Monday, 20 October 2008

Mourinho in the Arsenal hot seat?

Arsene Wenger's contract at Arsenal ends in 2011 and he has admitted it will be a check point in his career.

From Wenger's perspective it could be the right time to take on a national job, such as Germany or obviously France.

It will leave a huge void the day Arsene Wenger decides to leave Arsenal and a strong character would be needed to fill the gap. Jose Mourinho is a strong character but would Gooners take to him?

Love him or hate him, it can't be denied that he is a good manager but his style of play isn't the type that would appease the Arsenal faithful.

Mourinho has stated that he wants to return to England when he ends his time at Inter Milan. I think he would relish the opportunity to take on a job like Arsenal. But could he succeed without the huge funds he had at Chelsea?

I've said in the past that I'd like someone to continue the Wenger way of football, someone like Slaven Bilic appeals to me but he hasn't been tested in the day to day running of a football club.

Whenever Le Boss leaves it will be a very sad day for Arsenal football club but I'm sure he will have some say in who succeeds him.

Would any Gooners accept Mourinho as the next Arsenal manager?

Keep it Goonerish....................


Anonymous said...

a fuckin shit article based on nothing from the shittest writer wrighty

Me said...

Are you out of your cotton picking tree - that would never happen.

Anonymous said...

Pointless post.

Anonymous said...

again, a piece of shit from a fat pie

Anonymous said...

you fuckin cunt

Anonymous said...

Actually a good valid point however, like a player if a manager we have despised in the past, comes in and we start winning trophies again, how many of us would actually moan. Tis very easy mocking the article and I can only assume that we must have been Sp*rs supporters in the past

chisty said...

you keep it goonerish you fucking twat

Wrighty7 said...

It's just an opinion. If you have a valid argument then leave a comment, if not then dont bother.

I've never moderated because I feel I can take the stick given by some.

I suppose you feel brave behind your computer screen typing under an anon comment.

Ole Gunner said...

You're a moron. Close down your stupid blog.

TOPGUN said...

Put two and two together;

Wenger leaving in 2011

Mourinho contract ends in 2011.

It the article based on nothing? I think not and I think its a good article.

Keep it up Wrighty, ignore these 11 year olds.

Anonymous said...

Thats nice Ole Gunner, dont you write on Arsenal-Mania?

Nice way to treat a fellow blogger.

Ole Gunner said...

Having a bad morning, come over to Wrighty, and what do we have? A needless article about Moaninho to Arsenal.

But I apologise. And I don't write at Arsenal-Mania.

Yong said...

Good article, Wrighty. I read about Mourinho want to come back to England this morning and I have the exactly same thought as you. However, I wish he would never be the Arsenal's manager because he will "destroy" Arsene's attacking style and build with his own style.

Anonymous said...

Mourinho would be a disaster imo

His ego is just too big

A plastic club or dreamers like spurs would suit him better


Anonymous said...

He might destroy the style but we might win something

Anonymous said...

No doubt he is a winner, great coach, great manager. At Porto, Chelsea, even now at Inter, he is leading the team at top of the table. But could anyone guarantee that he will win something after he "destroy" something? Could you?

Starting11 said...

Crap speculation.

Anonymous said...

lets hope wenger does a fergie and stays with arsenal 4ever.

Anonymous said...

Wrighty, how old are you mate? c'cos honestly the crap you write is the nonesense that comes out of a ten year old. mourinho? its as ridiculous as suggesting Fergie will take over.

I dont want to have a pop on sites, but i check all the gooner stuff on Newsnow and yours is consistently pointless.

Anonymous said...

Whether you agree with Wrighty or not, and I don't think he is saying it should happen, he is just making a suggestion, why do certain posters think it is ok to be so aggressive and rude?
Would you say that to someone's face? What is the matter with you people?It's a harmless article/argument that does NOT deserve the vitriolic abuse that is being dished out.

no.1 goon said...

if you dont like what wrighty is writing why bother coming on here and posting?
its a good point but let me put it this way"NO WAY JOSE".
Whoever come's in will have to play with the same style.
im not paying 1090.00 a season to watch a team lump the ball up the pitch a hundred times agame.
i like the attacking football to much now to go back to the george graham days.

Anonymous said...

I really wouldn't like maureen at Arsenal.

As far as AW goes, I think he has a quite strong dislike of international footie, so I'm hoping that keeps him with us for a while yet.


Anonymous said...

Wrighty7 continues his stupid headlines. How far did you have to go up your arse to pull this out of? Mourinho to Arsenal? Now you're just being a stupid cunt. You've completely stopped trying.

Anonymous said...

Read the post properly, he is not at all speculating or making stuff up, just a suggestion/opinion, and wants an honest opinion on from us gooners about who will succeed arsene!

and what is this abt this site having pointless article. That's part of blogs, some serious arsenal stuff and also light hearted ones. It's Wrighty's blog he can write whatever the fuck he wants, you got a problem then stop coming on here.

keep up the good work on this blog Wrighty

Oh and by the way, i really dont want mourinho to be our next manager, i hate that guy ever since he called arsene a voyeur!

Anonymous said...

Depends if the current board are still in power. Yes if it were to happen Mourinho's name would be touted about and yes he would have full control of footballing affairs. However, i think Mourinho is a stronger personality than Wenger and this may not suit with the board if it remains current

Spike said...


Time to call it a day fella.

Nope, no way, no chance! Close this blog down, you have completely lost the effin plot son.


Shut the fuck up! Are you having a midlife crisis?

This c*nt? After all he did and tried to do to the club, Wenger, do I even need to justify myself???

Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeez! I'm gutted for you mate.

Anonymous said...

will u all take a chill pill we need to win something in 2009 or 2010 or we will have no FUCKING MANAGER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

naijarsenal said...

don't mind them wrighty. i quite agree with you. if Ferdinand can suggest Mourinho as a replacement for Fergie, why can't he also be replace Le Boss.
Don't mind the hypocrites- they all can profess that he is a good coach.
By 2011, arsenal should have cleared most of its debt, so we should be big spenders by that time

Anonymous said...

Would mourinho be such a bad idea?

I think this personal vendenta against wrighty is cowardly.

If you dont like the blog then dont read it and dont comment shit when the blog is meant to be for debate.

If you disagree say so and give a valid reason. Wrightys comment is just an opinion. If you dont have a valid one and just want to mouth off go on a spurs site.

Wrighty i think it would be a good idea for Jose to come here. the fans would warm to him the same we warmed to big sol. Hes one of the best managers around and hes done it at porto, chelsea and if he does it at inter it would definately make him a contender.

In my opinion though i dont think wenger will quit. He'll do a fergie and stay to watch his kids peak. By 2011, most of our squad will be coming of age and playing their best football. Cesc 24, Nasri 24 clichy 27 ramsey 20 Vela 22 theo 22. I think wenger will stick around to watch these lads dominate the league.

It wouldnt suprise me if he signed another contract. Hes done all the hard work developing them i cant see him walking away when they will be finally ready.

pratYk said...

Tony Adams as the Manager .. Dennis Bergkamp as 2nd mate ...

GoonerGerry said...

The day Mourinho takes over as manager is the day I stop supporting Arsenal. I've been a fan since way back in the 60's. During that time, we've often been unsuccessful, often boring to watch, sometimes both. For most of that time, that mob up Seven Sisters Road were noted for the quality of their football. For the last 12 years though, we've been treated to the most spectacular free-flowing footy on the planet. How you can even think of reverting to the dull, safety-first percentage football Mourinho's teams serve up (not to mention the cynical cheating they indulge in) is beyond me.

scottpuffin said...

HAHA! You've got a few live ones on tonight Wrighty.

Interesting article. I'd be happy with Mourinho, very defensive and dull but he does get the job done.

doggies dangles said...

wrighty u fucking thick cunt, do us a favr + fuck ur self, dont come back now u hear

Spike said...

Oh dear!

Looks like there's some right Glory hunters on here judging by the fact they'd be happy with a slimy devious twat like Mourinho in charge.

So, him and Kenyon tapping up our players, calling the boss alsorts, buying up every effin player goin, assembling a squad of the biggest bunch of mercenaries since Kelly's Heroes and basically being a hideous cunt means nothing then?

Obviously not.

Goonergerry; well said fella.

Connolly's agent said...

You're forgetting the other part of this equation - would Mourinho want to manage Arsenal? At this point, we'd still have the Emirates debt over our heads and we'll have a tight budget. Plus the fact that his ego would have to accept that any success with his inherited squad would be attributed to Wenger.

In 2011, Mourinho would probably be managing Super Duper Utd of America, who plays homes games in Toyko, Singapore and Los Angeles and has a huge golden statue of his arse in front of the players' race, which the palyers must kiss and polish before running onto the pitch...

And not at the Arsenal.

Anonymous said...

Spike are you forgetting the fact that Wenger taps up every youngster that has talent.

If Wenger does go, who would you rather have? Who would be the best man for the job?

By 2011 we will have a brilliant squad and a massive stadium and will be regarded as one of the best teams in the world.

Grudges shouldnt come in to it. We need a big name to take over, someone whos been there and done it and can do it again.

Im not saying Mourinho is definately the man. But he's a good option.

We need a worldclass name to keep us a worldclass club.

Glory hunting is nothing to do with it, its the fact that when wenger leaves the club could suffer and all the hard work could be undone, and we need a man in charge that will make sure this wont happen.

Who would you like? Because wenger wont last forever you know.

You chastize the mourinho opinion yet you dont have one of your own!!

Wrighty7 said...

The simple reason for the post is;

Would any Gooners accept Mourinho as the next Arsenal manager?

I'm not backing him 100%, its just a question that I thought I'd pose to my fellow Gooners.

Spike said...

I didnt't see the contract that stated I have to give a viable alternative to the slimeball Mourinho, sorry, I'll check the small print!

I don't see the point in speculating about a possible manager for THREE effin years time. The way that managers are flavour of the month, then disapear, it seems pretty pointless and the question was, would Gooners want mourinho anyways!

Oh OK then......

Erm, I'll go for van basten with Bergkamp as his number 2, Keown as the defensive coach, Seaman as the goalie coach, George graham dealing with contracts and agents fees, Parlour in charge of bibs and cones, and Adams can be the coach driver.

Anonymous said...

Spike, I've seen you on other blogs and you NEVER have anything decent to say.


Wrighty7 said...

I get it all the time Scottpuffin!

Spike said...

I couldnt give a flying fuck what some twat who hasnt even got the balls to put a name to anything he says on an effin blog site has to say.

I mean, how absolutely pathetic do you have to be to be like that?


Wrighty gets pure grief on here from clowns who hide behind the blog equivalent of their mum's skirts, yet knows when I say shit, there aint no malice involved.

Anonymous said...

When Arsene leaves I can see only one person who could fill his void: Martin O'Neill.

Peter File said...

I don't know why so many people are having a go, if you didn't like the look of the story, don't click on the links. Some people have way too much time on their hands.

As for the article itself, I would hate to see Mourinho at Arsenal. We had enough years of grinding out results with George Graham. Whilst he and his team provided me with the best night of my life as a Gooner (Anfield '89 of course), I would hate to see an end to the Wenger style of play.

Ultimately Mourinho has a record that a lot of managers would envy. His main issue is that he is a complete and utter cunt.

Marko said...

Fuck that Wrighty. He's overrated and I hate Mourinho, wherever he goes he brings baggage and bullshit. More importantly he'd have us playing shite like all the teams he's been at. Fuck Mourinho. And fuck Spurs they're shit.

Anonymous said...

i think the reason some come on here and attack this blog is coz we click on all links via newsnow but this one is always SHIT! its nothing personal, just a fact that wrighty7 can't write or have an intelligent thought in his head about the goons - which is why the debates always revolve around whether he is shit or not. which he is. sorry matey!

Anonymous said...

Leave the man alone for fuck sake!!

He dont write shit!! Its the people who write articles about how messi is coming to arsenal or arsenal sign the next pele. Thats the biggest bullshit on arsenal newsnow not Wrighty7

Anonymous said...

Mourinho will only want a cash rich club, think Man City, not a financially restrained club like ours... My impression had been that he is eyeing for Hughes' post

Ollie said...

Wrighty Mate, I think the answer to your post is no.

I think I'm in a minority here, but I wouldn't mind Mourinho here. Not for too long, but I think that maybe just to shake things up a bit when Wenger leaves.

However, saying that, I cant see this happening. Obviously there wouldn't be a great response to this and with the club owned by shares and whatever they board would want to see what the shareholders want, and by extension the fans, because the last thing they'll want is the shareholders all giving in at once, because the club would collapse. So I think they would probably go for a more stable choice, someone like Van Basten, Guus Hiddink, ect.

Keep it up mate, really interesting idea, and those with half a brain realise that it is a thought provoking post, a bit like if an Arsenal player signed for Spurs (Please no) then wanted to come back, would we take them? Probably not, but if you said it on your own site then what gives others the right to come on anonymously and bash your ideas? Keep up the good work, I for one think its a great blog :)

Anonymous said...

just remember that Arsene Wenger likes the younsters for promotion,but Mourinho likes to pay big money

Anonymous said...

Will Mourinho come to Arsenal ?
Does Wrighty write shit?

Anonymous said...

i hate the guy but he's one of the best manager around at the moment but he might kill our way of playing. Mr Adam would be best replacement. we can only hope Mr Wenger would stay forever in Arsenal.

Kee Ming said...

I would love mourinho to be at Arsenal eventually. Those who slammed him forgot how he turned slightly above average Porto side into European champions? you work with what you have. If you have tons of money, no reason not to splash it.

But what i hate are fucking shit headlines like this article.

Are you desperate for hits? This is not the first time you do this. Attention grabbing headlines backed by hot air.

Anonymous said...

Easy choice for someone to replace teh great Wenger.

BERGKAMP by then he would of had coaching experiance and would love to come back and be a great manager for the Arsenal.

Wrighty7 said...

Kee Ming are you confused?

You say you'd love Mourinho at Arsenal then slam the article!

I don't understand your comment. Your not following the brave anon bandwagon by any chance are you?

Fab Phil said...

I would take Mourinho.

The same morons who call you a cunt Wrighty, are the very children who scream about us not winning trophies for 3 years.

I want AFC to be a winning team, and Moaninho is a winner ..... Big Time.

He will not be interested in playing kids who have yet to develop. Would he allow Denilson/Song/Eboue in his teams?
No Way.

Gunner999 said...

ummm, I got a feeling Tony Adams and DB10 could be manager options by that time.

I like Mourinho as he is a winner, but hate his play style, is just so damn boring.

Wenger seems to spend a lot of time working on the future of the club, I would find it very hard to beleive that he hasnt got a few replacements in mind already for the managers role.

He wants his legacy to continue, he wont let Wengerball die because he has retired.

GeorgeSydAust said...

If that long ball, negative football playing, arrogant prick had anything to do with Arsenal I think I'd start following lawn bowls instead.

Anonymous said...

not a bad idea. Mourinho will instill the winning mentality whcih we lack in the lads and we will start winning. I dont what the fuck Mourinho did or said in the past. As long as he comes and delivers results I will be happy.

Anonymous said...

bollocks ... moaninho will first make sure that no1 from the youth team makes it to the first team ... since moaninho who has made it from the reserves/youth team to first team @Chelsea ?
and seriously, do u think the board (who dearly love/respect Arsene) will recruit a person who calls Arsene "voyeur" publicly?

if u have nothing worthwhile to write dont post; these articles will get you the respect of CaughtOffside , nothing else -- that is something which of course you wont want.


keeming said...

WRighty, Im not confused at all. I would love it if Mourinho take charge eventually. He is extremely charismatic and a winner through and through.

What I dislike is your shit-stirring headline, weaving liberal dosage of conjecture with facts to substantiate.

Fact #1: Wenger contract ends in 2011.

Fact #2: Mourinho says he would like to return to Premier league someday.

Magical conclusion: MOURINHO COMING TO ARSENAL *clap* *clap!*

similar to the hundreds of CaughtOffside, TribalFootball headlines.

Im not slamming the article in particular. Its the headline im opposed to.

Anonymous said...

A post to generate add clicks. Get a real job or at least half a brain

Anonymous said...

Wenger should never leave he should manage it til death even on a respirator. AND he should be buried under the pitch

Anonymous said...

Wrighty, I thought exactly the same thing when I read Mourinho's comments. He is a proven winner which is what we need. Sadly, Wenger seems too pre occupied with his youth team experiment to bother about silverware any more and the board are too afraid to manage the coach effectively for fear he'll bugger off - all very worrying. The current maliaise reminds me of the painful last days of Graham. I'm no Mourinho fan but he could bring back a winning mentality to a squad and club who have driffed into a winless comfort zone.

Wrighty7 said...

Kee Ming I still think you are confused mate.

Why slam the headline? Its there to attract people to the article mate.

What would you suggest I should have written then pal?

Anonymous said...

mmmm, the idea of Mourinho in charge of Arsenal? No thank you! Bilic would be great as would van basten. I have a feeling that when Wenger does decide to move on he will get an assistant in to replace him first. Let the guy sit with him for a couple of years first.

Anonymous said...

u arseholes must have nothing better 2 do than slag ppl off and criticise, if u dnt like it fuck off sumwer else and read wat u want 2, the lad was only voicing an opinion. i for 1 wudnt mind mourinho comng in, wer gonna need a big personality to take the team and the club out of St. Arsene's shadow wen he leaves

Anonymous said...

Maureen, never.

Bergy, now theres a future Arsenal manager :)

Murder Mooqs said...

how can you even think of arsene's departure fuck sake man everytime i hear arsene and his contract i get shivers down my body because i would hate to see him leave us after so many many years and i also think that he proberbly could try and help us with a suitable and a good replacement. but for mourinho he is a really quality manager but under arsenal no thank you. Slaven Bilic is a good and very disciplined manager but i cant even see him there i cant picture nobody i know of. SO...... ONLY ARSENAL AND ARSENE WENGER WOULD HAVE AN IDEA JUST LIKE THEY BRANG HIM THEY WILL BRING ANOTHER SUPERB AND AMAZING UNLIKE ANY OTHER MANAGER REPLACEMENT BUT I HOPE HE STAYS ON FOR LONGER LIKE SIR ALEX FERGUSON. BUT TILL THAT DAY OF WENGER'S DEPARTURE ITS ARSENAL+ARSENE WENGER FOR LIFE... KILL ME THE DAY I STOP SUPPORTING THE GUNNNERSS!!!!!! COME ON ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul said...

Mourinho? I can't see it happening. Firstly, his teams play very differently to Arsene's ones - sounds like a daft thing for the board to think about, but I bet they would. Secondly, I don't think he would come here. If he does return to the PL, I reckon it'd be to Chelsea. I dunno, I just don't think it'd happen...

Who else? I don't know. Adams would be a popular choice I think. Bergkamp would be too, but I don't think it's such a good idea due to his fear of flying, as he wouldn't be able to get to some European away days.

Anonymous said...

Spike you sound really disturbed did you catch your mum masterbating when you were 12. Now your 13 it must still haunt you terribly.

Van Basten hasnt won anything, Bilic hasnt won anything you thick twat. Great idea. Lets have a manager who doesnt win anything to replace the man that didnt win anything in his last 6 years at the club.

And you forgot one thing.

You as water boy!!! Cockey cunt.

Anonymous said...

Wrighty has merely expressed an opinion, and some of you are slating him for it. What are you doing? Firstly Mourinho is an exceptional manager, who outwitted our Wenger many times....secondly, what would you rather. Someone who doesn't know the premiership and what it takes to win, or a individualy who knows what it takes and gives us the best possible chance post Wenger. Personally I never Want Wenger to leave (just like Adams, Wright, Vieira, Pires etc) but it will happen. And I for one would support Mourinho as a replacement as he has pedigree in the champions league and premiership and will attract players. Furthermore, Wenger's one failure is inability to understand defensive importance. No team wins without the best defence, and this my fellow Gooners is Mourinho's surely he is a great option. I would take a more defensive approach (we still loved George Graham)in order to win the premiership again or the CL..fact!!

zaher said...

what a controversial article u've made dude..anyway arigato 4 those who still believe the future loss of Arsene of Arsenal will be a massive sadness 2 all gooner's die hard fans..i think mourinho will never be succeed at Emirates as he lacks quality to 'polish' Arsenal's next golden generation, he only managed to do well at chelski coz of golden age players such as lampardy & makaleley.
Hence, that 'special one' must be avoided 2 b listed as arsenla's next manager or he'll b da 'darkest one'here.. KURYU

keeming said...

Sorry Wrighty. its your blog after all, you can write all the headlines you want. In the cold light of day, i realise it isn't that much of a big deal. (it still gnaws at me, sorry)

Im an Arsenal fan from Singapore (no, we are not part of China, or Malaysia), I was lucky enough to be able to make a trip to Emirates in its first year to see us register 24 attempts at goal and score none against CSKA. In the same week, I sat with the Upton park fans (the only ticket I could get my hands on) only to see us crash 1-0 in the 89th.

I love Wenger as much as most of us do. But there is this sinking feeling that he has brought us as far as he could.

How can this squad compare to the class of Pires, Vieria, Henry, Bergkamp, Ljunberg? Even our current crown jewel Cesc is a shade inferior to the legends mentioned above.

Which other top team has such a sub-standard keeper as first choice? And a super-sized ego/non-existent first touch striker? And a clueless should-I-shoot-should-I-cross-oh-no-I-lost-the-ball-again right mid? (Eboue, not Theo) Yet he persists with the lot.

We rarely win much trophies, even at the best of times. However, we always lose with class and a wide grin. Currently we have the worst of both worlds - We are casually dropping points and playing like shit mostly.

Yet Arsene keep pulling wool over our eyes - "the squad as enough quality to overcome any obstacles". Assuring indeed!

Im not suggesting sacking him. That is insane. He has "bought enough time" for us to indulge him in his thought experiments for a while more.

I wouldnt mind Mourinho. His cult of personality would win us things. Personally though, I would much rather Guus Hiddink take over.

Sorry for the long post.

Anonymous said...

He,s already been offered the GM job that could change after we are bought next year but i doubt it Gm or on the Board either way is good Arsenal run by AW with Trillion dollar owners Dubai please plus he,ll stay till 2014 anyway

Wrighty7 said...

Kee Ming,

No problem, and don't worry about the long post it had many valid points.

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