Sunday, 19 October 2008

First Vieira, then Henry, now Cesc. Will it ever end?

Cesc Fabregas must be getting pretty pissed off having to answer questions about his future all the time.

It seems that everyday a new story is published about his future and he has to keep coming out to deny the rumours.

Everything he says is taken out of context and I'll readily admit that I have fallen for some of the rumours.

The poor lad can't win. If he doesn't respond and remains silent on the issue then he is leaving. If he does respond then he will only have to repeat himself again in the near future.

Fabregas shouldn't have to keep announcing that he is happy at Arsenal. I'm going to take his word for it and I will never doubt him again over these rumours. If he is leaving I'm sure he will be the first to let us Gooners know.

It seems that the media have an agenda with Arsenal's players. It used to be that Vieira was always about to walk out on us, then Henry was continually linked with a move away and now it is the next superstar at Arsenal, Fabregas.

Will this constant hounding of Arsenal's best players ever end? I was worried that Fabregas would be influenced into moving away from Arsenal but someone quite rightly pointed out that Cesc is not easily led. Thank god that he isn't.

He is very strong-minded and a determined individual. When he says he is happy at Arsenal I believe him.

The rumours will never go away about his future but I'm convinced that whatever comes from Fabregas' mouth is true. No more jumping the gun from me. He is happy at Arsenal and is surely the next captain.

Keep it Goonerish...............


Marko said...

Will it ever end? Fuck no it won't end. As long as we keep making good players great and as long as teams like Milan and Madrid just buy players instead of developing them it won end. But in fairness what also won't end is players who leave us and end up regretting it.

Wrighty7 said...

Your right there Marko

Anonymous said...

Trouble is success helps keep players happy & unfortunately Arsenal's lack of silverware can turn players heads.

Anonymous said...

It will never end, the jurnos have nothing better to do. Just ignore and believe that Fab will stay. He responded amazingly fast to those comments about his future, so he will let us know if he wants to leave first, not through the media. Hes more than an amazing footie player, hes a good bloke and as arseblogger puts it "the master of the universe"

Just relax and look at the Spuds. My mate is practically in tears after Stoke haha

Anonymous said...

I think these journo scum should be required to face the victims of their BS every 6 months before being allowed to renew their "license" to report on football.

They should be required to walk down a passageway lined with their victims holding baseball bats.

Another suitable sanction would be that a publication that publishes lies like this should face a publishing ban for x number of issues, just like a red card earns a player a ban.

Dreaming, I know, but such lovely thoughts.................

and these miserable scrotal discharges honestly expect the public to take their side against Joe Kinnear?

LOL, not even close, GO JOE!!!!!


Anonymous said...

No mate it wont. It will be cesc now, it was jackyboy the other week with apparently inter wanting to poach him next will be theo as he got 20months left on his contract.

I think the media percieve us as a selling club. They are intent on publishing bullshit just so if it happens they can say they said it 1st.

Manure dont have this problem as Fergie doesnt give interviews after certain areas of the media talk shite.

I wish they would link Denilson and Eboue with a move away. Iv had enough of watching them.

Afc4Life said...

It probably will never end, it's bullshit stories like that which sell papers. The only way to stop them is to stop buying the papers, or a great deal of the Football sites which just recycle the same bullshit stories.

Cesc is a quality player, and deserves to be competing for the title and the Champion's League. If he can do that with us that would be great, but if he can't he'll go elsewhere. I think he knows that Wenger is the best manager for him in terms of improving as a player. However I think we all know deep down that he'll return to Spain one day, I just hope it's not for a good few years yet.

If he does go we'll survive, like we did when Petit, Overmars, Vieira, Pires , Henry etc left, no one player is bigger than Arsenal. The only person who could come close to claiming that is Wenger, he's the one I worry about going!

Anonymous said...

Dude, I don't even read your shit. I just logged on to slate you, after seeing your latest headline. You are the simplest, most-brainless type of football fan. I know that sounds really harsh - and truth hurts - but I think people like you, sadly, make up the majority of the online market. It's plebs like you I design internet sites for, because you make up the majority. Get a life, you headline whore!

Anonymous said...

You must have a lot of time on your hands to bother coming to a site just to "slate" the person. This blog is hardly about getting hits. If you can't see that, you're dumber than you claim the author of this blog is.

Anonymous said...

Wrighty mate why do you even bother, pal?

You go out of your way to talk about the team you love, you add humour, honesty and validility, and people come on here as anonymous and continue to slag you off.

I know it wont do me any favours, but maybe you should consider policing your site like Le Grove does. Stop the anons and keep up the good work mate, i enjoy your blog, its one of the best on newsnow.

Fuck you anons who come on here just to cause trouble. We know your all Spuds fans.

How bad do you feel guys?

How bad is the triangle joke?

How bad will the triangle joke be when it still works in November?

Anonymous said...

I think wenger should do a complete media ban for the rest of the season, no interviews, no reporters at the training ground, fuck them all, i know it wont happen but it would be nice, or else the next time one of the gobnshite reporters asks the cesc question, have him removed forcibly if nessecary.

Anonymous said...

The anon with the media ban comment, you are right mate.

Thats what fergie does. I think he only allows ITV and Sky to do his interviews.

Thats why you dont see him on MOTD.

Anyone who makes up stories he refuses to speak to.

Its the only way to end it.

No more interviews no more reports. And if they do you know its definately shite, and sue the fuckers.

Wrighty7 said...

Cheers anon 22:05

carlyluvsunited said...

Hello Mr. Do ya wanna swap links ? I keep reading this blog, one of the better Arsenal ones ;-)

Anonymous said...

Buy British! Not spanishm french or any other nationality unless they are on high enough wages...

With an english backbone of players that love the club this will not keep on happening. look at gerrard, giggs, scholes, lampard, cole (joe of course) do they ALL want to play in Spain or Italy? Only Lampard even got close... Arsenal have bought cheap but its cost them success in the long run as these young foreign starlets always want to leave.

Anonymous said...

Wrighty, good posted mate.
I don't think it'll never end and i've heard same thing with Walcott.

Anonymous said...

First post Marko

you didn't develop Fabregas though did you

in fact most of your side have been bought - so don't kid yourself

what madrid/milan do is no worse than what you do to Barca's youth team


Ma said...

And did you read the papers about Walcott not negotiating a new contract? The media seem only concerned to help the agents of footballers to get a more lucrative contract, and stir up trouble.

carlyluvsunited said...

Awwwwww, you're very kind. Send your email to me so I contact you through there okie dokie ;-)

Mine is

Anonymous said...

1 Cesc. bs is just click raking he has no choice to after 2010 & yes it will end after we are bought & no longer short on cash