Saturday, 25 October 2008

Did Gallas actually kill anyone with that cigarette?

NO he didn't, but judging by some people's reactions you would have thought that he'd gone on a mass murdering spree poking people to death with his zippo lighter.

I'll admit it wasn't Gallas' finest hour, getting caught like that was stupid. He should have hid round the back of the bike sheds, it worked for me, I never got caught at school.

At the end of the day it hasn't done Billy any favours with Gooners but was it really that bad? Lot's of people smoke, it isn't a big deal.

People will say he's supposed to be a role-model to kids, well Gallas smoking or not smoking wouldn't influence them anyway. Kids OR anyone else will smoke because their mates do OR maybe because they want to.

I think there is a band-wagon forming about Gallas and lots of people are jumping on it. Any little mistake he makes is high-lighted to the extreme. Birmingham incident aside I can't work out why, but my main suspicion is because he used to play for Chelsea.

People say he isn't the right captain for the club, well who is? Arsene Wenger seems to think that he is and as it happens, so do I.

We can't keep comparing Gallas to captains of the past. Tony Adams IS the greatest captain of all time at Arsenal, but he was one of a kind. You will never see a captain like Adams again at the club in our life-time so its unfair to keep comparing the two. Its like comparing chalk and cheese.

I sometimes think that some Gooners can't wait for Gallas to slip up just to say I told you so, had it been Toure caught with a snout most Gooners would have probably laughed.

Lets not make a scapegoat out of him, although I fear that it's too late for that already.

Keep it Goonerish............


Tom14 said...

For once you are right Wrighty. He is hated by soo many fans. I cannot understand why. Nobody gave a shit when van Persie was caught smoking (although there was no photo) but when the horrid vicious ex-Chelsea title winner does it, blimey. World War III!

Arseblogger is one of those who are to blame. The mindless nuts who go with the wing all gang on Gallas and his "anti-everything other than Cesc and Kolo" agenda is destroying the sanity of football supporters.

Thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

completely agree, he got caught with a cigarette, so what its not like he was doing crack or started a sex party romp like many of todays players do *cough* cristiano ronaldo* cough.. i dont get why the majority of arsenals fans are always on his case and want him to leave.. he did score some vital goals for us and we do need him concerning depth and experience in our squad.. btw van persie got caught smoking too.. anyway lets put this rubbish aside and focus on tomorrows game, i think we will win, the squad looks like they feel very confident which is good so GO GUNNERS!! cheers

Anonymous said...

agree with u tom this anti-everything other than cesc and kolo pisses me off, arseblogger is an idiot, as much as i love cesc, i dont see anyone go against when he makes some of his unesscessary remarks on his future publicly and when fans do say something about cesc on his remarks arseblog and his gang and many fans go completely nuts and call you anti-arsenal because you are critizing a player while they do it to gallas whenever they get a chance

Von Strangeduck said...

It just shows you the arrogance that today's footballers carry. I am the occasional reefer smoker myself but I let the PS3 controller do the talking on Pro Evo. I don't play top flight football every week.
Also with Gallas's current form being rubbish he should be more careful because people will use everything against him when he makes the next mistake.

TOPGUN said...

You are right in this article Wrighty, as usual I must say.

Gallas IS a scapegoat, it is so obvious to see.

People need to get off his back. Most are hypocrites, when Arsenal were leading the league he was seen as the best thing since sliced bread.

Anonymous said...

Wrighty, i think its more of a combination of things that make it a big issue and why fans are quick to jump on him.

1. He came from Chelsea as part of the Cashley scandal
2. He was given the 10 shirt
3. He was given the captaincy ahead of Gilberto.
4. Last season at Birmingham.
5. Hes been shit this season.
6. He goes out on the piss and smokes and gets caught when he's supposed to, as captain of arsenal, set a good example to the others.

Wenger demands a good routine when your an arsenal player and if the captain isnt pulling his weight on and off the pitch, theres going to be much flack thrown gallas way.

Theres been much talk of complacent players in our squad. Gallas proves everyone right. Hes been poor this season and admited it and just been out injured. A professional captain would of been training like hell to prove his worth and sticking to the regime and getting his head down.

A ciggie doesnt kill anyone, no, it doesnt, but its the perception of the event. It shows his attitude is slack and he believes he is untouchable. One of the main problems we have.

If we were flying at the top of the league and gallas was a rock at the back i wouldnt care what he smoked, but we arent and he isnt and it takes the piss our captain has such an unprofessional attitude when his performnces are under the spotlight.

Most players smoke, pires smoked, i dont care. But when your supposed to be a captain at a top 4 club and your suppose to be gaining your fitness back after an injury, the last thing the fans want to see is you out on the razz with abit of fluff, damaging your lungs.

It reminds me of Barca 2 years ago. Many great players but all party boys and the team suffered.

Gallas needs to pull his finger out and if he wants to benefit the rewards of his fantastic wage, he must pull his weight on the pitch.

And it proves one last point. He is not worthy of the armband. He doesnt care. His heart is not with the gunners and he his not professional enough to compensate that.

LE GROVE said...

gallas is a thick ugly cunt , we dont want his sort at LE grove, thick piece of shit, go join bently at shite hart lane u CUNT

Anonymous said...

Agree 100%.....but the most important point why he is hated is that during 2006-07 season he used to say that 'Arsenal have all kids incapable to winning anything and I am a winner, so either Wenger buys some better players or I am off',....I remember almost all Gooners giving a "Fuck off" to Gallas, since then he was made captain and that Birmingham thing so it won't become any worse.

GoonerP said...

1-Was it his fault he played for Chelsea?

2-Wenger gave him the number ten shirt because he is a defender. It takes the pressure off a striker wearing it after Dennis Bergkamp

3-Gilberto hardly played last season, could this have had something to do with it?

4-I cant argue with that!

5-He's been better than Kolo

6-Cant answer that.

Anonymous said...

what a disgrace. hes CAPTAIN OF ARSENAL. what a joke. arrogant little cunt. our worst performer week in week out. and now this. shit role model, shit player. GET HIM OUT AND GIVE CESC THE CAPTAINCY. HES A REAL ROLE MODEL FOR KIDS. gallas has managed to turn kolo shit as well under his awful leadership.

i cant see how people can disagree with what im saying.

Anonymous said...

Yes, his behaviour is worthy of condemnation from every good Gooner.

It's absoluely shocking, this whole cigarette thing.

He should be doing what great Arsenal captains in the past have done and go out on the piss and train and play while drunk, that's way more responsible and worthy of respect than a cigarette...........


Anonymous said...


Le Grove said...

me and pedro rule the blogs tom you thick cunt

Anonymous said...

spot on, tom14

i can't imagine a so called arsenal fan always scold his captain

it is arseblogger the c**t, not willy gallas

Anonymous said...

Mike, times have changed since then. Players are payed much, much, much, more and its more of a proffesional game now. Its big money, high wage, high ticket price, premier league, not waterlogged pitch, hangover influenced,sunday league.
Adams may have been a party boy but he was a monster on the pitch and a great leader.
Wenger changed that culture when he arrived and the back 4 were immense well into their 30's.
Gallas is neither a monster on the pitch or a great leader.
He should professional about his conduct and be working hard to earn his wages and regain his form, hows he supposed to get fit after injury when he's out until the early hours abusing his body.
Its not just the cigarette, its the whole situation he is in.
Its totally unproffesional, and hes suppose to be our captain.
If we'd just won the league then yes, by all means, go out and enjoy yourself, but when your performances are shit and teams like Hull are showing you how its done, you should be sticking to the regime and pulling out all the stops to correct the situation. What chance do the rest of the team have if thats the attitude of the captain. The captain is suposed to carry the team when the chips are down like all great captains do, not the team carry the captain, its a disgrace.
The more we stick up for the players the more they will think they can get away with it. Wenger wont kick them up the arse so the fans need to.

Anonymous said...

Walcott got Henrys number. Cesc got Vieira's.

The Bergkamp thing isnt even why Gallas got the 10. He got it because he's a diva who wanted it.

The 10 shirt is supposed to be your best player. Gallas wanted it as he though he was going to be the best player. Same with the captaincy. Wenger gave in to Gallas demands as to not upset him.
Hes a baby. He proved it at chelsea and hes doing it again here.

Anonymous said...

Come on wrighty do a write up about the west ham game i wanna talk about it.

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