Monday, 27 October 2008

Harry Redknapp is at a "big club" now, so Tony Adams to take over at Pompey?

Harry Redknapp has left Pompey in the lurch again to take over a "big club". I'm confused because the last time I checked Tottenham Hotspur were NOT a big club, just a club living in the shadows of a truly big club, Arsenal. Anyway, enough of that.

With Mr Redknapp realising his dream, there is the small matter of a managerial opening down at Portsmouth. Could Tony Adams be the man to continue Redknapp's work on the south-coast?

Portsmouth are a smashing club. They have a good side down there and the Pompey faithful are some of the best fans you will find. They are loud and fanatical about Portsmouth, especially that nutter who has about 4567 Pompey tattoo's and a big blue wig. He actually frightens me.

Tony Adams could find himself in the second job of his dreams at Fratton Park, obviously the first job of his dreams would be becoming Arsenal manager. Nevertheless, I'd say Portsmouth would a good job for him to begin his Premiership managerial career.

Tony Adams wants to prove that he can succeed as the gaffer after his spell at Wycombe didn't end the way he'd have liked. We Gooners know how determined he is and his time at Wycombe will have hurt him because he is a winner.

Hopefully the door at Portsmouth may have opened for him to have another crack at managing. If the chance arises it will be a great opportunity for him to give it ago and show what he can do.

Arsene Wenger recently said that he expects some of his former players to give managing a crack, could Tony Adams step up to the plate at Portsmouth given the chance?

Who knows, if he takes over at Pompey and does a good job he might find himself in the Arsenal hot-seat one day.

Keep it Goonerish.............


Anonymous said...

I would love a post-match handshake between Arsene and Tony.

Anonymous said...

They reckon the reason the Sol Campbell abuse thing got dropped is because of the £5 mill the Spuds paid Pompey may be in jepardy out of order mate isn't it?

Darren, where's your mates Pedro and Geoff today?

I only read your site and theres but I cannot get there's up.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy our away trips to Pompey and the fans down there are great, I really hope Tony gets the job as it would be great for him to be succesful and hopefully one day take over from Arsene.

I have nothing but admiration for the fans of portsmouth and can not believe Redknapp left them for Spurs. I hope portsmouth go onto better things without him.

Spike said...

Tony Adams must've pissed someone off at Arsenal, otherwise he'd have been around the club in some capacity before now IMO.

He'd also have been at Dennis's testimonial too.


Anonymous said...

i only fear that tottenham have got their hopes up after the win against Bolton and will be extra motivated, now that they are playing us, and the pressure is on us, not them.

what do you think wrighty??

should i be this anxious? :/

Wrighty7 said...

I'm sure Harry was fuming at the Spuds the other day. Funny how things change when a pound note is flung your way!

I don't know whats happening with Pedro and Geoff mate, I've tried as well. I'll e-mail Pedro and find out.

Wrighty7 said...

Tottenham always try to raise their game against us mate. Its their cup final.

The pressure is on Arsenal to win because we are chasing the Premiership. Spurs will not be under pressure because they aren't expected to get anything from the game.

The games against the Spuds are always tight, but I fancy us to win a close game.

Although they should really concentrate on beating the teams around them in their relegation battle. Anything they get from sides in the top ten is a bonus.

Wrighty7 said...

You could be right there Spike.

Goona said...

"Although they should really concentrate on beating the teams around them in their relegation battle. Anything they get from sides in the top ten is a bonus."

Not a dig at Spurs by any chance Wrighty7?


Goona said...

"Although they should really concentrate on beating the teams around them in their relegation battle. Anything they get from sides in the top ten is a bonus."

Not a dig at Spurs by any chance Wrighty7?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments about the fans. I hope pompey tll Arry where to go when he comes calling or if not told he has to pay over the odds for players not just because its him but also because they are our rivals for European place along with Villa and Everton despite the comments about them being a big club !!!

I wish you guys well on Wednesday and for the rest of the season (apart from our games with you obviously ;-))

Pompey said...

Harry Redknapp can go fuck himself. He will realise that he has made a wrong move when Tottenham sack his arse next October.

Thanks for mentioning how great Pompey fans are. We love it when Arsenal come down because of the football you play.

I really hope that you win the league and Tottenham are relegated.

Play up Pompey!

Wrighty7 said...

Not at all Goona!


Anonymous said...

Adams would be a shit manager imo, if he couldn't cut it at Wycombe why on earth will he be any better at portsmouth


Anonymous said...

Id like Tony to take ove at pompey.
We can finally see what he can do at management level. For all those fans who reckon tony would make a good arsenal manager, well now we get to see if he realy can.

I dont know if he'll come back to arsenal though. i heard he had a big fallout with the club.

he doesnt talk to any of the players he played with, he didnt attend keowns or bergkamps testimonials and he was in trouble with arsenal officials over some dodgy tickets.

His name isnt even mentioned around the emirates anymore, only by the fans.

i think if he was wanted at arsenal or he wanted a coaching role at arsenal he'd of been here by now.

Anonymous said...

What's up with Le grove? Can anyone else get on it?

Anonymous said...

Le Grove is back now, thanks darren keep up the good work!!!

Anonymous said...

yeah i totally agree wrighty! :).

guess all we have to do is cross our fingers and hope for the best, although i don't think Wenger will let the players lose concetration just because they have won 3 games in a row.

I live in Denmark, so does anybody know if i can watch the game somewhere on the internet?

Gooo Gunners!

Thanks a lot! (;

Anonymous said...

justin tv have a load of streams.
Pick the best one out on the night.

Anonymous said...

as well as missing martin's & dennis's testimonials, tony was a glaring absence from the last game at highbury - before he ever gets a position at this club he needs to explain the reason for his non-show at these events

LP said...

"I live in Denmark, so does anybody know if i can watch the game somewhere on the internet?"

Try this site:

Summerspur said...

ok dumbass, why you keep saying your reserves stuffed 5 1?

while you mention that game, which i was at, perhaps you may recall that when we went 3 0 up with 25 mins left, nearly all and i mean nearly all your so called fans left.
last night 40 secs left and 4 2 down most of ours still there, again lots of your gone. cant even be be bothered to cheer of what seemed a certai win.
this my little frog loving nob jockey tells me more about your club than any of your ill informed ignorrant rantings.