Saturday, 4 October 2008

My respect for Roy Keane (wheres the sick bag)

Roy Keane is a man that we Gooners love to hate. The rivalry between Arsenal and Manchester United when Keane was captain of the club was at it's all time highest. There was nothing better than watching an Arsenal-Manchester United game with the two teams being led out by Keane and Vieira. It stood the hairs up on the back of your neck.

Why is it we hate Keane? It's because he played for those shit fucks, Manchester United. When I look back I think it was more than just him playing for United though. I think there was a slight element of fear about Keane. Not that I think he's hard but the fear that you know Vieira and co had to perform because players like Keane can hurt you.

Keane was a superb player and captain. I think he will become an even better manager. Le Boss says that Keane has the right ingredients to be successful and I totally agree with him. Keane has done a great job at Sunderland, and to be honest few could argue the fact Sunderland are the top dogs on the north east area. Keane has more than helped them achieve that.

As a player I thought Keane was a dick head, but I always had respect for him. How could you not? As a manager he seems a different person, almost to the point I think he's had a personality transplant! I can actually bear him now but maybe that's down to the fact the Manchester United tag isn't attached at the moment. When he takes over United I'm sure I'll hate him again.

There are plenty of ex-United players managing at the moment. Le Boss thinks that there will some ex-Gunners becoming gaffers in the future. I'd love Patrick Vieira to come back as Arsenal manager one day and renew hostility's with Keane. Paddy has ruled out management though, mainly because he is lazy git! Paddy will probably open some football schools in Africa and I applaud him for that.

Who could I see becoming a manager? I always thought Dennis Bergkamp but to honest the flying issue he has rules him out becoming a boss. He would make a good assistant though. Tony Adams has made no secret of the fact he wants to be in the Arsenal hot seat one day. I think Adams is an Arsenal legend but I don't agree with some of his methods. They baffle me at times.

A dark horse who could become a manager is Steve Bould. He has been doing some very impressive work behind the scenes in the Arsenal academy. He has the potential and is gaining experience all the time. What better example to follow than Arsene Wenger? I can't find one. But in the future don't be surprised to see a few ex-Gunners following in Keane and Co's foot steps and dipping their toes in the world of management.

Keep it Goonerish.................


Connolly's agent said...

I think there's too much money these days for ex players to have to hunger to be managers. Managing a top, top club needs an obsession that's borderline psychotic, and most top players exhaust that after 10+ years on the pitch. Most ex-players will look at their bank accounts, think of all the fun they've been denied during their career, and toss those managerial dreams aside.

Anyway, the best managers emerge in their 40s. A typical top player will retire in their early to mid 30s. Which leaves about 5, 6 years to prepare for a job for which thousands of desperately-hungry men would give their right arms to have. And those young men have have around 15 years of experience in managing, coaching and scouting, a drive to succeed that hasn't been sated on the field, and a huge chip on their shoulder. Just witness Wenger, Benetiz, Mourinho and co.

stu said...

I have been really impressed with Keane and the amazing job he has done at Sunderland. They went from the worst team in prem history to being a midtable team in the prem.

The main reason why i dont hate Keane as much as i feel i should is exactly as you say. His ties with Utd are now broken and his assualt on the fans before leaving was great. The fact that he took a swipe at the club while still there was fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Mate you should consider non-gooner players too for this job. Ideally for me Slaven Bilić would be the next gaffer. He is young, he is talented. His brand of football is closer to ours than most others. He is motivated and he would have more experience with the world cup campaign.
To support him I would have DB10 for academy director(perfect with his flying problem) and Martin Keown as the defensive coach(He made some great progress in CL with us defensively. Anyone who can get cleansheets in CL with Eboue and Senderos has my respect).

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Toure should watch this.

and remember his mate Eduardo.

Wrighty7 said...

I suggested Bilic before mate. Take a look at my articles on the right.

It was in September sometime, I totally agree with you.

bhave said...

i am sorry but arsene has got every thing against him now.. our chances of premier league are out now.. and i hope we make the ucl.. i am not jumping to conclusions but more just stating the problem.. our strikers refuse to enter the box.. we keep playing in crosses, and we dont win ne headers.. its very very simple and unfortunately there is no cure for it.. so get set for 4/5 finish this season.. sorry wrighty got nuthin to do with blog but had to put this up somewhere..

Wrighty7 said...

No probs Bhave!

scottpuffin said...

Wrighty, I totally agree with you about Keane mate. I was only thinking yesterday what a likeable manager he is. You're right, we did hate him when he is a player, but he seems to have grown up a lot and is a different person as a manager.

It's strange how certain players get older and you change your opinion of them, Roy Keane and Ian Wright both being great examples.