Monday, 20 October 2008

Silence the crowd and Fenerbahce will become Turkey-Twizzlers

Arsenal can be guaranteed one thing tonight in Istanbul; a white-hot atmosphere that would send chills down even the most experienced players neck.

It will be the toughest game we face away from home in our Champions League group and I hope that this young Arsenal side can cope with being sent into Hell.

It will interesting to see how Arsenal react to being in such a hostile place, it will separate the men from the boys or in Arsenal's case, the boys from the boys!

Fenerbahce are a dangerous side, especially at home with a partisan crowd behind them. I believe the key to winning this game is to silence that fanatic support.

If we manage to get the crowd quiet it will have a major impact on how Fenerbahce play. With that crowd behind them it can seem like they have a twelve man. Without that support Fenerbahce can look a shadow of themselves.

I hope that the ref in this game is a strong one. Decisions can be influenced by supporters as we are unhappily aware of. Who can forget the way Babel won that penalty at Anfield last season? The Anfield faithful played a huge part in that penalty being awarded.

I believe we can win in Turkey. It will be the toughest test we have faced this season and Arsene Wenger's young side will either freeze or show no fear.

I'm sure I've heard before that youngsters show no fear.

Keep it Goonerish.............


Anonymous said...

Never thought of that. The key IS too silence the crowd and I think we will.

3-1 to Arsenal

Anonymous said...

It will be virtually impossible to silence the crowd because they usually sing non stop even if they were being thrashed. Thats what you call support.

Anonymous said...

fenerbache have been shit this season losing 4 of their 7 league games

they aint the same team as last year and Arragones will probably be sacked within a week or two


TOPGUN said...

Wenger has said almost exactly what you have written Wrighty.

I thought you didn't know anything?

Keep it up mate, fuck the knobheads intent on causing havoc.

Anonymous said...

Who needs silence? (Apart from Hleb )

Diaby in 4-5-1 is key to our win, not silence.