Monday, 13 October 2008

Fans have every right to boo Ashley Cole

A lot has been made of the booing that Ashley Cole received from England fans on Saturday, especially from the pampered stars like Rio Ferdinand. He believes that fans should be ashamed of themselves and that they are ignorant. That statement is rich coming from a man who "forgot" he was selected to take a drug test and was banned for eight months.

What players like Ferdinand forget is that fans have every right to voice their opinion. They pay huge amounts of money to go and see football matches so I think that they have every right to voice an opinion and if the players don't like it then tough.

Players earn fortunes and are lucky that they play football for a living, its the most perfect job in the world. They know that booing is part and parcel of the game and should just accept it. At least it was only booing and it wasn't the racist chanting heard in Croatia. It puts the situation into perspective when you compare booing and racist chants.

People will think that I'm only defending the taunts on Ashley Cole because I can't forgive his move to Chelsea. Of course his move and how it developed still rankles with me but that is not the reason for writing this, I think that fans pay enough money to boo and cheer as much as they want.

Players love the adulation from fans but when it gets tough they begin to cry. They should just deal with it and get on with it. They can't have it all their own way. Unless they want to start paying for the fans to watch then I suggest the players just shut up and play football, which is what they are payed to do.

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Anonymous said...

Totally agree with that.

Anonymous said...

Fuck off you Arsenal cunt

Anonymous said...

CASHLY CASHLEY CASHLEY COLE ! he deserves to be booed stupid fuck i hate ferdinand "london hardnut" i wished he slipped in the champions league final and not john terry WANKER

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Anonymous said...

I agree fans can do whatever they like - support or show disgust. If he wasn't such an arrogant little womanising diving shit then perhaps the public wouldn't jump on him so quickly.

Anonymous said...

The booing was a disgrace. Why did only a small section of the crowd boo Cashley C***; they ALL should have booed!

Anonymous said...

Players like cashley deserve every bit of critisism they get.Like most of the England team they are overpaid pampered and overrated. For all the money they earn they are nowhere near good enough to win an international trophy. Its the influx of foreign players that make them look good for their domestic clubs. Cashley is the defination of greed dishonestly disloyalty and selfishness that is so common now in todays game. he is not a professional football man. The fact he left arsenal the club he 'supported' for chelski just for pound signs supports this. He wasnt booed for his mistake as the media points out, but cos hes an out and out tosser who doesnt deserve to wear the three lions. for all the money he earns he doesnt bother when he plays for england, why cos he doesnt get paid for it. same as the rest of the team. thats why lampard gets booed cos hes always plays shit for england yet the media go on like hes the best thing since sliced bread. england fans gave up on england along time ago and most of us hate international breaks, why, cos of players like cashley and ferdinand and lampard. overrated overpaid football mercenaries. if they cant be arsed to play their heart out for the national team why should we give our all to suport them. we are the fans we pay their wages if we want to boo them we are entitled to, when have any of them played for the national team like they do for their clubs. the pundits need to shut up as well defending cashley and critisising the booing. they are the biggest cunts of the lot. they critisise players all the time i.e the cashley/mike riley saga. its a case of double standards to me. we pay the players wages. they go to the games for free. we have more right to boo than they think. cashley is a cunt. it wont be the first time he's booed and it wont be the last. players need to learn that the fans treat you as u act. if you act a cunt we'll treat you like one so stop moaning and play your heart out and show why you are paid the money you are paid by giving the national team your all and giving the fans something to cheer you for.

Anonymous said...

It's okay to ilegally talk to other clubs behind your contracted clubs back.

It's okay to write a book and slag off your fellow players and the club that developed you and paid you up to £55k per week.

It's okay to sleep with other women behind your wifes back.

It's okay to swear at referee's and show a total lack of respect.

But no booing!!!

Anonymous said...

cole needs to look at himself. he's got/had every mans dream. playing professional football for club and country, loads of money and a beautiful wife. he's a lucky sod but he's abused the fucking lot. he's an ultimate wanker and a cry baby. its ok for him to abuse every aspect of his perfect life but as soon as he gets abuse the whole countrys up in arms.

hes a cock and deserves every boo he gets. he's had it easy and is spoilt. he's take take take and puts nothing back into the game.

i hope england drop him cheryl dumps him and abramovich leaves chelski cos of the russian stock market collapse and the chavs sell him.

id cheer clap my hands and stamp my feet for the poor cunt then.

Anonymous said...

Ashley Cole = CNUT