye for goalkeepers, we could have signed Kameni or Ustari this summer, but he kept faith in Almunia and it has cost us tonight.

In my pre-game post I said if we got our act together our poor start could be forgotten, but a few more performances like that and we can forget the title. Maybe we can already forget about it?

Sorry for being negative but I'm not long back from the game and have to get up in 5 hours and go to work where I sit in between two Sp*rs fans.

As I mentioned at the beginning of my post...fuck.

Good work on the blog Wrighty, keep it up mate, but maybe tip us to get stuffed next time!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wengers past it. Arsenal will never win another trophy under this man. Fooballs moved on and left Wenger behind. Two words that will tell you the ambition of Wenger, "Allmunia" "Song". Enough said

Anonymous said...

oh wrighty when will you learn to just be quiet.. admit it you had this coming..

that's three years without a trophy and three games and counting since you've beaten us..

Anonymous said...

No players can be singled out for critisism. Wenger was a tactical disaster tonight.

Walcott was causing havoc down the right all night, Redknapp brought Lennon on to match Walcotts pace. what does wenger do, replace him with eboue.

RVP was tearing spurs to shreads. adebayor was terrible. what does wenger do, replace RVP.

Song should of never of been brought on, diaby yes, but for denilson, not nasri.

3 of spurs goals came from long shots, there was no tracking back or closing down, once again highlighting the fact WE DO NEED A FUCKING NATURAL DM.

We cant go on shipping goals like this. Almunia cant be held responsible. Hes saved us the last 3 games, he cant do it every game.

The defence looked solid spurs never threatened until they shot. That was upto to the defence to stop.

Wenger is to blame no1 else.

Im disgusted. We dont have the right balance, Wenger continues to play 4 attacking mids and we cant defend from the midfield. it leaves the defence exposed all the time. Denilson never tracks back, cesc looks knackered after 60mins every match cos hes doing two players jobs. Songs shit.


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha , u fucking wankers i lkie the chicken dance that spearchucker and the rapist did, real class , four goals from english players, and a english manager, how do u feel, hahahahaahahah champions league? the league?/ no way , uefa cup for those half wits, hahahhahahah sack the nonce and start again u cunts , c o y s,, yids for life

Anonymous said...

so is that another trophy gone? it's getting embarrassing. all that money coming in and we can't win a thing. Wenger has to go. Any other club would have binned him now and got someone in who's not away with the fairies

Anonymous said...

From the Delray Beach office of Harry's Blue and White Army.......Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha....with an extra dash of glory, glory!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You've got a world class manager and some of you are slagging him off coz you got a draw against a rejuvinated Spurs?

You're a disgrace to your club. Show some dignity for goodness sake.

Yours, el.

Anonymous said...

hahhahaah u wankers, been to work , winding up u sausage lovers is so fun , what a bunch of cunts u all are, was that the arsenal ladies team in disguise?? oh fabregas what a wanker, hahahahhahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhah


Unlucky lads. Is that the first team to score 4 at the Emirates? AMAZING SCENES!

BimitarDerbatov said...

this is hilarious..